LCpl Eric Dickson Memorial Event Exceeds Fundraising Goals

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Artist Sketch of Memorial

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Marine Lance Corporal Eric V. Dickson.

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Dickson just prior to his death

Dickson was Teller County's only casualty in the Vietnam war.

Dickson was Teller County's only casualty in the Vietnam war.”

— Steve Plutt

WOODLAND PARK, COLORADO, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 1, 2018 / — by Melissa Batey, perini & associates

A respectful silence filled the atmosphere last Tuesday evening in Woodland Park, Colorado during a beautifully hosted memorial fundraising event held in honor of late U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Eric V. Dickson.

Thanks to generous donations from event attendees and its hosts, The Greater Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce and Park State Bank & Trust, the evening's fundraising goals were not only met but abundantly exceeded.

Although significant funds of $56,000 had previously been allocated, Tuesday's event was established to reach the completion of funding goals totaling $75,000 to build a memorial in Woodland Park's Memorial Park.

The inspiration to create another memorial on Dickson's behalf began with two of his closest childhood friends, Steve Plutt and Steve Storrs. Both actively heading this project and present at Tuesday night's event, they arranged a centerpiece table with visible memorabilia and a printed brochure highlighting the story of Eric's life which was made readily available for those attending.

Helping with the evening were several key people from the community. Among them were Park Bank State & Trust's President, Tony Perry, Choices CEO, Kathryn Perry, and Michael Perini, President and CEO of the public relations and marketing firm, perini & associates.

When asked about the evening, Plutt commented that at first, he wasn't quite sure what his expectations should be and how much funds could be raised in this one event, but afterward he and Storrs were very pleased with the results. "I'm so thankful to Tony, Kathryn, and Mike for all of the work they did. It was a huge success!" said Plutt. Currently, Storrs and Plutt's plans are to dedicate the memorial for the 50th anniversary of their friend's heroic death, which means the building project's completion by late summer of 2018.

Woodland Park's Eric V. Dickson was a 1967 graduate of Woodland Park High School. He was said to be the kind of guy that everyone liked and was known as one of the most active and respected leaders of this community's youth. Not long after marrying his high school sweetheart in the fall of 1967, Eric chose to enlist on May 25, 1967 and was later killed in action in Vietnam on May 31, 1968. Dickson was Teller County's only casualty in the Vietnam war.

About the project
Though this particular event was hosted by The Greater Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce and Park State Bank & Trust, this project has also been strongly supported by the Teller County Board of County Commissioners, the city of Woodland Park, the Woodland Park City Council, and Woodland Park's Mayor, Neil Levy. All funding goals for the bronze memorial to Eric in Memorial Park have been met. An endowment fund is being raised at this time to ensure all future maintenance fees and costs would be allocated properly. The endowment would also instill a new plan to recognize and engrave the names of other Woodland Park High School alumni in a monument in Memorail Park.

If you feel this is a project you would like to support, please mail your donation to: ALA Unit 1980 P.O. Box 5163, Woodland Park, Colorado 80866; Or use the GoFundMe site. Click here.

About perini & associates
perini & associates. Taking public relations to new levels. For information about this news release contact perini & associates at 719.651.5943 or email;

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Electronic Dictionary Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2018 – 2023

PUNE, INDIA, March 1, 2018 / — Electronic Dictionary Market 2018

Wiseguyreports.Com adds “Electronic Dictionary Market –Market Demand, Growth, Opportunities, Analysis of Top Key Players and Forecast to 2023” To Its Research Database.

Report Details:

This report provides in depth study of “Electronic Dictionary Market” using SWOT analysis i.e. Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat to the organization. The Electronic Dictionary Market report also provides an in-depth survey of key players in the market which is based on the various objectives of an organization such as profiling, the product outline, the quantity of production, required raw material, and the financial health of the organization.

This report studies the global Electronic Dictionary market, analyzes and researches the Electronic Dictionary development status and forecast in United States, EU, Japan, China, India and Southeast Asia.

