The peace builders of Northern Kenya; Successful, research-led model spreads to other African nations

AK47 Weapons: As Common as Cooking Pots in Northern Kenya

Fr. Patrick Devine with a group of parents, Northern Kenya

Research: the foundation of Shalom Centre’s peace building and training

Founded in aftermath of 2007-08's national post-election violence, Kenya's Shalom Centre pioneers successful, research-led formula for preventing conflict

When the causes of conflict are not only identified but also agreed upon by those involved, peace-building techniques create a way to look forward to a constructive future.”

— Fr. Patrick Devine, Founder, Shalom Centre

NAIROBI, NAIROBI COUNTY, KENYA, July 3, 2017 / — An innovative research-led model for building peace has been pioneered by an Irish Catholic priest and his Shalom Centre colleagues working in areas of Northern Kenya where assault rifles are as common in households as cooking pots.

Lawlessness is prevalent in the isolated areas of Kenya bordering Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia, and family possessions include, on average, 1.6 AK-47s, the weapon of choice also of organized cattle-rustling gangs.

Weak institutions, porous borders and climate change, meanwhile, combine to make conditions harsher, nurturing historic, sometimes violent competition over scarce resources between the 11 ethnic communities of Northern Kenya with which the Centre works.

More recently, conflicts over official positions and new administrative boundaries driven by politics have become commonplace. Of immediate concern to the peace makers: the Aug. 8 Kenya general elections. In 2007-08, post-election violence nationwide, fuelled by political in-fighting, retaliation and power struggles, left roughly 1,300 Kenyans dead, 60,000 maimed and 600,000 displaced.

The Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation, founded by Fr. Patrick Devine in 2009, which works as well in the slums of Nairobi, has cultivated a unique approach to conflict resolution, its success recognized and celebrated with a host of international awards.

And the model is expanding into other parts of Africa, starting with Côte d'Ivoire, Tanzania and the Central African Republic, with further plans to establish centres as well in Ethiopia, South Sudan, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The model's success is founded on extensive research into areas of complaint and issues that drive conflict then working with key community opinion-shapers — elders, women, youth and influential chiefs — to reach a common understanding of both the history and current definition of a conflict's source, while building trust and co-operation to reach solutions.

Through workshops, Shalom is creating a legacy of conflict resolution, training to date more than 9,600 community leaders as peacemakers.

Strategies also include sustainable human development in conflicted communities through projects. Lasting results include the building of solar-powered inter-ethnic and inter-religious schools, medical centres and water projects.

The philosophy of Fr. Devine, a 29-year veteran of African ministry: Conflicts are created by unmet human needs and the inability of weak institutions to help people actualize their potential. Shalom's peaceful coexistence goal is simple: "To help the people become the architects of their own future."

Shalom's grassroots-based methodology, he says, embraces prevention and transformation — "delving deep into the social, economic, historical, cultural and religious factors that contribute to extremist behaviours that cause significant destruction and trauma to individuals and communities. Conjecture and speculation are no basis for policy making."

Conflict in the region can be linked to several primary causes: scarcity and mismanagement of core environmental resources, infrastructure insecurity, weak institutions and the political economy of governance, historic tribal land and cultural conflict, all contributing to an unhelpful proliferation of illegal small arms.

"Every conflict has a memory," says Fr. Devine, honoured in 2013 with the International Caring Award, and recently nominated for Ireland's prestigious Tipperary International Peace Prize. "When the causes of conflict are not only identified, but also agreed upon by those involved, peace-building techniques create a way to look forward to a constructive future."

Nairobi-based Shalom Centre's international research and field staff are expert in conflict management theory and practice. All have at least a masters' level education. "And I have never met a group with the persistence, commitment and consistency of Shalom staff," says Fr. Devine.

The goal is not what he calls "negative peace," or just an end to fighting but rather "positive peace," where both sides in a conflict see the benefits of protecting the others' security and wellbeing.

"There's more than enough in the environment for everyone's need," he says, "but not enough for everyone's greed."

Fr. Devine explains why he founded Shalom: "I didn't want to spend another 25 years just dealing with the symptoms of conflict and poverty, nor just putting money through a sieve without substantial endurable results."

"Our centre helps people in this region emerge from patterns of ongoing conflict, an environment in which people are persistently killed, maimed and displaced, preventing social and religious values, such as truth, justice, peace, mercy and reconciliation, from taking deep root. Nor can development be sustained if schools, hospitals, programs, and religious centres are regularly made inoperable due to conflict."

Fr. Devine underlines the non-sectarian nature of the centre's work. "Shalom should not be owned by any one religious tradition," he says. "If we can bring about peace in the world, we can all find our path to God."

