American Muslims condemn the acts of Abdul Razak Ali Artan, attacker at the Ohio State

Ohio State campus shooter

Our common enemy is extremism and not religion, and we need to direct our energies to contain it

We have to stand on higher moral grounds and chase the specific bad individuals and not their Mayors, Governors, religions, ethnicity, Pastors, Parents, Brothers, Sisters or their Children.

— Mike Ghouse

Mike Ghouse 214-325-1916

American Muslims condemn the acts of Abdul Razak Ali Artan, the attacker at the Ohio State University on Tuesday, November 29, 2016.

Washington, D.C., November 30, 2016 – The American Muslim Institution condemns the evil attempt of Artan to kill innocent students at Ohio State University. Thank God no one was seriously hurt, and we thank Alan Horujko the brave Police Officer for stopping the attacker dead in his tracks.

The attacker was identified as Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a green card holder from Somalia. He was purportedly taking revenge for the deaths of his fellow religionists elsewhere in the world.

No American Muslim and no sane Muslim in the world would ever authorize this loony or anyone to kill a fellow human. Committing suicide or killing a human being is a grave sin in Islam.

It is not a Muslim thing to terrorize or kill other people, those who terrorize, act on their own or in cahoots with a few like them. Our common enemy is extremism and not religion, and we need to direct our energies to contain it.

AMI is committed to be a proactive voice for American Muslims, and we are committed to finding effective long term solutions.
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Mike Ghouse
American Muslim Institution
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How to simplify the science of big data analytics

Big data analytics dashboard

We dedicated to make advanced big data analytics more accessible and approachable, while allowing people to discover actioanable insights in mintues or hours.

Stratifyd is one of the leading innovators in text analytics (see IDC innovators report

— IDC innovators report

CHARLOTTE, NC, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2016 / — Traditional data analytics requires the user to know what they are looking for at the beginning of a study. Analysis is often performed when there is good prior knowledge about the characteristics of the data set and the problem being addressed. This allows questions to be developed in advance of the analysis.
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A challenge is presented when customers, products, and environments change, and the traditional analytics tools of taxonomies and ontological maps must evolve. Another challenge is specialized skills of data scientists are required to update the tools. These updates need to be specifically identified and implemented, resulting in time delays in responding to changes in the data. Fortunately, this complex process of analytics can now be simplified using Machine Learning.

Machine Learning algorithms learn by example. They do so automatically and will generalize data based on what is learned (i.e. inductive learning). Generalization is a critical component is determining how well Machine Learning performs and includes: Finding natural groupings within a data set; Classifying categories in which data points belong
Forecasting and Regression analysis;Determining the most important variables that affect outcomes

Machine Learning is not a new concept, however, cloud computing is making it more accessible and affordable than ever before. Compute power and storage is plentiful in the cloud, and it includes the ability to scale capacity in minutes to handle large data jobs. You no longer need to maintain your own processing and storage infrastructure.
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Inductive learning lies at the heart of Machine Learning. There is no need to have prior knowledge of the data. There is no need to make assumptions in the data set or work with small samples. This method of unsupervised learning removes the potential for bias to be inserted into the analysis and makes identification of unknown issues to surface. Inductive learning lets the data tell its own story. This approach is an even greater asset when there is a large amount of data, and there is little advance knowledge of the story the data tells or the questions to ask.

One of the most difficult and untapped problems in analytics has been unstructured textual data. This problem is an excellent use case for Machine Learning and statistical Natural Language Processing (NLP). Eliminating taxonomical and ontological analytics methods simplifies the process, improves the time to glean insights from data, reduces the operational cost of analytics, and removes inherent biases in a predetermined interpretation framework.

The best results are achieved when the Human Factor is added to Machine Learning. Automation is susceptible to a loss of insights from an experienced human analyst. Harmonizing human decisions with machine learning is key to unlocking insights through analytics. An Augmented Intelligence approach can leverage both human and machine learning, and analytics efforts are best served when harmonizing the two. The famous chess battles with IBM’s Deep Blue chess-playing machine are examples.