This report focuses on the top players in global market, like 

Request a Sample Report @

Market segment by Regions/Countries, this report covers 
United States 
Southeast Asia

Market segment by Type, the product can be split into 
Below 2.8 Inch 
Between 3.0-3.5 Inch 
Between 4.3-5.2 Inch 
Above 5.5 Inch

Market segment by Application, Electronic Dictionary can be split into 
Business Use 
Educational Purpose 
Personal Use

This report provides valuable information for companies like manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, traders, customers, investors and individuals who have interests in this industry.

If you have any special requirements, please let us know and we will offer you the report as you want.

Complete Report Details@

Major Key Points in Table of Content:

Global Electronic Dictionary Market Size, Status and Forecast 2025 
1 Industry Overview of Electronic Dictionary 
1.1 Electronic Dictionary Market Overview 
1.1.1 Electronic Dictionary Product Scope 
1.1.2 Market Status and Outlook 
1.2 Global Electronic Dictionary Market Size and Analysis by Regions (2013-2018) 
1.2.1 United States 
1.2.2 EU 
1.2.3 Japan 
1.2.4 China 
1.2.5 India 
1.2.6 Southeast Asia 
1.3 Electronic Dictionary Market by Type 
1.3.1 Below 2.8 Inch 
1.3.2 Between 3.0-3.5 Inch 
1.3.3 Between 4.3-5.2 Inch 
1.3.4 Above 5.5 Inch 
1.4 Electronic Dictionary Market by End Users/Application 
1.4.1 Business Use 
1.4.2 Educational Purpose 
1.4.3 Personal Use

2 Global Electronic Dictionary Competition Analysis by Players 
2.1 Electronic Dictionary Market Size (Value) by Players (2013-2018) 
2.2 Competitive Status and Trend 
2.2.1 Market Concentration Rate 
2.2.2 Product/Service Differences 
2.2.3 New Entrants 
2.2.4 The Technology Trends in Future

3 Company (Top Players) Profiles 
3.1 Casio 
3.1.1 Company Profile 
3.1.2 Main Business/Business Overview 
3.1.3 Products, Services and Solutions 
3.1.4 Electronic Dictionary Revenue (Million USD) (2013-2018) 
3.1.5 Recent Developments 
3.2 Ectaco 
3.2.1 Company Profile 
3.2.2 Main Business/Business Overview 
3.2.3 Products, Services and Solutions 
3.2.4 Electronic Dictionary Revenue (Million USD) (2013-2018) 
3.2.5 Recent Developments 
3.3 Franklin 
3.3.1 Company Profile 
3.3.2 Main Business/Business Overview 
3.3.3 Products, Services and Solutions 
3.3.4 Electronic Dictionary Revenue (Million USD) (2013-2018) 
3.3.5 Recent Developments 
3.4 Seiko 
3.4.1 Company Profile 
3.4.2 Main Business/Business Overview 
3.4.3 Products, Services and Solutions 
3.4.4 Electronic Dictionary Revenue (Million USD) (2013-2018) 
3.4.5 Recent Developments 
3.5.1 Company Profile 
3.5.2 Main Business/Business Overview 
3.5.3 Products, Services and Solutions 
3.5.4 Electronic Dictionary Revenue (Million USD) (2013-2018) 
3.5.5 Recent Developments 
3.6.1 Company Profile 
3.6.2 Main Business/Business Overview 
3.6.3 Products, Services and Solutions 
3.6.4 Electronic Dictionary Revenue (Million USD) (2013-2018) 
3.6.5 Recent Developments 
3.7 Sharp 
3.7.1 Company Profile 
3.7.2 Main Business/Business Overview 
3.7.3 Products, Services and Solutions 
3.7.4 Electronic Dictionary Revenue (Million USD) (2013-2018) 
3.7.5 Recent Developments 
3.8 Noah 
3.8.1 Company Profile 
3.8.2 Main Business/Business Overview 
3.8.3 Products, Services and Solutions 
3.8.4 Electronic Dictionary Revenue (Million USD) (2013-2018) 
3.8.5 Recent Developments 
3.9 OZing 
3.9.1 Company Profile 
3.9.2 Main Business/Business Overview 
3.9.3 Products, Services and Solutions 
3.9.4 Electronic Dictionary Revenue (Million USD) (2013-2018) 
3.9.5 Recent Developments 
3.10 BBK 
3.10.1 Company Profile 
3.10.2 Main Business/Business Overview 
3.10.3 Products, Services and Solutions 
3.10.4 Electronic Dictionary Revenue (Million USD) (2013-2018) 
3.10.5 Recent Developments 


