William Lightner opens up about traveling the world in the name of God

William Lightner

Many people live their entire lives never having found what is often referred to as their "true purpose."

MARIETTA, GA, UNITED STATES, February 23, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Whether from a personal or professional standpoint, discovering your true calling can be a life-altering moment, at least according to William Lightner.

Highly-educated, having attended a private Baptist school in his youth, before moving to Judson University in Illinois as a teen, William Lightner gave up everything to travel the world and serve God as an evangelist.

This meant leaving a successful career in finance, having previously also worked in executive sales.

In a perhaps surprising twist, the former military man actually credits his education with his decision to quit "the norm" and travel the world as a servant of God.

"Judson University was an outstanding college for me because of the higher education setting and their worship of God," says Lightner.

Speaking more of the Christian liberal arts university, he goes on to say, "The university made me into the man I am today. Understanding the importance of personal relationships, but also my relationship with God was such a big part of my college experience."

William Lightner's momentous decision has seen him travel to 28 different countries alongside a well-known religious mission.

Becoming part of the mission saw Lightner enter a six-month development stage, of which he says, "They got me started with speaking, and traveling the world. The mission holds a special place in my heart."

He goes on to explain, "The vision for any mission began with Jesus Christ as He chose twelve ordinary men for His disciples to witness His life on earth and to be the first recipients of His teaching. The common goal [of a mission] is to see Jesus lifted up, and the Holy Spirit move in power and authority."

As part of the mission, Lightner has addressed vast crowds across much of the globe. During his travels, he has also personally supported hundreds of individuals in finding comfort in God. "I teach them to acknowledge fellowship, as well as faith through prayer," he says, "in order that they live a more sound life as a follower of Christ."

Now a highly-respected motivational speaker, Lightner believes that there are three main factors every speaker—or evangelist—should consider. These, he says, are "being personal" with the crowd, "showing passion," and being "powerful" with words.

Speaking further of the mission, William Lightner adds, "I'm forever appreciative of the chance they gave me. They're one organization I love doing work for."

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