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ReachBright keeps data on webpages visited, emails opened, links clicked, donations made, and much more.

KDG, a leading provider of web development, has released a free, self-guided demo of its innovative higher education marketing tool.

This brief look can showcase the vast amount of vital information ReachBright is able to put at your fingertips.”

— Kyle David, CEO

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, January 30, 2017 / — ReachBright, the inbound marketing for higher education tool developed by leading tech provider KDG, is now accessible to all higher educational professionals. Following the product’s national coverage by the magazine The Edvocate, the tech company has released a free, online self-guided demo of the innovative software.

KDG developed ReachBright specifically for colleges and universities. Across the country, these institutions are engaged in a fierce competition for prospective students and national rankings. The tool’s automated tagging features, URL tracking, and personalized email templates work together to help schools increase school enrollment and alumni engagement.

“We wanted admissions directors, advancement officials, and other campus leaders to discover all that ReachBright can do,” explains Kyle David, CEO of KDG. “By the end of the walkthrough, users will see just how much data the software was able to collect in such a short amount of time.”

With pages for faculty, current students, and prospects, in addition to pages for alumni events, athletic teams, and course listings, the demo’s website was designed and developed to look exactly like any other college or university website.

“We want the experience the user has to be as realistic as possible,” continues David.

When signing up for the free demo, users are “enrolled” in ReachBright University and can choose to become either a prospective student or an alumnus. From there, they are guided around the demo site, performing tasks and visiting pages. Along the way, they pick up tags that ReachBright can use to identify their interests, needs, and wants to help ensure more targeted communications in the future.

When the demo is complete, users are sent a detailed email complete with charts that break down every element of the user’s online activity: the total pageviews, the total tags added, and the time spent on the site. There are also more granular charts and tables in this summary email, including a listing of every single page visited and a breakdown of web traffic by percentage.

It’s an impressive amount of data that’s gathered by the software, an amount of data that is understandably overwhelming for any college or university. However, ReachBright doesn’t only collect the data, it also shows schools what to do with it. Using automated email chains that align directly with different tags, ReachBright makes it easier to send contacts more personalized, and thus more engaging, communications.

“The demo only gives a glimpse into ReachBright’s capabilities,” says David, “but even this brief look can showcase the vast amount of vital information ReachBright is able to put at your fingertips.”

Web activity and engagement aren’t the only things ReachBright can measure. It also acts as a donor management tool, records email activity, logs in-person interactions and campus visits, and will soon allow prospects, students, alumni, and others to register for events.

The free, self-guided demo of the inbound marketing for higher education tool can be accessed here:

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