Lehigh Valley Web Design Team Builds Website for Leading Consulting Firm

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KDG designed an engaging new site for Yaffe & Company.

The Lehigh Valley web design team at KDG designed an entirely new website for leading consulting firm Yaffe & Company.

The people at KDG are very professional and creative, and they worked within our budget and our time frame.”

— John Tolmie, Senior Vice President, Yaffe & Company

ALLENTOWN, PA, UNITED STATES, March 21, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Lehigh Valley web design team at KDG in Allentown, PA has recently finished work on a new website for Yaffe & Company, a leading consulting firm located in Maryland.

“Yaffe’s old website was outdated and very heavy in textual content instead of visual content,” says Kalyn Kates, UI/UX designer at KDG.

Kates and her team worked on an entirely new design for Yaffe, one that included modern elements, visual features, and interactive content that would keep users engaged and coming back for more.

Yaffe’s three distinct audiences are leaders in the healthcare, nonprofit, and higher education sectors, so KDG built three portals to meet the very different needs of each user group. All portals have their own resource center where visitors can find blog posts, reports, survey results, webinars, and more.

“We are extremely pleased with the functionality and flexibility of our new website,” said John Tolmie, senior vice president at Yaffe & Company. “We especially like how it is designed to allow a fresh stream of information to auto-populate throughout the site.”

Other features that add to the site’s engagement are new videos and images. While its old site lacked pictures, Yaffe’s new site put faces to its team of consultants. Pictures, Kates says, enable users to see Yaffe as more than just a company, but as a group of people just like them.

Not only is the new site engaging, but the site, built entirely on WordPress, can be easily customized and updated by the team at Yaffe. This means the latest news can be posted, new surveys can be shared, and new images can be added, all with a few simple clicks.

“The people at KDG are very professional and creative, and they worked within our budget and our time frame,” continued Tolmie.

To view Yaffe & Company’s new site, visit http://www.yaffeco.com/.

To learn more about the business web design services offered by KDG, visit https://kyledavidgroup.com/services/web-mobile-design/.

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