Chess master Gary Kasparov designed a tournament to determine which grouping would garner superior results – solely humans, solely computers, or a combination of humans and computers. Teams comprised of humans leveraging computer assistance consistently defeated all challengers including the strongest “computer only” and “human only” teams. A surprising finding, however, unfolded and was reported by Kasparov. “The winner was revealed to be not a grandmaster with a state-of-the-art computer, but a pair of amateur American chess players using three computers at the same time.”
Combining the speed and processing power of a computer with a human’s interpretive capabilities leads to superior results. This is Augmented Intelligence in its basic form – computational algorithms helping to put the human end user in the best position to make an informed decision. Algorithms read and analyze data to show the “who”, “what”, “when” and “where”. A human then uses this intelligence to determine the “why” and decides on the appropriate course of actionable Insights.
Let the data tell the story through visualization:
People generally don’t want to consume content in the form of long spreadsheets of numbers or text. Insights are simplified when the results are easy to understand, leaping off the page in the form of graphics and charts, color coded, and easy to digest. Additional layers of content can be made available by clicking, or hovering over specific visuals to see additional information. Comparison of data sets side by side, comparisons over time periods, and comparison ranking simplify the story. The key is to help business teams quickly spot key trends, patterns, and themes so they can better anticipate and refine strategies and best practices in real-time.
An interactive UI allows virtually anyone to interact with data, empowering many in an enterprise to consumer analytics. Interactive visualizations assist with one of the most fundamental concepts in investigative analysis, the four W’s (who, what, when, where). Visualizations depict each of the four W’s, while the human analysts build their own conclusions on the “why”. Most importantly, by augmenting intelligence through deep computing processes, the “why” can be turned into specific action.

Collaborative analytics.
Usability is further simplified and enhanced when visualizations are customized, annotated, and shared with colleagues. Collaboration on analytics benefits users in many ways:
Speeds the time from data to revenue, using social interaction to speed decision-making.
Opens communication, identification of insights, and the creation of action plans helps align business strategies. This keeps everyone on the same page.
Enables companies to extend the analysis to a greater portion of the enterprise so timely and useful insights can be added by other team members.
Increases information visibility across the company.
Improves organizational cohesion.

Simply put, business teams can make better decisions by working collaboratively, rather than working independently and linearly.
The Complexity is Behind the Scenes – How Signals platform works.
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Bella Wei
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Your A.I.-Powered Big Data Analytics Platform

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The Berlitz Montreal Group Announces Best Language Learning Toys for 2016

Berlitz provides language classes in Montreal with private or group lessons. English and French classes and courses allow students to learn a new language in 10 days.

Numerous bilingual toys and educational language learning toys are available for parents who want to help their children learn a second language

MONTREAL, QC, CANADA, November 30, 2016 / — Numerous bilingual toys and educational language learning toys are available for parents who want to help their children learn a second language while they are young. The Berlitz Group lists a few of these toys to help parents find something that is both educational and fun for their young ones.

Kids love music and activities with bright colors and lights. They will enjoy this and more with the Learn & Groove Musical Table from LeapFrog. It features over 40 learning songs and other activities to help babies and toddlers learn numbers, letters, colors and more in both English and Spanish. This is just one example of the types of toys available today to help children begin learning a new language early in their development. Research has shown that children learn a new language faster than adults. They also grow up to speak it more fluently, similar to a native speaker with accurate pronunciation.

Another toy that is popular with children is the Teddy Count With Me, which teaches babies numbers and letters in a soft, cuddly form. It teaches in both Spanish and English. To help a little one learn to speak French, the First Words Match It! Trilingual English Spanish French Teaching Puzzle helps children develop memory skills as well as introducing them to two other languages. Each card has a picture and the name of the item in all three languages. The goal is to match two cards that are alike, but it also introduces them to different ways of saying the item's name. Other resources for parents include puzzles which say the name of the item in another language and flash cards with pictures and the name of the item.

A representative at The Berlitz Group, a language learning program in Montreal, says, "It's exciting to see these kinds of toys on the market to help children learn a valuable skill in a fun way." He goes on to explain that learning a new language for children must be about having fun. It's also about constant repetition and practice. Using toys as part of a language learning program incorporates those new words in a child’s play, which will help it stick in their memory.

