Brian O'Shea to Teach Journalists How to Detect Hostile Intent and Deception Awareness

Brian O'Shea, CEO of Striker Pierce Investigations will teach Global Journalist Security Students on January 26, 2017 in Maryland.

You are the first and last line of defense…and your 'gut feeling' is something that should never be ignored.”

— -Brian O'Shea , Striker Pierce Investigations

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, USA, January 25, 2017 / — Brian O'Shea, CEO of Striker Pierce Investigations (with locations in North Carolina, New York, Maryland and Washington DC) will join Frank Smyth and his team of top international instructors at Global Journalist Security during a 5 day course which teaches journalists and media figures how to protect themselves and escape from hostile scenarios that they may encounter in the USA and abroad. Designed for women and men living or working in environments where violent crimes including sexual assault pose an active risk, the two-day ADET workshop includes: situational awareness to avoid becoming a target, use of demeanor and tone of voice to help deter predators, and learning simple, but effective self-defense measures to help de-escalate situations and escape attacks. The course includes emotional self-care both to maintain equilibrium in the moment and to practice self-care afterward. Interested in this course? Contact us for more information.

Mr. O'Shea focuses on body language analysis, base-lining, and hostile intent that you can learn in any social situation to provide yourself early warning of ill-intent from potential sources, local hosts, security forces (overt and undercover) and any other individuals whom a journalist may encounter on the job.

Based on his over 25 years of experience in the intelligence, military, and criminal justice fields, O'Shea brings a unique and all encompassing perspective assessing human interactions and how to turn yourself into a human lie detector. Other applications outside the journalist field include interactions one may encounter on a blind date, in detecting a potential stalker, in determining if an employee may cause a business harm, and even if a competitor is trying to steal secrets.

"Everyone has a motivation, either good or bad. It is up to you to determine what that motivation is. These skills, when applied and practice, can keep you out of a dangerous situation before it is too late," Brian O'Shea stated during a recent counter-stalking presentation to Students for Liberty in Tbilisi in the country of Georgia.

Courses of this nature are available to the public, and are highly encouraged.

"You are the first and last line of defense…and your 'gut feeling' is something that should never be ignored." (Brian O'Shea in a recent conversation with victims of stalking in New York).

Ayla O'Shea
Striker Pierce LLC
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Children’s Author Camille Blue Amy to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

Kids are always excited about Marshall and they read his story over and over and over again.”

— Camille Blue Amy

PUNTA GORDA, FLORIDA, USA, January 26, 2017 / — Camille Blue Amy is the author of two popular children’s books: Marshall and His Green High-Tops and Marshall’s First Snowfall.

“Kids are always excited about Marshall and they read it over and over and over again,” says Camille. “I read in schools and libraries and I wear green high-tops. The kids love to see me with the high-tops on.”

Camille says being a children's author had never occurred to her until she spotted a mouse in her Ontario cottage.

“One summer I saw a little mouse peering down at me in the laundry room,” recalls Camille. “He couldn’t see very much looking down through the crack in the floor. All he could see were shoes. That’s how I came up with the green high-tops.”

Camille says the character of Marshall was inspired by her three grandchildren and husband, all of whom are only children.

“Marshall is quite assured of himself,” says Camille. “He’s an only child and his parents have told him he’s very special. That’s why he is the way he is, and he’s and very proud of his shoes.”

Originally published in 2007, Marshall and His Green High-Tops tells the story of Marshall Mouse who lives with his doting parents Mortimer and Mabel and his uncles Grant and David. Marshall longs to wear green high-top sneakers just like humans do. With those special shoes, Marshall believes he will be better at this favorite game of baseball. His Uncle Grant warns that mice don’t wear shoes, but becomes part of the family plan to make the shoes a birthday surprise for Marshall. Will the shoes help Marshall improve his game or will his uncle’s words prove true?

