Erik Agazim to provide a free basic first aid class

Erik Agazim

Erik Agazim

There's no denying the benefits of first aid training.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 30, 2018 / — "Whether in the home, at work, or in the street, first aid training saves lives," says Erik Agazim. "It really is as simple as that."

Florida resident Agazim is keen to stress the importance of even basic first aid training in the community.

As a result, he plans to provide a free class for locals.

Prompt first aid is critical when a person is taken ill. With immediate care, a patient is more likely to make a full recovery than if left to simply wait for emergency services.

"Lives are saved every day by CPR provided by civilian first aiders," says Eric Agazim. "In critical circumstances, it's essential that someone can start providing treatment if the injured or unwell party is to survive."

Worryingly few individuals are currently first aid trained according to recent statistics.

"Those are statistics I want to change, starting right here in Miami," says Agazim.

In an emergency situation, even where a large group is present, a single person trained in first aid can make all the difference.

First aid can be applied in a huge number of scenarios from cardiac arrest to childbirth and from hypothermia to heat stroke. Other situations where a first aider can provide critical immediate care are cases of stroke, seizures, or where a patient presents with burns or symptoms of poisoning.

Being able to maintain calm, while correctly putting to use any first aid equipment, such as the contents of a first aid kit, is often essential in the immediate care of a sick or injured individual.

The key objectives of first aid are threefold.

Firstly, to preserve life. By ensuring an open airway and placing a patient in the recovery position, one major threat to life is immediately minimized.

Secondly, to prevent further harm. This typically involves moving a patient away from any potential cause of further injury or harm. A first aider may also take steps to stem any bleeding.

Thirdly, what's called 'promoting recovery'.

Agazim explains, "Promoting recovery is taking positive measures to best ensure successful ongoing recovery of the patient once in the care of emergency services."

"This could be administering basic treatment, or applying a tourniquet or bandage," he continues.

These are all topics and treatments which Agazim plans to see covered in the class.

"I hope attendees will leave with a much better understanding of first aid," he explains, "regardless of the level of understanding they came in with."

"If I can help to save just one life through spreading awareness of proper first aid techniques, I'll be over the moon."

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