At a May EU meeting in Brussels to address the humanitarian situation in Africa, Yemen and Syria, Joe McHugh, Ireland's Minister of State for the Diaspora and Overseas Development, noted the impossibility of sustainable development without peace.

He singled out Shalom's "great work" and lauded the centre for making inroads in "interethnic conflict reconciliation where, for the first time in a particular region even with drought and massive challenges, the peace is holding."

"If there are examples working we should look to them and support them."

* * * * *

The Shalom Centre for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation is supported by partner organizations and a network of visionary donors, primarily from the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland.

With a budget of less than $1M US per year and low (7%) overhead costs, Shalom leverages the donations of its supporters to maximize its work on the ground in tribal areas, particularly in the semi-arid terrains, and in the largest slum settlements in urban centres of Eastern Africa.

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Terry Collins
Shalom Centre
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Dinner to honour Father Patrick Devine

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The Federal District Court lacks jurisdiction to settle a criminal action, and lost jurisdiction before November 18, 2016.


By Leeland White
July 3, 2017

Preelection President Trump was plagued by Trump University, LLC. Trump University which was a never a University should have forced the Department of Education through the Department of Justice to investigate and prosecute but never did when this RICO Action, Cohen v. Trump was filed under 18 USC § 1962. Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel of this Court being a former prosecutor should have ensured that the United States government intervened as well.

Many believe that one cannot settle a criminal case civilly. Further, 18 United States Code is not civil, it is, "Crimes and Criminal Procedure." This Intervenor has experience with fake Universities, White v. Apollo, Group DBA University of Phoenix giving authority to intervene in the Trump University, LLC action in Cohen v. Trump. In addition authority became compelling when President Elect Donald Trump announced that he had entered into a settlement agreement in November 18, 2016 avoiding a Trial by Jury that were to commence on November 28, 2016. This litigant has an unalienable right to intervene based on Rule 24(a)(1) Fed. R. Civ. P., and Donald Trump and Trump University, LLC violated a United States Statute which is of no importance whether it be civil or criminal.

The settlement agreement on November 18, 2016 violated 18 USC § 1964(c) in which the minimum that could be settled were treble damages and was done after Donald Trump were elected President becoming a new criminal act as well. Any settlement in a RICO activity is an admission of guilt and is not a settlement but a plea bargain. Any other activity thus becomes a 18 USC § 241 act of, "Conspiracy," further encumbering President Trump's liberty.

To the chagrin of all litigants in this case is Rule 68 Fed. R. Civ. P., that took away the Courts Jurisdiction on November 10, 2016 to settle. This is because it is 14 days from November 28, 2016 being the last Jurisdictional Day of November 13, 2016. However, being Sunday, the next Jurisdictional Day was November 11, 2016. This too was veterans day. Thus, by law, the Court lost Jurisdiction on November 10, 2016. At any level, the activity of the Trump Legal Team violated 18 USC § 2071(b) by falsification and concealment, another new felony that incriminates the President and should have Sua Sponte prompted the Senate and House to move for impeachment.

As to punishmen t, a crime of fraud is categorized as 2B1.1 under United States Sentencing Commission Guidelines. For this activity, now President Trump has become one of the most heinous criminals in US history. First, a violation of this type is 3 years in prison. If it involves amounts over 10 million dollars, then it is 20 years in prison, and for each lawsuit of fraud another 3 years per suit. Technically speaking, there is no doubt that President Trump could be convicted to thousands of years in prison considering the unaudited and qualifying 4,000 law suits.

So on July 14, 2016, in San Diego, California there is a Court Day at 1:30 P.M. It will probably be canceled, but it is a good day to demonstrate for Justice and Impeachment of President Trump. Demand Gonzalo P. Curiel, to set aside the settlement agreement as he has a duty to do so, and impress upon this Federal District Court Judge through demonstration that President Trump should be prosecuted, must be prosecuted, leading to indictment.

Leeland O. White
Freelance Activist for Social Justice
(915) 226-9437
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Local Realtor ranked at the top of the nation

Warren Flax

Warren Flax and Craig Proctor

Warren Flax ranked 108th in USA by RealTrends/Wall Street Journal in 2017

YARDLEY, PA, UNITED STATES, July 3, 2017 / — Warren Flax of Platinum Realty Team has been named in the Wall Street Journal as part of the REAL Trends Top real estate professionals in the United States.

“Wow! What an honor. I can’t thank our clients, referral partners and of course my outstanding coworkers at Platinum Realty Team, enough for all of their support and guidance,” said Flax. “This is now the 5th year in a row we’ve been named on this list and it gets more and more competitive each year. I’m particularly please to represent Bucks County, PA on a national stage.”