“Most parents like books that teach a lesson,” says Camille. “Whenever I read the books to children, I ask them what the lesson might be, and there’s always a little boy or girl who says, ‘Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.’”

The follow-up, Marshall’s First Snowfall, was published in 2013. Camille says a third Marshall book, Marshall’s Christmas is already underway.

CUTV News Radio will feature Camille Blue Amy in an interview with Jim Masters on January 30th at 11am EST and with Doug Llewelyn at February 6th at 11am EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

For more information on Camille Blue Amy, visit

Lou Ceparano
(631) 850-3314
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Duke Endowment Weighs in to Help NC Children in Crisis

Adopted! – Courtesy of Children’s Home Society of North Carolina

Brian Maness, President and CEO, Children’s Home Society of NC

Children’s Home Society will receive support from a long-term ally to help scale up proven programs to battle North Carolina’s foster care crisis.

A child without a family is unacceptable. Every child deserves a loving, safe, and permanent home.”

— Brian Maness, Children's Home Society of NC

GREENSBORO, NC, USA, January 26, 2017 / — Children’s Home Society will receive support from a long-term ally to help scale up proven programs to battle North Carolina’s foster care crisis. Among a growing list of concerned organizations and individuals, The Duke Endowment announced a 4-year, $3.7-million grant to expand foster care, early intervention, and prevention services across the state.

“James B. Duke set a course for his philanthropy to enrich lives in a multitude of ways across North and South Carolina,” said Phil Redmond, Jr., Director of The Duke Endowment’s Child Care program area. “Today, we continue our journey together with Children’s Home Society of North Carolina to help vulnerable children lead more successful lives.”

According to Brian Maness, President and CEO of Children’s Home Society of North Carolina, foster care is in a state of crisis, increasing every month in 2016 compared to the same period in the prior year.

At the end of 2016, there were 10,524 children in foster care with about 2,400 children eligible for adoption.

“Last year, we were able to place only 12 percent of the children referred to us,” said Maness. “We need to increase public awareness of the foster care crisis and expand our capacity of adoptive and foster homes for children.”

Committed to reversing these negative trends, the leadership and board of Children’s Home Society – North Carolina’s largest provider of foster care and adoption services – launched the Promise of Family campaign, teaming resources from foundations, companies, organizations, families and individuals to expand and accelerate proven programs for vulnerable children.

“A child without a family is unacceptable,” said Maness. “Every child deserves a loving, safe, and permanent home.”

According to Maness, the relationship between the Duke family and Children’s Home Society of North Carolina goes back to 1902, when Benjamin Duke, the brother of James Buchanan Duke, founder of The Duke Endowment, was on the founding CHS board.

“One hundred fifteen years later,” said Maness, “Children’s Home Society’s core mission of promoting a loving, safe, and permanent family for every child has not changed.

The Duke Endowment, based in Charlotte, has distributed more than $3.3 billion in grants since its inception in 1924. The endowment’s work in North Carolina and South Carolina focuses on child care, health care, higher education, and rural United Methodist churches.

Founded in 1902, Children’s Home Society serves over 20,000 children and families in all 100 counties in North Carolina with adoption, foster care, parenting education, family preservation, and teen pregnancy prevention services. More than 15,000 children have been adopted through Children’s Home Society North Carolina.

Click for information about Children’s Home Society

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Director of Marketing
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Robert B Butler
Communications | Public Relations

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Robert B Butler
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Study Finds Georgia Underreports Public School Spending

This ‘missing money’ clouds Georgians’ understanding about how much and where public education dollars are being spent.”

— Dr. Benjamin Scafidi

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2017 / — For decades, Georgia’s Department of Education has underreported by billions of dollars what the state spends on public schools, according to an Issue Analysis released today at the Georgia Public Policy Foundation’s annual National School Choice Week event.

The report, “Balancing the Books in Education,” by Foundation Senior Fellow and Kennesaw State University economist Dr. Benjamin Scafidi, notes that official state websites give the impression that taxpayers spend billions of dollars less on K-12 public education than is actually spent.