Norah Trent
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Can I Go to Jail For Not Paying My Bills?

Philadelphia Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys

Understanding bankruptcy is important if you have outstanding bills that you can't pay.Filing for bankruptcy, may help avoid jail using the bankruptcy system.

Helping each new client work through and solve this financial nightmare is as important to me now; as it was before my helping tens-of-thousands of clients”

— Michael A. Cibik, Partner


Let's start with the basics. Debtor's Prison is jail time for failing to pay a bill. There is a famous line in the Charles Dickens' story, A Christmas Carol, as he is asked for a donation to the poor he retorts "Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?"

If you did not pay your bills, you could be sentenced to prison or to a factory to work off your debt. Even Dickens' family ended up there for a while. The United States and most individual states outlawed the practice in the early 1800s.

How can I go to jail for not paying my bills? Easy, ignore a court order. When a creditor sues you, the court will order that you pay the bill most times in weekly installments. The Judges recognize that you probably don't have the money to pay it all at once.

But beware, most judgments do carry interest at various rates set by rule or statute. If you don't pay the installments, the court won't order you to jail, but it will give the creditor some power to pursue your assets. This can come in various forms such as a lien on your home, a pay garnishment, an attachment of your bank account or some other seizure of your property. If you have nothing to seize, no worries; still no jail time.

The final step in frustration for the creditor who has a judgment is to subpoena you to an examination to see what they can recover from you. This is where you get into trouble. Ignore that subpoena, and now you are in contempt of court. You are ignoring a judge's order to appear, and that IS punishable by jail time, and sometimes a hefty bail bond.and/or fine

Now if you file for bankruptcy first, the Federal Bankruptcy system preempts the state court system and you've avoided going to jail. You can think of bankruptcy as a 'Get Out of Jail free' card.

For 35 years, Cibik & Cataldo P.C. has been providing superior, cost-efficient debt-relief services to clients throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Michael A. Cibik, Esquire is a partner of the firm and one of the few attorneys in the Philadelphia area certified by the American Bankruptcy

+++++ Disclaimer +++++ This press post/release is considered advertising and does not constitute any client-attorney privilege and does not offer any advice or opinion on any legal matter. This release was drafted by Results Driven Marketing, LLC: a full-service digital marketing, public relations, advertising and content marketing firm located in Philadelphia, PA

Michael A. Cibik, Partner
Cibik & Cataldo .P.C.
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5 Important Qualifications to Look for in a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Alvin F. de Levie & Associates - Personal Injury Attorneys

Alvin F. de Levie & Associates

A successful Medical Malpractice Lawyer is experienced in a niche field, compassionate, aggressive, as well as well versed in medical terminology.

My entire career has focused on representing victims of negligent and wrongful acts. I advocate for victims' rights and interests, and I passionately pursue justice and compensation for the injured. ”

— Alvin de Levie, Attorney


Ben lost his younger brother last month. His brother was diagnosed with a liver disease and was undergoing treatment. He was even recovering. Everyone was hoping that he would be back home very soon but, unfortunately, that was not to be.

His brother’s medication was changed by a new doctor (his regular one was on vacation), and things started going downhill. His brother was in a coma for two days before breathing his last. The new doctor had not checked if his patient was allergic to any medication, which is what had happened as Ben later found out. Ben is currently looking for a medical malpractice lawyer who can help him file a case.