Early exposure to a new language can help children later in life. It not only helps them develop memory skills, but it will enhance their opportunities for a successful career when they become adults. Parents can also enroll their children in a language program that is geared towards kids. It will help them continue the basic knowledge they developed through the use of learning toys. When shopping for birthday and holiday gifts, parents may want to consider these and other toys to help their child learn a new language. Whether it is the language of their culture or just a secondary language the parent finds interesting, this is a skill that will be used throughout their lives. Using the right toys to enhance language learning makes it more fun.

Mikael Bouchereau
Berlitz Canada
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recharj® Celebrates Grand Opening of Its Modern Meditation and Power Nap Studio in Downtown DC


recharj: power nap

recharj: meditation

recharj® Studio Offers Beginner to Advanced Meditation Classes and Power Naps

For businesses, we offer an invaluable path to boosting productivity and engagement. It is no coincidence that our first studio is in the nation’s capital.

— Daniel Turissini, Owner, recharj®

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, November 30, 2016 / — Type A White House staffers and lobbyists now have a new place to drop-in for a power nap or to meditate just steps away from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The DC studio offers a range of meditation traditions in class format for all levels as well as 25-minute power nap sessions. In addition to classes, recharj® offers private one-on-one instruction, self-guided digital content, as well as workshops and corporate mindfulness programs to provide clients with intensive practice opportunities.

The downtown DC-based wellness company, recharj®, has announced the official Grand Opening for December 15th, 2016 from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm at its flagship location, 1445 New York Ave NW. recharj®’s grand opening will consist of FREE classes, power nap demonstrations, raffles, a market with local food and health/wellness vendors, and the unveiling of a new sound healing experience.
“Washingtonians are feeling more stressed and fatigued than ever before. Our new studio offers a sanctuary to meditate, sip tea, power nap, and ‘recharj’,” said Christine Marcella, recharj®’s DC studio Manager. “In other words, it’s a space for people to reboot and sharpen their minds in preparation of their important work.”

“For businesses, we offer an invaluable path to boosting productivity and engagement,” founder Daniel Turissini comments. “It is no coincidence that our first studio is in the nation’s capital.”

The Washington, DC studio is home to a spacious, eco-therapeutic meditation and power nap room with a more intimate room for both private one-on-one and self-guided meditation. The space also features a range of amenities including private cubbies and kitchenette stocked with premium teas and other beverages. A full retail boutique will showcase men’s and women’s casualwear, as well as a variety of accessories to meet your mindfulness and lifestyle needs.

Clients who are new to recharj® will receive their first week free! A variety of package and membership options are also available.

recharj® – Washington, DC Studio
1445 New York Ave NW, Suite 130
Washington, DC 20005

About recharj®
recharj® strives to increase awareness and widespread adoption of meditation and power napping by making it accessible to all levels through a variety of traditions, convenient class times and a prime studio location. The company’s unique, diverse, and approachable style combines sound, light, nature, breath, and community to create a one-of-a-kind experience. recharj® meditation classes are taught by warm and skillful certified mindfulness instructors. In addition to meditation classes and power nap sessions, recharj® offers transformative Corporate Programs to empower business professionals to become more productive and advance their individual practice. recharj®’s beautiful, eco-therapeutic studios are built with sustainable practices in mind and leverages the latest technology. recharj® was founded in 2014 by Daniel J. Turissini. For more information, visit

Daniel Turissini
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New business offers midday power naps

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Jamie Levinson Consulting to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

Women have grown the confidence to take risks and do things differently. I love to see them take initiative to make changes.

— Jamie Levinson

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, USA, November 30, 2016 / — Just because you are talented and capable doesn’t mean you possess the necessary skills to be a leader. Even if you’ve climbed the corporate ladder to senior management, you may still have blind spots with regard to interpersonal communication, presentation, communicating a message. Thankfully, these are skills that can be developed.

Jamie Levinson is the president of Jamie Levinson Consulting, an executive coaching and leadership training services practice serving the greater New York metropolitan area. Levinson works with leaders, primarily women, to help them maximize their potential to be even more successful within their organizations.

“My clients are talented people whom the organization has identified as potential leaders to be promoted or given greater responsibility,” says Levinson. “These are not poor performers by any means, but perhaps there are skills they need to develop in order to move to that next level."

