Hot New Building Toy: Kardtects Building Cards

Kardtects: The Next Generation of Building Cards

Card House built from Kardtects Lost Desert Starter Set and Expansion

Kardtects Forbidden Jungle starter set

The classic activity of building a card house just got incredibly better by Kardtects

MILLVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, November 28, 2016 / — Almost all of us have tried to build a card house. Sometimes to our frustration. Well, Kardtects is changing this classic activity into an incredibly fun and easier to build card collecting and building system. Kardtects is revolutionizing how to build card houses, so kids today can build easier, faster, higher and with a new found ease. Parents even want to build with them.

Kardtects building cards are of unique texture, thickness, size, and design. Developed by Founder, Jenny Kile, with over 40 years of experience in building card houses, she says, “From building card houses since a young age, I knew what would make the ultimate building card and made it.” Kardtects produces a building card especially designed for building card houses.

The company Kardtects also offers building cards of collectible status. Common, uncommon, rare, and ultra-rare building cards can be found in Starter and Expansion packs available on These are currently available in three styles: Grisroc, Lost Desert, and Forbidden Jungle. The building cards offer unique features and artistic qualities to make building a card house an exceptional looking structure. Each pack expands building card collections and offers endless building opportunities.

Castle ‘card houses’, pyramid and jungle hut card houses, rocket ship card towers, long slithering green snakes, and so many more remarkable card structures are being imagined and created by Kardtects (aka Card Architects).

Each collectible building card, over 150 of them, offers a different design, architectural element, or additive feature to enhance card structures. Kids are excited to open expansion packs and discover what collectible building cards are included inside. Is it the Gated Arch with Moat Monster found in the Grisroc Castle set? In the Lost Desert set it could be a building card featuring the Mysterious Copper Scroll. What if they find the Treasure Chest behind the Waterfall building card available in the Jungle set? Smiles for sure.

And while building a card house is more rewarding for kids (and adults) than ever before by using Kardtects Building Cards, there is yet more fun given in a Kardtects box.

Included within both Starter Boxes and Expansion Packs are Destroyer Disks. These circular dense pieces of cardboard display a ‘Destroyer’ character or element, and are used to throw at card structures for knock down fun. How awesome is this? “Totally Awesome”, says Kile, “Kids love the Destroyers and knocking down card houses.”

One Starter Box of Kardtects building cards can build a card tower over 5 feet high. Each set includes 110 building cards, plus one Ultra-rare building card, Destroyer Disks, and instructions. A starter box also includes 5 card stands to aid beginner Kardtects (card architects). Expansion Packs provide 30 additional collectible cards: commons, uncommons, rares and ultra-rares are found. One Destroyer Disk, instructions, and checklist are included in an expansion pack as well.

As you can see Kardtects takes the classic activity of card building and transforms it into a whole new and amazing adventure. Kids are building and having fun creating extraordinary card houses. Oh, yes, and of course, they are having lots of fun knocking them down too.

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