Cases like Ben are not uncommon, and it would take a good medical malpractice lawyer to help you win. In a medical malpractice case you are up against doctors, nurses, a medical facility and many other factors which can only be taken on by a good lawyer. Since most medical malpractice cases go to trial before they are resolved, to win a case a lawyer must be able to establish:

Duty: The duty between the patient and doctor/hospital.

Breach: A breach or violation of duty or standard medical procedure.

Cause: A causal connection between the breach of standard medical procedure or conduct and cause of injury.

Damage: Show the damage caused because of the breach of duty on the part of the doctor or medical facility.

These facts can only be proved by an attorney who has had a number of years of experience and is well versed with medical aspects. Here is what you should look for when you hire a medical malpractice lawyer.

Experience in a niche field: Most medical malpractice lawyers are experts in a specific field. For example, the lawyer can be an expert in dealing with birth injuries or surgical mishap cases. Since a lot of medical research and terminology is associated with these type of cases; a specific niche establishes the fact that the lawyer has experience in the field and will have no trouble making case theories, talking to medical experts and understanding all the technical jargon.

Access to medical experts/witness who can testify: As already mentioned 80% of all medical cases are settled after a trial. A trial means a jury and a jury will only be able to take the right decision when there are medical experts who can explain medical theories and terminology in layman language. A good medical malpractice lawyer will have access to these medical experts and call them as expert witnesses.

Compassionate and aggressive: One of the most important virtues which a medical malpractice attorney must have (since most of these case go on trial) is compassion. Communicating aggressively to a jury and being compassionate at the same time is one of the most important traits of these lawyers.

A jury verdict will hang on the fact as to how well your lawyer was able to make them understand your case.

Contingency fees: You are already burdened by the loss of your loved one and all the medical bills which are associated with it. It's only human to be skeptical about paying huge fees to a lawyer to fight your case. Most personal injury lawyers work on contingency, means they do charge you any fees unless your money is recovered, and will explain you their fee structure.

A good lawyer will have the means to cover your litigation expense until the time your money is recovered.

Medical knowledge: Another very important trait to look for in a medical malpractice lawyer is if he/she has the medical knowledge to fight your case. Gathering medical records and analyzing them, setting up independent medical examinations for understanding and evaluating the condition of their client, performing medical research related to the case of the client are some of the steps that a good malpractice attorney would follow.

In addition, they will have to review medical records and understand a doctor’s line of treatment in order to establish that breach which caused the medical malpractice.

According to a recent study, about 195,000 people in the US die in some sort of a medical mishap every year which could have been prevented. Hence while choosing your lawyer an important thing to note is the success rate of your attorney/ law firm and the strategies they use to fight cases.

If you've been a victim of medical malpractice, you will require a team of seasoned lawyers by your side to bring the perpetrator to justice. Alvin F. de Levie and Associates is supported by an elite team of lawyers, industry specialists, and experts who assist in the legal process. Do not hesitate to give us a call at 844-777-2529 to find out how we can help you during these troubled times.

+++++ Disclaimer +++++ This press post/release is considered advertising and does not constitute any client-attorney privilege and does not offer any advice or opinion on any legal matter. This release was drafted by Results Driven Marketing, LLC a full-service digital marketing, public relations, advertising and content marketing firm located in Philadelphia, PA

Alvin deLevie, Esq.
Law Offices of Alvin F. de Levie
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How to Validate Your Business Idea Now – Tips

Results Driven Marketing Your Google Girls and Guys

Your business idea may sound like a sure success in your head, but it might not translate into reality. Develop a digital marketing strategy before going bust.

We eat breath and sleep digital marketing strategies. We are turning clicks into clients for our customers daily.”— Steve Myers Aka Dr. Digital”

— Steve Myers, SEO Director


Your business idea may sound like a sure success in your head, but it might not translate into reality. Maybe people won’t understand it, or maybe it’s not as sellable or viable as you thought. Regardless, wouldn't it be great to know if your target market will actually love your idea before you start investing too much into it?