For example, while the Georgia Department of Education website reports spending figures of $15.665 billion in fiscal year (FY) 2016, Georgia reported a total amount of $19.158 billion in public education spending to other government agencies, Scafidi found.

With an estimated $3.5 billion in FY 2016 public school spending omitted from the state website, it seems spending per public school student was $9,020 when, in fact, the state spent $11,031 – more than 22 percent more – per student.

“Clearly, this ‘missing money’ clouds Georgians’ understanding about how much and where public education dollars are being spent,” Scafidi said.

He found that between 1988 and 2014, Georgia students saw their funds increase by 56 percent on a per-student, inflation-adjusted basis. That increase did not lead to an increase in teacher salaries (which actually declined slightly) but to a “staffing surge,” according to the Issue Analysis.

The staff increase in teachers and other school personnel surged ahead of what was needed to accommodate the student enrollment growth, and this had a large opportunity cost, according to the Issue Analysis.

“Had Georgia public schools increased the number of non-teachers at the same rate as the increase in students, Georgia public schools would have seen $1.08 billion in annual, recurring savings,” Scafidi writes.

“These funds could have been used, among other things, to give teachers a permanent raise of almost $10,000 per year or to give $8,000 education savings accounts (ESAs) to the families of more than 135,000 students.”

Scafidi points out that the underreporting has occurred for “at least the past 20 years." He urges the Georgia Department of Education to immediately begin reporting total revenue and expenditure data for current and past years, and to provide the data “in an easily accessible, prominent and user-friendly way.”

“Government agencies already have the data, given that the information is reported in full to the federal government,” Scafidi said of his findings. “It makes no sense to withhold information or keep two sets of books. That’s inefficient and results in incomplete numbers cited in the media, in litigation and by policymakers.”

Worse, he notes, when traditional public school spending is underreported, the funds to school choice programs such as charter schools are further reduced because their allocations are tied to (and less than) that of traditional public schools.

"Without an accurate accounting of how much is already spent, too many Georgians believe the answer to the state's education challenges lies in more funding," said Foundation President Kelly McCutchen. "Yet several states are spending less per pupil with better results. Dr. Scafidi's eye-opening study reinforces that transparency, wiser spending and competition through choice will improve education for Georgia’s children."

Access the study here; to arrange an interview with Dr. Scafidi, email or call Benita Dodd at 404-256-4050.

About the Georgia Public Policy Foundation: Established in 1991, the Foundation is an independent, state-focused think tank that proposes market-oriented approaches to public policy to improve the lives of Georgians.

About the researcher: Dr. Benjamin Scafidi is a professor of economics and director of the Education Economics Center at Kennesaw State University. He is also a Senior Fellow with the Georgia Public Policy Foundation and a Friedman Fellow with EdChoice. Previously, he served as the Education Policy Advisor to Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue; on the staff of both of Governor Roy Barnes’ Education Reform Study Commissions; as an expert witness for the state of Georgia in school funding litigation; as the first chair of Georgia’s Charter School Commission, and as a member of Georgia’s Charter Advisory Committee. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Virginia and his bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Notre Dame.

About National School Choice Week: National School Choice Week is celebrated annually in January. Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has joined more than 600 elected officials – governors, mayors and county leaders – in issuing a proclamation to declare January 22-28 School Choice Week. A record-breaking 21,392 events are taking place across all 50 states this week to champion choice in education.

Benita Dodd
Georgia Public Policy Foundation
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IT Governance to speak at the Cyber Threat Awareness and Guidance event in Bedfordshire

ELY, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, January 25, 2017 / — IT Governance’s founder and executive chairman, Alan Calder, and head of technical services, Geraint Williams, are delighted to be attending the Cyber Threat Awareness and Guidance event on 2 February in Bedfordshire at Putteridge Bury, Luton, where Alan will speak and Geraint will deliver a hacking demonstration.