With over 20 years of experience in learning and development in financial services companies, Levinson creates a trusted and collaborative partnership that empowers her clients to be their best selves, to learn, and create a better future for themselves as leaders. Levinson says what makes her work different from other kinds of coaching, is that the organization is a stakeholder in the process. The focus is on improving the client’s ability to be more effective.

“What I bring to the coaching relationship is authenticity and a willingness to be vulnerable,” says Levinson. “I listen in a way that allows people to build trust with me very quickly. There are a lot of people doing this work, but I build a relationship with my clients through a comfort with myself. You need that trust and connectedness to do this kind of work.”

Levinson spent the early part of her career as a counselor before moving into corporate America, primarily in the field of financial services, to work with leaders, working as a group facilitator. She discovered that working one-on-one with leaders in a large organization was something she felt passionate about so she decided to go back to her roots and the one-on-one relationships. It was then that she became certified as an Executive Coach through iCoachNY, an Executive Coaching program at the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College (CUNY).

“I’ve really come full circle. It’s a different population, of course. I’m working with talented men and women who are making a tremendous change as a result of the coaching. They’re having great results and happier work lives and they are happier in general.”

Levinson says the benefit for her clients is that they are able to move to the next level, whether it’s a promotion, or assuming greater responsibility. Levinson will often ask questions that challenge her clients’ pre-existing beliefs and help them explore their current way of thinking about themselves and their situation.

“I address not just the ‘what,’ but the ‘who’ of the client. The ‘who’ is the totality of the person and their strengths, the things that make them great,” says Levinson. “So I’m most proud when I see my clients perform in a way that demonstrates their belief in themselves. Women have grown the confidence to take risks and do things differently. I love to see them take initiative to make changes.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Jamie Levinson in a two-part interview with Doug Llewelyn on December 2nd at 10am EST and with Jim Masters on December 9th at 10am EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

For more information on Jamie Levinson Consulting, visit

Lou Ceparano
(631) 850-3314
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JAMES BURKE CONNECTIONS APP Kickstarter campaign launches

James Burke

Kickstarter Logo

Hex interface

James Burke is renowned for his ability to find intriguing connections among ideas. With this app, you too can think like James.

Everything is connected to everything else, including you too, of course.

— James Burke


Knowledge Discoveries LLC has announced a Kickstarter Campaign to fund development of the James Burke Connections App. James Burke is renowned for his ability to find intriguing connections among ideas. With this app, you too can think like James.

The App makes a great holiday gift for friends and family, teachers and students, nieces and nephews; anyone who could benefit from thinking in new and innovative ways.


James Burke has been referred to as one of the most intriguing minds in the Western world (Washington Post, 1994). The hallmark of his thinking style is to identify the connections among seemingly unrelated events. Using a network of links and nodes and highlighting the inter-connections among them, James' unique gift is the ability to see relations among people and ideas where others have not.

He has created dozens of books, articles, and television series around the notion that, as he says so famously, "Everything is connected to everything else, including you too, of course."


The app combines the unexpected connections of Burke’s K-web with the rich and extensive content housed in Wikipedia to create a new type of knowledge tool. With the App, you can Explore, Discover, and Present new ideas, connections, and knowledge in ways never before possible. With the App, you can put the power of connected thinking to work for you, for school projects, business presentations, or ideas you want to develop. Click here to see the David McRaney interview.

The Kickstarter Campaign is open now and is accepting contributions in amounts from $5 to $1000 with rewards available for JB Noodlers, JB Wikipedia Editors, JB Teacher Ambassadors, along with signed James Burke memorabilia (books, DVDs). The Campaign runs until January 2, 2017.

See the Kickstarter site at A functional prototype of the App is available at the site.

James is available for interviews (phone, Skype). Media inquiries should be directed to (540 209-0520).