A business takes a great deal of time, money, and effort to establish. By figuring out the viability of your idea early on, you’re able to cut losses.

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that a business won’t succeed as it resolves a clear, common issue. However, a number of factors including how people perceive and understand your product will determine your long-term success.

Thankfully, with the targeting technology that is available today, it is easy to gauge the interest of your potential target audience before launching your concept or business.
What is Idea Validation?
According to Omar Zenhom, idea validation is “the process of testing and validating your idea prior to launching your business name, tagline, product, service, or website.” This is the kind of research and development that large companies engage in to test product ideas before releasing them.

The idea is to be able to ascertain ahead of time whether or not your business will have a sustainable, growing, and paying audience over a short period of time. However, the end goal is to achieve a certain number of pre-orders or a long waiting list for your flagship product. By establishing a pre-order for a minimum viable product, you’re able to ensure that your company will have a fighting chance on the market.

Unfortunately, idea validation does not guarantee that your business will succeed. Though, if your business does pass an idea validation test, it is guaranteed to at least be hard working.

There are many ways to conduct idea validation, from interviewing members of your target market to building landing pages online as part of a complete marketing strategy. Often, a business has the best chance of establishing a strong validation indicator by using a variety of methods.

Here’s how to validate your business idea—before going bust.
Finding a Business Idea
Before validating an idea, you must first have an idea. Most ideas stem from a problem or need.

A good business idea provides a solution to a problem that someone will pay you to fix. Following this train of logic, it becomes obvious that you must first identify a problem, not a solution.

This is exactly what led to the enormous success of Sir James Dyson with his Dual Cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner. The problem was that his Hoover Junior's diminishing performance due to the dust bag becoming clogged with dust, thus reducing suction. With the problem identified, he was in the late 1970s able to provide a solution.

Also interesting is that this was a problem that Dyson genuinely cared about, which turns out to be significant. A study by CB Insights found that 22% of startups have failed because the founders didn't have an interest in the business concept. To ensure you don’t fall into that category, try to find a niche that is close to your heart.

Next, examine existing solutions and look for weaknesses in them. If you’re planning on creating a B2B product, start reaching out to target businesses with surveys and questions to build their needs into your design at an early stage.
How to Validate Your Business Idea Personally
Before seeking outside opinions, ask yourself a few questions to see if your idea is already spot on or if you need to further develop it.

What motivates your [potential] customer?

There are six motives for any customer to make a purchase: to gain something; fear of loss; comfort, pleasure, and relaxation; to avoid pain and discomfort; to demonstrate prestige; or to build, save, or reinforce relationships. A strong product is often able to unite several of these purchasing motives.

What is the major benefit?

Other than determining what would motivate a customer to make a purchase, there must also be a benefit or unique value proposition for your potential client. These can range from being a cheaper solution, being comprehensive, or being simple to use. A unique value proposition could also involve how your customers are going to feel after they purchase your product – will they be happy, motivated, or excited?

Here are 20 questions you can ask yourself as part of your business idea validation process.
Identifying your Audience
In Pat Flynn’s book Will it Fly?, the third part in validating an idea is market research and establishing who your target audience is. Though it might be easiest to reach out to friends and family members when conducting market research, such audiences will carry both conscious and unconscious biases with regards to you.

This can lead to positive feedback loops that do not represent how a larger, paying audience will feel about your product. The best marketing analysis is done with an audience who can provide truly objective opinions.

For online products, it’s easy to reach out through social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as niche groups in forums, such as Reddit. Even crowdfunding sites can help provide insights into your target market.

If your business will be more locally based, it’s important to reach out to local community members and social clubs to get their feedback on the idea.
How to Validate Your Business Idea with Your Audience
Once you’ve established an audience willing to validate your business idea, you need to decide on how you want them to provide feedback.
Share Your Idea
Many people advocate against sharing your idea, for fear of someone stealing it. However, by talking an idea out with members of your target market, as well as friends and other people in the industry, it’s possible to further refine it. The general and specific feedback you get will often outweigh any risk of someone stealing your idea and putting it into production before you’re able to do so.

