Salim Khoja Toronto: released schedule for free seminars on promoting writing skills!

Businesses around the world are looking for writers with good writing skills – Salim Khoja decides to help the younger generation.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 9, 2018 / — Salim Khoja has announced his schedule of free seminars on writing skills. In a out of the box announcement, one of the master in writing industry; Mr. Salim Khoja has announced his schedule of free seminars to promote writing skills in Toronto.

Mr. Salim Khoja is one of the most celebrated and respected name in writing industry. He frequents his articles and columns in national and international writing platforms promoting essentials of good writing skills. Mr. Salim Khoja Toronto has also been on the payroll of many international businesses, for business PR content management and Brand marketing strategist. He has traveled to various destinations for lectures, workshops and seminars on promoting effective writing skills in existing and new writers.

“Writing skills have never been more important before”, Khoja said. “We live at a time when businesses are after people with quality writing skills, who can actually create and promote the brand’s vision and services to customers. Unfortunately, there aren’t many courses dedicatedly designed to meet needs of specialized writing techniques and this is just the first drop of rain for amateurs’ writers looking to grasp industry specific knowledge for writing skills”.

The seminar will be focused on delivering proven tips and tricks to amateur writers looking to get their foots set in industry. The seminars’ contents will be focused to deliver industry specific skills to writers including Content creation, copy writing, press releases, blogging and content marketing.

Looking at the industry trends, one can safely predict the scarcity of certified and knowledgeable writers ready to meet the industry needs and requirements. This is a good platform for new and amateur writers to get insights into the different variations of writing from none other than one of the most accomplished and successful writers internationally.

“There is a dire need to promote professional writing skills among the new writers. It is one of the most sought after trades these days and one with lots of remunerations for the skilled ones. This platform will bridge the gap between potential writers and industry standards and I hope we will be able to attract new talent in the industry”, says Salim Khoja.

We are expecting lots of skilled and passionate young writers to attend the free seminars scheduled in Toronto. The fact that Mr. Salim Khoja has revealed the schedule much earlier says all about his intent to attract more and more talent to attend these free seminars with lots to offer to attendees. Such platforms will definitely help young writers to polish their skills at par with industry standards.

About Salim Khoja

Salim Khoja is one of the leading and internationally acclaimed writer based in Toronto, ON. He has been associated with numerous prestigious writing and academic agencies, facilitating in resourceful content creation. He has also been part of international businesses and multinational organizations, heading the business content creation and brands marketing divisions. He has been offering free seminars in past as well and his latest seminars are just the continuation of what he himself term as, “contributing back to the society”.

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Source: EIN Presswire