Packt Publishing reveals results of 2018 Developer survey

Success in tech depends on understanding trends & tools that dominate the industry, so Packt has been creating an industry specific survey – Skill Up since 2015

The consequences for everyone working in tech is huge. It means developers need to stay up to date & open to change. They need to be vigilant about what is happening inside and outside of their field.”

— Oli Huggins

BIRMINGHAM, WEST MIDLANDS, UNITED KINGDOM, June 21, 2018 / — Packt Publishing, publisher of software learning resources, has revealed the results of its 2018 Skill Up Developer Skills survey in a new report. In it, the publisher details key findings from its research into what it’s like to work in the software industry today. From what programming languages, frameworks, and libraries are most used, to job satisfaction and attitudes to management, the report offers a snapshot of what matters to software developers in 2018.

With almost 8,000 respondents, Packt’s survey illustrates how different areas of software are changing and how the demands of different job roles are being impacted by emerging trends like machine learning, DevOps and cloud.

Here are some of the key findings from Packt’s report:

•Packt’s report offers an insight into top tools for 4 distinct industries – App Development, Web Development, Security
& System Administration and Data
•Discover what developers think of the modern tech community and workplace
•What do developers in different sectors say is the next big thing?
•With expert insight and commentary from top Packt authors

Packt’s report also offers an insight into the key languages and tools being used across software. Java remains the most widely used programming language, although 41% of respondents said that they believe the language faces stiff competition from Kotlin. Python remains another hugely important language in software. It is being used by software professionals in a number of roles, but it is most prevalent in data science and analysis. 77% of respondents here listed Python as their most used language.

Download the complete Skill Up report
In order to stay relevant with latest tech, Packt is offering a 14 day trial of Mapt, a learning platform designed to give developers and programmers the best way to learn the skills they need to know.

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