As serial entrepreneur John Saddington, who guested in an episode of Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast, explains, “If you’re committed and you love the idea, you will actually see it to completion. Most people never execute on their ideas because they just never execute.”

Find Similar Products That Already Exist
There are rarely ideas for completely new products; most are born out of improvements to existing solutions. The beauty of finding similar products is that someone has already spent the time and money to validate the business idea.

The fact that someone beat you to the punch doesn’t make you a failure, but will offer you greater insights into the market and possibly even lower the costs of entering it. Within the last few years, more and more brands of smartphones are appearing in the market. With Apple, Nokia, and Samsung establishing the market and identifying the desires of users, it’s now easier for new brands to come in with different unique value propositions.
Create a ‘Mini’ or Test Version of Your Product
To keep costs down, you can create a minimum viable product (MVP), which is the most basic version of the product to prove that it is a solution to your problem.

According to Eric Ries, who first proposed the idea of MVP, this allows you to “collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.” For example, if you plan to create online courses, you can establish the first module and then ask users for feedback. Adjustments to future modules can then be created based on this feedback.

Check out these guidelines to creating a minimum viable product.
Sell Before you Build
Much of idea validation is ensuring that you have a strong, marketable business or product. However, even if you do, that’s not a guarantee that people will buy it.

Pre-sales are the easiest solution to your beginning marketing strategy. By setting up targeted ads on Google Adwords or Facebook that link to a landing page, you can begin to move people through a sales funnel.

If you don’t want to push out a minimum viable product, you can use a landing page to collect contact information and ensure them that you’ll reach out to them when the full version is available. Once you have enough purchases or interested parties, you can more confidently move into the production phase.
Another way to validate an idea is crowdfunding. However, crowdfunding sites are not magic. Yes, if you're serious about your idea and need money to start it, crowdfunding may be for you.

However, a failure to raise funds this way does not necessarily mean that your idea isn’t going to work. The reality of the situation is that less than 41% of approved Kickstarter campaigns get funded, and that’s after the company rejects about 20% of ideas presented. Even the projects that do successfully get funded usually don’t get much money – most raise less than $10,000.

Carol Tice, a contributor to Forbes, explains that “out of the over 72,000 projects funded on Kickstarter since its inception, only about 1,600 raised more than $100,000.”

Another thing to keep in mind is that for some sites like Kickstarter, if you don't reach 100% of the proposed amount, you don't get a cent. And if you do, you have to deliver on your pledge rewards.
How to Validate Your Business Idea Before Going Bust
Before you dive into the deep end and burn through all your assets and time, ensure that your business idea has a chance in the marketplace through a bit of marketing analysis. Proposing a solution to a problem is an essential place to start. However, you must understand the purchasing motives for your target audience and provide a unique value proposition.

Then, by validating your business idea through sharing your idea, creating a minimum viable product, and other methods, you can decide whether or not there is a purchasing market for your solution. And that’s the key, not only to establish if people like the idea, but to determine if they like it enough to pay for your solution to their problem.

Approaching your startup in this way will allow you to modify it as necessary or even scrap it if the marketplace isn’t ripe.

Need help in the process of how to validate your business idea? The experts at Results Driven Marketing, LLC can be of service! Give us a call today at (215)-393-8700.

Mike Bannan
Results Driven Marketing, LLC
email us here

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Empowering Our Students Future with Technology and Agility Skills


5 Saturdays is pleased to announce a collaborative partnership to share the Job Readiness and Effective Communications workshop with the Boys & Girls Club of Central Orange Coast (BGC Central OC). Five BGC Central OC Team Leaders received training in the 5 Saturdays curriculum and were able to successfully lead a 5 Saturdays workshop in December 2017. The Team Leaders provided learning experiences at the Santa Ana, California center to 15 high school students, who learned job readiness, resume writing, effective communications and interviewing skills. The workshop is designed to provide learning experiences to high school students in agile life skills that include creative and critical thinking to plan and develop a resume to find a job.

