ExerciseBikesExpert's Three Major Website Changes

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, UNITED STATES, January 30, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — With the first month of 2018 nearing its swift and productive end, the time has come for ExerciseBikesExpert.com to take a step back and present its important improvements for the rest of the year. With 2017 being its most successful year yet, the website plans for even greater things at the moment.

If this were to be described in just one word, that would be ‘novelty’. And the best news is that this concept will be enforced in more than one direction to achieve the best results. Here are the three major website changes that have come with 2018 and will continue to unfold throughout the course of the following months.

• More detailed reviews. This new generation of spinner reviews focuses on showcasing all the pros and cons of an indoor bike so that readers who want to invest in one know exactly what they’re dealing with. Besides staples such as Life Fitness Lifecycle GX, the website also plans to constantly provide its public with detailed accounts of the latest products on the market.

• New contributors. After having successfully welcomed Luke Mitchell to the team, EBE aims to keep the flow of unique content coming by always seeking creative contributors that will add their own personal touch to the page. This makes branching out possible and offers a one-of-a-kind voice to each individual post.

• Improved routine tips and ideas. Most importantly, ExerciseBikesExpert knows the importance of a proper spin bike routine, which is why additional tips and ideas are always being discussed by the team and put into action through posts. Furthermore, the site will also take a new direction into even more other fields, such as diets and catered workouts that don’t necessarily involve spinners.

All in all, it is evident now that the accent this year will be put on novelty. While 2017 was focused on developing what the website was already famous for, the new year is a time for thinking outside the box and testing limits.

Thus, if you’re looking for anything from a spin bike review like that of the Schwinn IC2, the Sole Fitness SB700 or any other model, or if you just want to find out something about new diets or routines, EBE is a sure choice in 2018. With a mix of old, tried and tested staples, together with innovative techniques and gear, the future looks bright for the website.

About Exercise Bikes Expert
Kristin, the site’s founder, started ExerciseBikesExpert.com out of a desire to promote a healthy, workout-based lifestyle that will make people more conscious about their fitness and well-being. Its pages are all centered around offering information about indoor cycling, from spin bike reviews to entire detailed routines that will teach anyone to use them.

And if spinning isn’t your thing, then here you will also find info on weight loss, bodybuilding, muscle endurance exercises and plenty of other topics related to the field of fitness. It’s a website for everyone, from all corners of the world, and it can help you get started on the path towards better living.

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