The Cyber Threat Awareness and Guidance event aims to provide businesses with an understanding of current and emerging cyber threats. The event is organised by the Bedfordshire Police Cyber Hub, and welcomes SMEs, large corporations and governmental organisations.

The one-day event brings together information security experts to speak on the latest information security trends, standards and legislation to help businesses understand the risks they’re exposed on a daily basis, and to provide an overview of best practices and appropriate security controls that organisations should implement.

Alan Calder, IT Governance’s founder and chief executive officer, will deliver a presentation on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its implications for businesses from 15:00 – 15:30pm (GMT).

Geraint Williams, IT Governance’s head of technical services, will demonstrate ethical hacking from 09:50 – 10:30am (GMT) to help businesses understand the vulnerabilities and threats they face.

The event will take place on Thursday, 2 February 2017, from 9:00 – 15:30pm (GMT) at Putteridge Bury, Hitchin Rd, LU2 8LE, Luton.

IT Governance encourages clients and information security professionals attending the event to take advantage of this opportunity to speak to its information security experts about cyber security issues, implementing standards or complying with data protection legislation.

To find out more and register to attend the Cyber Threat Awareness and Guidance event for businesses in Bedfordshire, please visit the event website.

Mihaela Jucan
IT Governance Ltd
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Maryland State Youth Soccer Association Launches InjureFree and Preferred Provider Partnership with MedStar Health

InjureFree is a web-based care coordination platform for all youth sports injuries, delivering the CDC Heads-Up Concussion Education training modules and tracking completion in real-time.

State youth soccer association uses HIPAA compliant technology to improve medical oversight, while improving access to health care services for families.

These are the same children who go to school and play in other sports programs so by improving care [in MSYSA] … the surrounding communities benefit from the improved access to health care.”

— Charlie Wund, InjureFree

COLUMBIA, MARYLAND, USA, January 25, 2017 / — While many organizations struggle to manage the tracking of concussion education delivery, per state mandates, and establishing streamlined communications regarding injured athletes, the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA) has taken a momentous step in that direction. This past weekend, MSYSA launched the InjureFree educational delivery and care coordination platform, deploying concussion education for coaches and administrators and beginning to document all athletic related injuries within the Maryland State ODP. The enhanced communication will reduce the administrative burden for administrators and streamline the Return-To-Play process for any athletes who become injured.

As part of the program launch, MSYSA also re-announced the Preferred Provider Partnership with MedStar Sports Medicine that enhances the medical oversight provided to the players of the 2017 Maryland State ODP, while securing access to specialists for all participating players within 24-48 hours of injury. MedStar has dedicated a 1-800 hotline phone number for MSYSA families to ensure fast and easy access to qualified specialists. The original announcement of the relationship was made late last year.

The initial rollout included all Maryland State ODP participants being enrolled in the InjureFree care coordination technology. Additionally, the rollout will extend to the teams participating in the 2017 MSYSA State Cup and 2017 MSYSA Presidents Cup. The ultimate goal is to have the benefits of this comprehensive partnership extended to every player registered with MSYSA over the next five years.

MSYSA Executive Director, Dr. Greg Smith stated, “The entire MSYSA leadership works tirelessly to continually provide the best opportunities for the thousands of soccer players who participate in our programs and with our member clubs and leagues; this dynamic partnership is an example of the wonderful work being done.”
MSYSA is excited to leverage InjureFree’s connectivity by partnering with regional health care experts from MedStar Health. In this partnership, sports medicine clinicians and youth sports researchers will be working with association administrators to appropriately monitor injury trends within the youth sports population.

InjureFree CEO Charlie Wund commented, “Following the successful launch with MSYSA’s ODP, we are excited to begin extending the network to all participating athletes within the state association. These are the same children who go to school and play in other sports programs so by improving the care within MSYSA, we are determined, the surrounding communities will also benefit from the improved access to health care. The MSYSA leadership should be commended for their vision and dedication to the families of Maryland.”