@KnoDiscovery #JBConnectionsApp @Thejamesburke #creativity

Rich Ingram
Knowledge Discoveries LLC
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James Burke Connections App Kickstarter campaign introduction

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MB Financial Advisors AG share CEO Steve Visconti’s Discussion on Extenua & its Relationship With ImageWare Systems

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, November 28, 2016 / — Steve Visconti, President and CEO, Extenua, a client company of MB Financial Advisors AG, told said, "Last July we announced a strategic relationship with ImageWare in which Extenua would integrate the ImageWare's GoverifyID biometric user authentication. We saw the need to strengthen user authentication vulnerabilities which continue to plague the enterprise. Cloud2Drive meets and even exceeds the challenges of securing data in flight and data at rest in today's environment. We felt it important to add the best in class GoVerifyID biometric authentication to fulfill a true end-to-end mobile and stationary data access platform.

Extenua has made great inroads into large enterprise and government opportunities. The significance of an end-to-end security solution cannot be understated in this hostile and turbulent world of attacks — both from abroad and the occasional bad actors within. The size and magnitude of the opportunities are compelling as the markets are beginning to spend more resources on security. We are engaged in multiple opportunities which run into the 10's of thousands of users. With each opportunity, it is a good feeling to know that ImageWare has solved the third factor authentication with GoVerifyID giving Extenua a competitive weapon unmatched in the market.

Extenua recently announced a new product called Extenua SAFE AI which secures data behind web servers. This is a game changer for SaaS vendors, users of Office 365 Enterprise as well as small and large web server farms that require security. In those environments, the users connect to the servers with a secure browser with HTTPS. On the back end storage Extenua SAFE AI chops the data into small chunks and encrypts each chunk of data with a unique encryption key that is generated in RAM only for the moment of encryption and decryption of those data chunks. They key is then wiped from memory so there is no key to be found in the event of an intruder. All of the encrypted data chunks are then scattered about in random encrypted directories with all metadata encrypted and obfuscated as well. This presents an impossible environment for hackers or bad actors. We know from our experience and news reports, the weak link will be the user's authentication. Extenua is pleased to work in partnership with ImageWare in making GoVerifyID available to enhance the security for the secure browser users. They will then have a true end-to-end secure environment."

Jim Miller, Chairman and CEO, ImageWare Systems, (OTCQB: IWSY), added, "Data breaches averaged $4 million per incident last year and C level executives are in the crosshairs for failing to adequately secure valuable network endpoints and data. Sadly, the damage caused to brand intellectual property and other enterprise assets is increasing and the attendant loss of reputation is an incalculable cost.

Extenua's Cloud 2 Drive and their new Extenua Safe AI offer the enterprise exceptional and unparalleled data security to combat this growing threat. ImageWare's GoVerify ID for Enterprise use teams up with Extenua to provide the missing third factor of identity in place of the obsolete, easy to compromise password — easy biometric authentication showing who you really are!"

About Extenua:

Extenua Inc. is an award-winning developer of enterprise security software that secures storage for unstructured data on-premise storage, cloud storage and hybrid storage in revolutionary ways. Extenua customers include Fortune 500 companies IBM, Fujitsu, Boeing, Nokia, Sony, Toyota, Kaiser, and Motorola as well as government institutions, security agencies, and thousands of small and mid-size businesses. Extenua Inc. is a privately-held corporation based in San Jose, California.

About MB Financial Advisors AG:

MB Financial Advisors AG is a professional team of independent financial advisors. Based in Switzerland, they provide state of the art advisory services to companies and individuals throughout Switzerland and beyond.

John Alexander
MB Financial Advisors AG
+41 435 086 312
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RightAnswers Chatbot Competition Gives Students Real-World Programming and Business Experience

Promotes Innovation and Technical and Business Expertise in Developing a Chatbot for Customer Service

We are very excited to give Monmouth University students the opportunity to work in a commercial environment and to showcase their technical expertise and business acumen.

— Jeff Weinstein, President and CEO, RightAnswers

EDISON, NJ, USA, November 29, 2016 / — RightAnswers, the #1 provider of knowledge management and social knowledge software, is sponsoring a technology development competition for Monmouth University students to build a customer service chatbot.

Teams will be comprised of students from Monmouth University’s Leon Hess Business School and the School of Science’s Computer Science and Software Engineering programs. The goal of the competition is for students to develop a chatbot that will drive a specific consumer/user situation and with that provide the business perspective, research and data on the market opportunity this chatbot addresses.