In addition to selling homes in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Warren is also a coach for the elite Craig Proctor Coaching System. Craig and Warren specialize in training agents around the US and Canada to net 6-figure annual incomes.

REAL Trends Inc, in conjunction with The Wall Street Journal, published the 12th annual The Thousand list of America’s top 1,000 real estate sales professionals and teams. An abridged list of the designees is published in today’s edition of The Wall Street Journal and a complete listing is available online at

REAL Trends The Thousand, as advertised in The Wall Street Journal, is an annual, national
awards ranking sponsored by REAL Trends and advertised in The Wall Street Journal.
Designees are recognized as the top one half of one percent of more than 1.1 million licensed
Realtors® nationwide.

Warren Flax
Platinum Realty Team
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Dorothy Slikker of Slikker’s Fine Art Studio to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

PAHRUMP, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, July 3, 2017 / — Dorothy Slikker is an experienced fine artist creating original oil paintings for collectors and art enthusiasts across Nevada. She is the founder of Slikker’s Fine Art Studio and the author of My Art Walk To the Contemporary Masters

“I’ve wanted to be an artist all my life, ever since I was a 13,” recalls Slikker. “I painted a tree in water colors and it took first place in the cafeteria contest. I got such a thrill inside the body and that has never left me. My mother had married a man who told me, ‘No, you can’t take art!’ It was forbidden, which only made me want to do it more.”

Blending acrylics and oils in the style of her mentor Robert Warren, Slikker skillfully captures natural beauty. Her works range from realistic to realistic-impressionistic, portraits, landscapes and animals.

“It’s a very personal journey into your work,” says Slikker, “I like to paint scenery with life in it.”

“Her perfection is formidable,” says curator Despina Tunberg. “For us, Dorothy truly is a master painter.”

Slikker is passionate about teaching new painters the beauty and history of art and passing on her skills to aspiring artists. She also works with seniors to help fill their retirement years with art, as well as young children.

“If you have a desire to learn I can teach you the fundamentals,” says Slikker. I’m teaching them the same steps I started with. I have them bring to the studio what it is they would like to paint. We paint what we want.”

Slikker has her students convert their photograph into the size of their canvas, trace them onto the canvas. Painting them first in black and white shows the darks and lights and enables them to
create shadows.

“People say ‘Well that’s cheating,’” says Slikker. “But if you study the old masters, they had ways in their time of projecting images onto canvases. That’s why their art looks perfect.”

Slikker recently completed a four-month exhibit at the Metropolitan Gallery Las Vegas Art Museum.

“I had the drive to become known as a fine artist. I wanted my work to tell a story.” says Slikker. “I’m proud that I reached for the desires I’ve always held. This has been my journey in art and my acceptance into the art community.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Dorothy Slikker in a two-part interview with Jim Masters on July 5th at 2pm EDT and with Doug Llewelyn on July 12th at 2pm EDT.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio. If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

For more information on Slikker’s Fine Art, visit

My Art Walk To the Contemporary Masters is available on Amazon.

Lou Ceparano
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David Rehr Co-Authors Study on Diversity and Inclusion in Professional Associations

David Rehr Speaking on diversity at a public event

David Rehr Speaking at an event

David Rehr television appearance

David Rehr, CEO and PHD on a television appearance

David Rehr and Vetted Solutions co-author study on diversity and inclusion in industry associations

[Associations] understand the variety of benefits associated with diversity and inclusion, including better decision-making and greater insights into a diversity of ideas and backgrounds.”

— David Rehr

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, July 3, 2017 / — David Rehr, the Senior Associate Dean and a Professor of Law at the George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School, recently co-authored an extensive study about diversity and inclusion in industry associations. Rehr has a history in the association sector, having previously served as President for both the National Association of Broadcasters and the National Beer Wholesalers Association. He collaborated with Vetted Solutions, an executive search firm based in Washington, D.C., to conduct the study and author the research report.

Rehr and Vetted Solutions President James Zaniello decided to pursue the study after a conversation about the role that associations play in “moving the country forwarded.” Rehr and Zaniello, realizing that there was a dearth of research about how modern associations are incorporating diversity and inclusion into their core values and practices, reached out to leaders and representatives from more than 3,000 associations for comment.

“Associations have long recognized the benefit of greater diversity and inclusion, reflecting changes in the 63,866 trade and professional associations, and 1,237,094 charitable and philanthropic organizations,” David Rehr wrote in an introduction to the Vetted Solutions report. “These organizations represent all demographics and every aspect of American life. They understand the variety of benefits associated with diversity and inclusion, including better decision-making and greater insights into a diversity of ideas and backgrounds.”