As youth sport associations manage rule changes and state law compliance while providing for a safe playing environment, MSYSA is tapping InjureFree’s ground breaking technology and ability to aggregate data to set a new standard of care for today’s participants. By creating the gold standard of care, MSYSA is working to ensure a positive playing environment for the future.

Greg Smith, Ph. D.
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What is InjureFree?

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New York City Department of Education Approves The Adventures of Prissy and Missy™, Travel Abroad

One of the loveliest compliments given to House of the Guilded Scribe, LLC at first glance is the public believing Prissy and Missy are figures produced by the Disney Corporation.”

— Karen Elise Wormack

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 14, 2017 / — House of the Guilded Scribe, LLC Independent Book Publishers announces with tremendous gladness of heart the recent approval of prolific author, Karen Elise Wormack's stunningly beautiful full color children's picture book, The Adventures of Prissy and Missy™, "Travel Abroad" being accepted into the world's largest Public School System, the New York City Department of Education.

This major accomplishment is attributed in part to the perseverance, dedication, and totality of belief saturating the spirit of Miss Wormack over the past few years, as she pursued her work of children's book literary excellence by means of "Community Learning and Literacy Events" hosted by various Kinsley, Sumas and Callillo Family, Shop Rite WAKEFERN Grocery Stores and the iconic McDonald's Restaurants, among other avenues availing marketing and promotion, including but not limited to: Desaki Hibachi/Sushi Japanese Restaurant located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Northeastern, Pennsylvania, where Wormack resides.

Conversely, Wormack's dynamic appeal and writing mastery has lead to invitations as guest author at schools throughout the New York Metropolitan area, bringing professionalism, enthusiasm and a heartfelt memorable assembly to eager students listening attentively to her original anti bullying song "I Care About You" which precedes the memorized recitation and power point showcase of her vibrant and endearing story, The Adventures of Prissy and Missy™, 'Travel Abroad".  Wormack was also an invited "Fast Track" guest speaker at the 18th Annual International Mars Society Convention, Catholic University, Washington, DC.

Prissy and Missy are multicultural cat twin sisters whose lives have themes of education, interest, humor and colorful presentations.  Their stories are written in sophisticated poetic verse, possessing rich language, hand drawn anime style illustrations (Dot Pixel, Kolkata, India) and contain an extensive, meaningful glossary.  There will be at least fifteen exciting Prissy and Missy titles with Wormack having completed eleven to date.  The Adventures of Prissy and Missy™, "Sleepwalk Affair" is Wormack's freshman adventure and will be considered by NYC DOE upon its fourth reprint, being presently sold out.  The Adventures of Prissy and Missy™, "Beyond Earth's Sky to Mars" our third on the list of stories to be illustrated and published, (276 pages) is simply an exceptional work for the global Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs.

Additionally, one of the loveliest compliments given to House of the Guilded Scribe, LLC at first glance, is the public believing Prissy and Missy are figures produced by the Disney Corporation.  On the contrary, our storybook characters are completely original, whose beautiful and charming anime style image was created initially by illustrators RACUD (Miayang, China).  Nevertheless, Prissy and Missy will be branded for various worthwhile merchandise children can enjoy, similar to Disney's billion dollar "Frozen" characters, "Elsa" and "Anna".

Speaking of billions of dollars, the New York City Department of Education, the largest school system in the world (as mentioned above) does not spare the expense to educate its students and has an operating budget of nearly twenty four billion dollars annually ($24,000,000,000.00), serving more than seventeen hundred schools, including five hundred of which are elementary level, in ten regions throughout its five boroughs.