“Chatbots are emerging as a way for companies to interact and engage with their customers,” said Jeff Weinstein, President and CEO of RightAnswers. “This leading-edge channel of communication is expected by many industry analysts to revolutionize the approach and quality companies will use to address their customers’ buying and service experience.”

The teams will be judged on:

• Usefulness of the chatbot in handling a real-world customer support or IT problem
• Quality of business analysis
• Innovative use of RightAnswers products
• Creative use of Natural Language Processing (NLP)
• Overall quality of presentation and demonstration

“This is a great opportunity for our students to get practical experience and really show off their skills. The response has been enormous and I look forward to some impressive entries,” stated Susan Gupta, PhD, MBA Director, Monmouth University.

“We are very excited to give Monmouth University students the opportunity to work in a commercial environment and to showcase their technical expertise and business acumen,” continued Weinstein. “As a fellow Hawk who earned my MBA at Monmouth and as a CEO of a technology company, I see the importance of having students from multiple disciplines working together. Successful technology solutions always need to balance the commercial side and the technical side.”

The event kicks off December 6, 2016. The Award Reception will take place February 4, 2017, at Monmouth University.

About RightAnswers
RightAnswers is the #1 provider of cloud-based knowledge management, web and mobile self-service and social knowledge software for improving customer service, IT support and enterprise-wide collaboration. Our flagship product, the Enterprise Knowledge Hub, promotes knowledge-sharing across your organization, increasing employee engagement and your overall productivity and efficiency. Our 450+ clients around the globe use RightAnswers seamlessly integrated with their CRM, ITSM or other enterprise software to provide outstanding customer experiences while saving millions of dollars a year. Learn more at

About Monmouth University
Monmouth University’s commitment to transformative learning is founded on three core principles: an intellectually challenging and rigorous academic experience built on a strong foundation in the liberal arts; learning experiences that are both immersive and that extend beyond the classroom; and preparation for life after Monmouth. To enhance the breadth and impact of our commitment, we offer a high level of personalization for each student, infusing the Monmouth Experience throughout every aspect of campus life. Monmouth’s beautiful coastal campus sits at the heart of a vibrant culture rich in history, the arts, technology and entrepreneurship. Our renowned faculty are actively involved in advancing academic research nationwide while encouraging meaningful community involvement and critical thinking for self-fulfillment.

PR Contacts

Monmouth University:

Mark Blackmon
Director, News and Public Affairs


Gary Schwartz
732-396-9010 x121
email us here

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Sophia Samuels of High Way to Boundless, LLC to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

My role is to champion and support my clients to discover and realize the greater part of themselves and walk a path toward happiness, peace and fulfillment: a life they love living.

— Sophia Samuels

MISSOULA, MONTANA, USA, November 29, 2016 / — “Every life has a dream. Every dream has a life longing to be lived.” – Sophia Samuels

Sophia Samuels is a certified life mastery consultant, transformational life coach and the founder of High Way To Boundless, LLC. Trained and certified through Mary Morrissey’s Life Mastery Institute, Sophia’s role is to help and support her clients identify and realize the longings and dreams of their life.

“The name of my business reflects the infinite potential that every human being possesses to live and expand into a greater version of themselves, no matter their circumstances,” says Sophia. “We are not bound by the life we live. We are only limited by the thoughts that we think.”

Whether working with individuals, groups or an organization, Sophia helps her clients create a blueprint they can follow to transition themselves from where they are to where they want to be.

Sophia holds a doctorate in counseling psychology with a clinical emphasis. However, over the course of her career as a clinician, professor and therapist, her interventions were problem focused.

When she stepped away from active participation in the field of psychology, she sought a new avenue to offer her skills and long considered spiritual life coaching before she actually became a certified transformational life coach in 2015.

“The way I differentiate my work in the field of psychology from my passion as a transformational life coach is that in my former profession I spent the vast majority of my efforts trying to help people trudge painfully and slowly up a mountain to get some relief for their lives,” says Sophia. “As a coach, I’m at the top of that mountain with my clients and I help them come down to answers, joy, peace, fulfillment and exuberance for life. That’s what people can realize and that’s what people are looking for.”

That’s why Sophia says Life Mastery is not about problems, but solutions. The “idea” of feeling better does not ignite the energy for a better life. Coaching provides the impetus and support for our dream realizations that lead to greater aliveness; coaching is a service designed to lead to personal fulfillment.