Of the 3,000 association members who received the survey, 227 responded. Collectively, these responses indicated clear trends in the association sector, including:

— A focus on diversity as a priority. 81% of association leaders said they view diversity and inclusiveness as “core values” of their organizations, while 73% said that their associations already have “comprehensive diversity and inclusion policies” on the books.

— Associations consider diversity a morally important point of focus. 84% of respondents said they have made diversity and inclusion priorities for their organizations because doing so was “the right thing to do.”

— There is still room to grow. 45% of respondents said their associations did not yet have a plan in place for implementing diversity initiatives. 70% said that they didn’t have quality benchmarks to measure the effectiveness of their efforts to boost diversity. 55% said they faced challenges attracting candidates who are qualified and diverse.
The survey also identified strategies associations could put in place to increase diversity and inclusion, such as paying attention to the language of job descriptions and interview questions to altering the onboarding process.

“I hope this research helps those in the association sector implement new initiatives, hold conversations, and model diversity and inclusion programs based on what is being done or where more work needs to take place,” said David Rehr. You can view a copy of the research here.

Dr. David. Rehr
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David. K. Rehr PHD

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Editor From Shares How Their Company Ensures Plagiarism Free Papers to Students

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If one needs custom writing services, then one can simply think of Online Custom Essay Writing Company which is absolutely reliable and trustworthy.

Stella Sweeney
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Sahara reaffirms Commitment to Sustainable Development with ‘Hanatu’

Buoyed by its passion to spread hope and provide platforms for dreams to blossom, Sahara Group is set to premiere a short film – Hanatu

It is an expression of who we are and what we do – providing opportunities for aspirations to blossom into fruition. It is the mantra of hope”

— Bethel Obioma, Head, Corporate Communications, Sahara Group

LAGOS, LAGOS, NIGERIA, July 3, 2017 / — Buoyed by its passion to spread hope and provide platforms for dreams to blossom, Sahara Group is set to premiere a short film – Hanatu – which was produced and directed by ace film maker, Kunle Afolayan.

Hanatu is a Sahara Foundation inspired short film which tells the story of how a young corps member named Preye helps a little girl (Hanatu) in a village rediscover her confidence and hope for a bright future when he helps her secure a prosthetic leg following a dastardly accident which claimed her father's life.

According to Bethel Obioma, Head, Corporate Communications, Sahara Group, Hanatu epitomizes Sahara's commitment to sustainability, responsibility and extrapreneurship.

“It is an expression of who we are and what we do – providing opportunities for aspirations to blossom into fruition. It is the mantra of hope; the demystification of impossibilities; a clarion call for sustainable development across climes and times,” the company's spokesperson said.

Obioma explained that the world is replete with “Hanatus” who deserve a shot at realising their dreams and rekindling their hope with the right support. “At Sahara, Hanatu is more than a film, it is the gold standard we believe should drive all interventions geared towards sustainable development – an unwavering desire to support the less privileged. With a Hanatu orientation as our driving force, we are constantly seeking partnerships and opportunities for giving wings to hope and enhancing the achievement of the SDGs across the globe.”

He said the leading African conglomerate which has operations in over 10 countries across four continents will use Hanatu to reiterate the need for a global commitment to accelerated developmental programmes through collaboration involving governments, global development agencies, civil organidations and the private sector.

Hanatu will be premiered on Friday, July 7, 2017, at Terrakulture in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria V/I to a select audience. Thereafter, the film will be made available to the general public on Sahara's website ( and social media platforms, several leading news websites and entertainment channels.

At the heart of Sahara's business objectives, lies an unflinching commitment to promoting good corporate citizenship across the globe. This is achieved through Sahara Foundation – the vehicle for the Group's Personal and Corporate Social Responsibility (PCSR) initiatives. The activities of Sahara Foundation are aimed at empowering individuals and communities in a sustainable, transparent and efficient manner.

Sahara Foundation has in the past implemented its Personal and Corporate Social Responsibilities (PCSR) initiatives in the areas of Health, Education & Capacity Building, Environment and Sustainable Development. However, in 2016, the interventions of the Foundation were streamlined to focus its activities in line with the concept of Extrapreneurship. This concept involves creating platforms that connect young entrepreneurs in emerging markets to enhance shared expertise, wealth creation and preservation.

Over the next four years (2017- 2021), Sahara Foundation plans to directly impact 12,000,000 Nigerian youths and also create value through the identification, development and maintenance of relevant stakeholders through which beneficiaries can grow and sustain businesses. This will be driven through a dedicated online platform- THE SAHARA HUB which will provide resource materials, inspire networking and collaboration on a mass scale for local, regional, national and global beneficiaries.

Please click to watch Hanatu trailer –

Bethel Obioma
Sahara Group
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