Elizabeth Aguilar, BGC Central OC Chief Operating Officer said…"The 5 Saturdays pilot workshops held at our Teen Center in Santa Ana were successful in engaging students in the content and providing a hands-on experience. Many of the students who attended the workshops said they had gone through similar workshops at school but preferred the format of the 5 Saturdays workshops because they felt the material was made more clear, interactive, and less boring than what they had previously experienced. We are excited to be able to do more pilot workshops from the 5 Saturdays program, and we hope to eventually replicate the model at our Santa Ana Club as well."

Tammy Hawkins, Experis U.S. Managing Director stated, "Sharing the 5 Saturday's program content and training with the Boys & Girls Club leaders and teachers was an invaluable experience. Their desire to gain useful and meaningful materials for their students was evident in their questions and engagement. Because they needed our content to pertain to their students, they challenged us to customize our workshop to fit their needs; it was a powerful and humbling experience to work with individuals who are so passionate and dedicated to their profession."

Robbie Smith, a BSA and PM at Thales Avionics shared, "It was a great experience training the Boys & Girls facilitators. It was an interactive workshop that engaged the student facilitators and allowed them to ask excellent questions. They were eager to learn how to bring the 5 Saturdays content to elementary, middle & high school students. It was very rewarding to see the progress that each facilitator made by the end of the workshop."

Dr. Dave Cornelius, founder of 5 Saturdays stated "We are committed to exposing students to Agile and Scrum life principles, as well as technology skills. 5 Saturdays wants students to build personal confidence and succeed, so we focus on enabling students to discover and use their individual power and leadership skills. It is exciting to see students take ownership for lifelong learning. Helping high school students acquire life skills early is a fundamental value of the 5 Saturdays program."


About Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Orange Coast
The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Orange Coast (BGC Central OC) has been a cornerstone of the Costa Mesa, Irvine, Newport Beach, Orange, and Santa Ana communities since its founding. Since 1941, we have provided strategic programming, safe space, and quality mentoring to over 100,000 youth with the skills they need to graduate high school, pursue higher education, and join the workforce, building a foundation to live meaningful, productive lives. Today, we pride ourselves in being recognized by BGC America as one of the most innovative Clubs in the nation, particularly with our IMPACT Model. While there are many youth-serving organizations in Orange County, none provide youth with the breadth of academic, fitness, and enrichment activities as BGC Central OC. Rather, our Club serves as a complement to other youth programming. We are very proactive in fostering relationships with similarly-minded nonprofits to best serve youth and their families. All of BGC Central OC's activities, whether at the Club, at a school, or out in the community, are designed to empower youth and build up protective family and community factors that reduce risks and increase likelihood of positive outcomes. Our mission is: To ensure every child has mentors and champions in life. For more information, please call 714-543-5540 or visit

About 5 Saturdays
Started in 2013, Costa Mesa-based 5 Saturdays focuses on opening the door for underserved students to a career in information technology and business. Students learn in a collaborative and project-based environment and are exposed to concepts such as Kanban and user stories that they can use right away to tackle homework or community service activities, and in the future as they move on to college and a career. Teaching is done by industry professionals, coaches, and trainers, who donate their time and serve as learning facilitators. For more information, visit

Dave Cornelius
5 Saturdays
email us here

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Oklahoma Corporate Whistleblower Center Urges an Employee of a Firm in Oklahoma To Call about Rewards If Their Employer Is Paying Less Than Mandated Davis Bacon Wages on Federal Jobs

If you work for a company that is not paying their employees Davis Bacon wages on a federally funded job in Oklahoma please call us anytime at 866-714-6466 and let’s explore the reward possibilities.”

