CEO David Feldman Teaches Managers What It Takes To Turn Industries Around

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, January 10, 2018 / — Senior management positions are challenging, stressful, and difficult roles to fill, and so few people possess the skills and attributes needed to succeed in them. David Feldman is one such man, personifying the characteristics and skills necessary to succeed at the highest level.

Feldman has seen success over the years turning companies around, raising them from the bottom to the peak of their potential. With over 20 years of management experience and eight years as the CEO of Katy Industries, Feldman decided to put his expertise to use by starting his own management and consulting firm, DJF Enterprises, LLC.

Redefining Katy Industries

Feldman took over Katy industries when the business was on the rocks—operating at a loss, lacking proper focus, and with substantial debts. By focusing on Katy’s core businesses and shedding extraneous operations, Feldman brought Katy back into the black and eliminated Katy’s long-term debt. The extra cash flow allowed Katy Industries to invest in capital improvements and consider potential acquisitions.

Feldman points to two major moves which really helped set Katy Industries back on the right track; the sale of Katy’s DISCO division and the restructuring of Katy’s credit agreements. Selling off the DISCO division gave Katy funds to work with to improve its core operations while the restructured credit agreement gave the company some much-needed flexibility with its cash flow moving forward.

Feldman solidified these gains by acquiring Fort Wayne Plastics, giving Katy Industries increased structural foam capacity, providing Katy with the ability to grow and expand its business. These moves eventually showed to be wise with Katy Industries reporting a 27.3% growth in sales resulting in $2.5 million in net income. Feldman saw a second consecutive year of double-digit sales growth by staying committed to the strategy focusing on brand recognition, strategic acquisitions, and expanding sales.

Essential Characteristics of a Successful Senior Manager

Feldman offered his insights on what makes a strong successful manager, hoping to help others see the same kind of success he has. "Dedication, competitiveness, and balancing work and life are three characteristics every successful CEO needs," explains Feldman. "To experience success in the workplace, you need to be able to make tough decisions and work hard."

A successful CEO needs to continually strive to grow, learn, and improve over the course of their career. They are never done learning how to do better, and that expectation should be applied to their team as well. A good CEO knows never to accept “good enough” when there is still room to improve.

"One characteristic I've learned over the years is learning from good and bad experiences," Feldman elaborates. "I can look back at challenging decisions and learn from them. These go for successful decisions, and failed decisions."

David Feldman is now working to put his expertise in his clients’ hands with his own management and consulting company. Feldman is advising start-ups and mid-market business on how they can get the most out of their companies. Feldman is currently working with Thayer Carver and is the CEO of Shelves West—a plastics molding manufacturing company.

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