KupKeeper launches crowdfunding campaign to simplify safe snacking for children on the go.

Jennifer Hohman seeks $36,800 to make a product that would revolutionize children’s snacking in the car OR stroller with her simple and safe snacking solution

SPRINGBORO, OH, UNITED STATES, February 27, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ —
Ohio mom's hack turns into an invention for her kids

Snacking will never be the same again if mother Jennifer Hohman has her way. The Springboro-based inventor has developed a new product called KupKeeper, designed to provide children with a solution to the drink and snack holders on the market today. With the success of the Kickstarter campaign, she will be working with a children’s charity to receive a percentage of each future sale.

The idea was born out of Jennifer's own desperation while on the go with her three children, all preschool age and younger. The product design for KupKeeper was inspired by her own children’s solution for keeping their snacks in their laps. Additionally, she often found her existing holders to be hard to fit between the carseats or even in some of her strollers. Many children’s products are difficult to clean, thus she often questioned food safety for her children.

With no room for a traditional drink holder for her children’s snacks, she thought there had to be another way. Thus, KupKeeper was born and has many applications.

"I am seeking funding to complete my mission to design a solution for children’s drinks and snacks while in the car OR stroller, letting the kids be independent and restoring everyone's travel safety," said Hohman.

"I have designed a child-friendly drink and snack holder – called the KupKeeper – which mounts in the car seat, not next to or near it, without affecting the car seat's own functionality.”

"Not only is a KupKeeper stationary and soft, it still manages to maintain its shape, allowing children as young as 12 months to safely use it."

Jennifer has invested her own money in getting the ball rolling with a patent for KupKeeper, and is working around-the-clock to develop a suitable website and social media presence to give the brand the best possible chance of success worldwide.

However, the cost of the small mold process and product packaging requires Jennifer to seek outside investment to transform what started as a quirky hack for Jennifer's own children into a legitimate product.

"I've spent countless hours developing this product and I am committed to making every aspect of car travel safer for parents and easier on children, while giving back." added Hohman.



Mother and inventor, Jennifer Hohman has developed a potential solution for snack time whilst in the car OR stroller, providing them independence and delicious healthy treats whilst restoring safety for youngsters.

With a rough prototype already made, Jennifer seeks crowdfunding investment to provide her with the funds to begin the small mold process, along with the product packaging.


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