The Adventures of Prissy and Missy™, "Travel Abroad" ISBN #9780991435166, is distributed by Book Source, a trusted Book Seller to the NYC DOE and can be purchased at SHOP DOE by all educators, administrators and librarians having access to the on line catalogue and vendor portal.  The general public may become further acquainted with The Adventures of Prissy and Missy™ via their website, and youtube, where Prissy and Missy's catchy jingle is played in conjunction with photo media. For information concerning how to book Karen Elise Wormack for an exciting author visit at your school or organization, please contact The Guilded Scribe Group to receive her confidential Press Kit.

Finally, House of the Guilded Scribe, LLC is deeply grateful to the New York City Department of Education, Book Source and every individual, group and organization helping us share The Adventures of Prissy and Missy's joie de vivre with the children of the world, by means of literary works of excellence, transcending scioeconomic and ethnic barriers. Continued successful outcomes are our expectation too…and we thank you!

K.E. Wormack
The Guilded Scribe Group
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`Exciting Video The Adventures of Prissy and Missy, “Beyond Earth’s Sky to Mars”

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Since we opened Carl’s House more than 500 families have received help”

— Massimo DiDonna

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 25, 2017 / — The Carl V. Bini Memorial Fund will kick off 2017 with its Annual Bini Winter Bash at Nicotra’s Ballroom at The Hilton Garden Inn on Saturday, January 28th. The event will feature a gourmet sit down dinner, live auction prizes, and musical performances by The Guthrie Brothers, 80’s cover band Radio Daze, and soul band Motor City Revue. Proceeds raised from the event will benefit the organization’s mission of helping the local community in a time of need, including its newest initiative Carl’s House, a 100% free community drug resource center staffed by people in recovery offering assistance to addicts and their families.

“Since we opened Carl’s House more than 500 families have received help,” said Massimo DiDonna, Chairman and President of The Carl V. Bini Memorial Fund. “There’s still work to be done, and the money raised from our Winter Bash will allow us to continue our mission of helping the community in a time of need.”

Carl’s House opened its doors in early 2016 and has since aligned itself with partners locally and nationally including Camelot, Community Health Action, Christopher’s Reason, Staten Island University Hospital, the YMCA, Catholic Charities of Staten Island and others. Its free services include family counseling twice a week, peer to peer counseling (one addict talking to another), four recovery based meetings open to all, and the only Heroin Anonymous Meeting in the city of New York.

“Drugs are a community problem, not simply an addict’s problem,” said Marco DiDonna, Carl’s House staff member. “Together we have the ability to help those struggling with addiction, and that’s what this event is all about.”

Tickets to the event are $150 per person and include full cocktail hour, gourmet sit down dinner, top shelf open bar, and live musical performances. Tickets and more information available by visiting or dialing (718) 412- 1851.
About The Carl V. Bini Memorial Fund

The Carl V. Bini Memorial Fund is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization created to honor the heroism of fallen firefighter Carl V. Bini and continue his life-long belief in helping others. The Bini Fund supports the community through scholarships, emergency grants and special needs assistance. The Fund is uniquely positioned to adapt to the changing needs of communities, especially in times of crisis. For more information, visit

Anthony Rapacciuolo
PRcision LLC
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Arthur E. Benjamin with Charlie Benjamin

Arthur E. Benjamin – LinkedIn

Loretta Neff with Arthur E. Benjamin

Providing Direct Impact to Enrich the Lives of Children in Low-Income Communities

Arthur Benjamin's generous gift is just one more example of his leadership and devotion to education and the humanities”

— founder and executive director, Loretta Neff

PALM BEACH, FL, USA, January 25, 2017 / — Bringing 2016 to a close, Arthur E. Benjamin, of Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation and Founder of American Dog Rescue, locked down a title sponsorship for the sold-out 3rd annual musical brunch, Books, Bellinis, and Bel Canto fundraiser, to be held on Sunday, February 5, 2017 at Club Colette in Palm Beach, Florida, and helped push EWF across the finish line with a generous donation of $10,000. Already a trusted advisor, Founders Society donor, and major supporter, with this gift, Mr. Benjamin’s total giving to EWF now tops over $20,000 to date.