— Oklahoma Corporate Whistleblower Center

WASHINGTON , DC, USA, March 1, 2018 / — According to the Oklahoma Corporate Whistleblower Center, “We are appealing to an employee of an Oklahoma based company that does any kind of work for the federal government to call us anytime at 866-714-6466 if their employer is not paying Davis Bacon wages to their employees on a federally funded job or work projects. This also includes subcontractors of the contractor on a federal job-not paying mandated federal wages to their employees. As we would like to discuss anytime the rewards for this type of information can be very significant. Essentially the more the employees who are not being paid Davis Bacon mandated wages on a federal job-the better the reward potential for the whistleblower." http://Oklahoma.CorporateWhistleblower.Com

The Oklahoma Corporate Whistleblower Center is especially interested in hearing from an employee of an Oklahoma based company that is not paying Davis Bacon wages to their employees-especially if the government contract involves one of the following federal agencies:
* US Department of Transportation
* US Department of Agriculture
* General Services Administration
* US Department Housing and Urban Development
* US Army Corps of Engineers
* US Environmental Protection Agency
* US Department of Defense
* US Department of Energy

“If you work for a company that is not paying their employees Davis Bacon wages on a federally funded job anywhere in Oklahoma please call us anytime at 866-714-6466 and let’s explore the reward possibilities. Please don't sit on a potentially huge winning lotto ticket without ever knowing what it could have been worth." http://Oklahoma.CorporateWhistleblower.Com

Simple rules for a whistleblower from the Corporate Whistleblower Center: Do not go to the government first if you are a potential whistleblower with substantial proof of wrongdoing. The Oklahoma Corporate Whistleblower Center says, “Major whistleblowers frequently go to the government thinking they will help. It’s a huge mistake. Do not go to the news media with your whistleblower information. Public revelation of a whistleblower’s information could destroy any prospect for a reward. Do not try to force a company/employer or individual to come clean about significant Medicare fraud, overbilling the federal government for services never rendered, multimillion dollar state or federal tax evasion, or a Oklahoma based company falsely claiming to be a minority owned business to get preferential treatment on federal or state projects. Come to us first, tell us what type of information you have, and if we think it’s sufficient, we will help you with a focus on you getting rewarded.” http://Oklahoma.CorporateWhistleblower.Com

Unlike any group in the US the Corporate Whistleblower Center can assist a potential whistleblower with packaging or building out their information to potentially increase the reward potential. They will also provide the whistleblower with access to some of the most skilled whistleblower attorneys in the nation. For more information a possible whistleblower with substantial proof of wrongdoing in Oklahoma can contact the Whistleblower Center anytime at 866-714-6466 or contact them via their website at

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Judges to Award Ownership of Frozen Embryos in Divorce Case

BROOMFIELD, CO, USA, March 1, 2018 / — Media Contact: Lenny Tanis
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Judges to Award Ownership of Frozen Embryos in Divorce Case

Broomfield, CO: The Colorado Supreme Court is set to make a final decision on an embryo-custody battle between Drake and Mandy Rooks. The case has attracted national attention as the court attempts to provide legal clarity on the issue of what to do with the couple’s frozen embryos. The six samples were created when the couple was still married and undergoing in vitro fertilization. Drake Rooks is advocating that the samples be disposed of, as he no longer wants to father more of his ex-wife’s children. Mandy Rooks would like to retain ownership of the samples, so she will have the option of having more children down the line. The Rooks case is a part of a larger trend of embryo-custody battles making their way through the court system. Yet, judges across the country have issued contradictory rulings thus far.

The issue regarding who can claim legal ownership of the embryos is a densely complicated issue with little legal precedent. Unlike the couple’s offspring, the judge cannot rule in favor of one partner over the other based on their ability to be a responsible caregiver. Any outcome the judges decide will likely lead to an appeal. Many legal experts have argued that the court does not have the authority to order Mandy Rooks to dispose of the embryo samples, hurting her chances of having more children in the future. Yet, others have argued that the court does not have to authority to force Drake Rooks to have more children with his former partner against his will. If an appeal is filed, the case is likely to be appealed before the U.S. Supreme Court, with a ruling that would apply nationwide.

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