“Everything that we desire is already within us,” says Sophia. “My role is to champion and support my clients to discover and realize the greater part of themselves and walk a path toward happiness, peace and fulfillment: a life they love living.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Sophia Samuels in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on December 1st at 1pm EST and with Jim Masters on December 15th at 1pm EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

For more information on High Way to Boundless, LLC, visit

Lou Ceparano
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Sing-along to “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” with Memorial Elementary students

Morning welcome by Memorial Elementary Principal Raymond Payton and Assistant Superintendent Kathleen Hoeker

EWF donated more than 400 signed books to Memorial Elementary, which was generously underwritten by EWF Founder’s Society donor, Arthur E. Benjamin.

More than 400 students attend interactive story time with author of award winning children's book.

“Memorial Elementary is a wonderful example of how parents and teachers can work together to enrich the community with character education programs.”

— Loretta Neff

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2016 / — West Palm Beach, Florida – The gymnasium at Memorial Elementary School set the stage for more than 400 students and 48 teachers and staff who participated in a safari-themed story time by author Loretta Neff, founder of the EW Foundation (EWF), a Florida-based national nonprofit organization, held on Nov. 17.

The youngsters listened intently as safari guide, Neff, took them on an exciting journey through the jungle to meet wild animal characters and learn character traits, core values, and basic social skills, some of which underscore anti-bullying and special needs themes.

Following story time, Neff held a Q&A session with the children that revealed a high retention rate of important facts from the book. To top off the adventure, the students joined in a sing-along of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and danced to the spirited “Happy” song.

“Memorial Elementary is a wonderful example of how parents and teachers can work together to enrich the community with character education programs. As a Title I school, Memorial Elementary is a powerful testament for schools trying to create a positive school environment for learning,” said Neff. “We wish to thank Principal Raymond Payton for his inspiring leadership and his enthusiastic, dedicated staff of teaching professionals, for the gracious invitation and hospitality, and for the opportunity to meet and interact with their students.”

According to the US Department of Education, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act ensures Title I schools, both elementary and secondary schools with high numbers or high percentages of children from low-income families, meet challenging state academic standards.

“We are a youth development organization, and Memorial School is a National School of Character and at the same time I learned it was a Title I school,” said Neff, adding her organization’s goal is to reach 10,000 students across the country by the end of the year. And, she said, the group is on target to meet that goal.

In keeping with EWF’s mission to impact children nationally, especially children from Title I schools, EWF donated more than 400 signed books to Memorial Elementary, which was generously underwritten by EWF Founder’s Society donor, Arthur E. Benjamin, an educator, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and animal rights advocate (

Tame Your Manners is an award-winning book offered by EW Foundation and the first in a series of character education picture books for children ages 5-12. The second book, Sip Tea with Mad Hatter, is expected to be released after the holidays, and like the first, is designed as a teaching tool for parents and teachers and a fundraising enhancement for charities, missions and schools.

Since 2014, EWF has supported more than 33 nonprofit groups through donations and/or sponsorships and benefited more than 7,000 children with their award-winning books and programs, which includes 17 academies and schools and 14 charities.

About Memorial Elementary

Memorial Elementary is a K-5 public Title I school located in the Laurence Harbor section of Old Bridge, NJ and a 2016 recipient of a Promising Practice award by for demonstrating effective strategies that develop good character in youngsters. Memorial Elementary has been recognized as a NJ State School of Character, National School of Character, and National PTA School of Excellence.

About EW Foundation

EW Foundation (EWF) is an educational nonprofit provider of award winning character and etiquette education books and programs for children and youth and fundraising enhancements to charities, missions and schools.

The EWF believes that every child and young adult should receive an education that includes a strong social foundation. Through philanthropy, which plays a meaningful role in our organization, we hope to greatly enrich the lives of others with our care, commitment and resources.

Contact Us

Loretta A. Neff, Founder and Executive Director
EW Foundation
205 Worth Avenue, Ste. 201
Palm Beach, Florida 33480
T. (561) 833-0131

Loretta A. Neff, Founder and Executive Director
EW Foundation
email us here

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