For the past three decades, Arthur has been passionately involved in philanthropic efforts related to breast cancer, cancer research, education and animal welfare. On a national scale, Arthur works tirelessly on a number of important causes, chief among them, to save abused and abandoned dogs and place them in loving homes. Arthur also serves on the board of the nationally recognized youth development organization, Boys and Girls Clubs of Broward County, and was recently honored for his years of service and financial support.

Mr. Benjamin’s donation includes a community outreach gift of $7,200, which provides educational books for a Title I elementary school. EWF and Mr. Benjamin (along with furry friends, Bandit and Charlie) will present this wonderful gift personally to children of a local school in Palm Beach County later this spring. The gift includes an interactive story time with Loretta Neff, children’s author and EWF founder, and signed books for 480 children.

"Arthur Benjamin's generous gift is just one more example of his leadership and devotion to education and the humanities", said founder and executive director, Loretta Neff. “This milestone demonstrates the fact that donors see our passion for what we do and understand the importance of our cause. Arthur was the first to offer support last year as a Founders Society donor and event title sponsor and we owe him a debt of gratitude”, commented Loretta Neff, founder of the EW Foundation.

Since 2014, EWF has benefited over 10,113 children with their award-winning books and programs and provided author visits and signed copies of Author Loretta Neff’s first book, Tame Your Manners, to twenty (20) academies and schools and fourteen (14) charities.

With six (6) Title I schools on the wait list, community outreach donations provide much-needed underwriting for story time author visits with signed copies for every child. Every gift counts, whether $15 per book per child, $450 for 30 books for one class, $1,800 for 120 books for one class grade, or $7,200 for 480 books for one elementary school. Please visit and donate today at

Loretta Neff, Founder and Executive Director
EW Foundation
email us here

How Bandit Rescued Arthur

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IT Governance launches GDPR Staff Awareness E-learning course

IT Governance, the global cybersecurity experts.

ELY, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, January 24, 2017 / — IT Governance, the leading provider of data protection solutions and expertise, is delighted to announce the launch of its new GDPR Staff Awareness E-learning course, which is designed to help organisations introduce employees to the GDPR and educate them on their compliance obligations.

Due to be enforced in May 2018, the GDPR imposes significant fines on organisations that collect and process data on European residents. It is essential that businesses ensure their staff have a comprehensive understanding of the compliance requirements under the GDPR.

Alan Calder, the founder and executive chairman of IT Governance, said: “The GDPR requires organisations to implement appropriate technical, administrative and operational controls in order to avoid a data breach. As a result, organisations will need to implement a GDPR compliance framework that takes into consideration staff awareness and education.”

The GDPR Staff Awareness E-learning course provides a comprehensive foundation on the principles, responsibilities and processes relevant to both technical and non-technical staff under the GDPR. The course helps reduce the organisation’s risk of non-compliance by educating employees whose roles involve processing and storing personal data.

Moreover, the course provides systematic, consistent and repeatable training across multiple platforms in order to ensure effective and efficient training. The course covers the scope of the GDPR, the six principles for collecting and processing personal data, the principle of accountability, collecting and processing data, requesting personal data, minors and consent, and data breach reporting.

The 45-minute web-delivered course can be deployed for existing staff and as part of an induction process for new employees. To assess their understanding of the GDPR course, employees will complete a final assessment at the end of the course, which comprises 20 random questions. Employees who pass the course are issued a printable certificate.

With mounting evidence that employees are the biggest security threat facing organisations, IT Governance encourages organisations to start preparing for GDPR compliance and implement a GDPR staff awareness programme to ensure staff are aware of the GDPR obligations.

For more information about IT Governance’s GDPR Staff Awareness E-learning course, please visit the website, email or call +44 (0)845 070 1750.

Mihaela Jucan
IT Governance Ltd
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