ProTrain, LLC Joins in $600 Million Dollar Tuition Giveaway

NCCET in partnership with GDA and ProTrain

Betty Gardner, CEO ProTrain, LLC

“ProTrain is proud to serve our military and their families in helping them achieve their educational goals.” Kevin M. Smith Colonel (Retired), US Army COO, ProTrain, LLC.

Until Sept. 28, 2018, tuition-free online Workforce courses are available, up to one million students, alumni, veterans and professionals across the nation.

Education is the key to our future. It is the one gift that we can give ourselves that neither the economy nor other forces can take from us.”

— Betty L. Gardner CEO, ProTrain, LLC

NAPLES, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2018 / — The National Council for Continuing Education and Training (NCCET) welcomes ProTrain, LLC in a strategic alliance, along with its premier sustaining partner, Growth Development Associates (GDA), in a $600 million-dollar tuition giveaway. From now until September 28, 2018, these companies have joined together to make available two tuition-free online Workforce Development courses for up to one million students, alumni, veterans and professionals from across the nation. Their collective goal is to help students and alumni, as well as, professionals and veterans in the workforce, develop skills to immediately qualify for open jobs or enhance their performance and qualifications in their current position.

Many college graduates, even five years after they graduate, are either unemployed or underemployed. Moreover, according to Gallop, 84% of people hate their jobs. It is no longer enough for students to obtain a degree; there must be a bridge to close the employability gap. Incorporating a focus of employability skills is a necessary component of workforce development and competitiveness. In that regard, two courses being offered for up to one million individuals where tuition will be waived. There is a registration fee of ten dollars ($10) per course. One course focuses on internal employment communications (Workplace Communications) and the other on professional sales (Consultative Selling), which can enhance or open the opportunity for a high-level sales position in any corporation.
“Education is the key to our future. It is the one gift that we can give ourselves that neither the economy nor other forces can take from us,” states Betty L. Gardner CEO, ProTrain, LLC. “Our communities and society continue to benefit from the quality education with which we reward ourselves. ProTrain provides the real-world employer with relevant, highly sought-after training, for real people. Education is the bridge to your future!”

The $599 course tuition is waived for anyone who enrolls between now and Friday, September 28, 2018. Participants only need pay a $10 per course registration fee. Consultative Selling requires about 34 hours of training in which the participant will be qualified for open sales positions (one in four jobs in the marketplace are sales positions). Essentials of Workplace Communications takes approximately 26 hours to complete. Effective communication drives success and sustainability in any workplace environment. Participants may take the courses at any time until December 31, 2018.

Participants can enroll at

About NCCET, GDA and ProTrain, LLC
National Council for Continuing Education and Training (NCCET) provides member institutions and continuing education professionals with proven best practices that help with the implementation and execution of effective and profitable programs. As an affiliate council of the AACC, NCCET advocates for prioritizing continuing education and training issues among policymakers and community college leaders to ensure the important work our members do is recognized, valued and supported.

Growth Development Associates (GDA) is a dedicated training company with an experienced and committed team that has been serving clients for the last 29 years. Though GDA’s customized consulting approach GDA helps organizations to improve their bottom line and achieve long lasting results. Employing our nationally certified curriculum in Workplace Communication, Consultative Selling, Account Management, and Leadership, GDA assists individuals at all levels of the organization to improve their skills, as well as, assists students and alumni who are looking for a job.

Since 2004, ProTrain’s turn-key solutions and partnerships with continuing education institutions has provided various programs for corporate, government, and individuals including Military Tuition Assistance (TA), Military Spouses Scholarship (MyCAA), Wounded Warriors, Veterans, Vocational Rehabilitation, and for Unemployed or Underemployed (WIOA). ProTrain offers quality classroom, online, and live synchronous training to hundreds of colleges, universities and business partners that meet national, regional, and local requirements successfully leading students to a career in a high demand field. ProTrain will help move students and America forward to achieve the goal of “Education-2-Employment.”

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Janet G. Nestor of Center of Wellbeing to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

HAMPSTEAD, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2018 / — The ideal way to begin the healing process is to approach the client as a whole person, treating mind, body, spirit, emotions.

Janet G. Nestor is an author and speaker specializing in stress and anxiety management. Janet has written three books on the subject – Nurturing Wellness Through Radical Self Care: A Living in Balance Guide and Workbook; Pathways to Wholeness; and Embracing Your Joy.

Janet is also a diagnostic prescriptive educator and licensed professional counselor and diplomate in comprehensive energy psychology. She is the co-developer of Radiant Energies Balance, a mindfulness-based energy psychology technique that encourages nervous system balance and assists individuals with chronic illness and injuries to regain the ability to move forward in their lives.

Janet has been in private practice since 1999, working with individuals and groups on personal empowerment and positive living.

Janet Nestor is a licensed professional counselor specializing in holistic mental health and founder of the Center of Wellbeing.

“Holistic therapists focus on the whole person, not just their diagnosis,” says Nestor. “Traditional therapy is cognitive in nature or analytic or insightful in nature. It helps people work through their issues, but it never helps them get these issues out of their body for good.”

Holistic mental health accelerates the healing process by helping the individual let go of the trauma that is stored in the physical body. New holistic therapies like energy psychology and the techniques of holistic psychiatry can help the client make those changes in order to heal the root cause of their issues.

A compassionate healer, Nestor says she’s always wanted to practice holistically.

“I entered the field with a holistic perspective and I had really good mentors who made sure I stayed on the holistic track. says Nestor. After I received my license, I began to study energy psychology and other energy medicine modalities so when I worked with clients I would have those extra skills.”

These extra skills allow Nestor to more effectively tune into her clients’ needs.

“I've learned over the years that why my clients say they're meeting me is not always why,” says Nestor. “Once we really find out what's going on and have established a rapport, then I start to introduce the alternative ways to approach it.

One of those alternative ways is energy psychology, but according to Nestor, while the two terms are often used interchangeably, energy psychology is just one small part holistic mental health.

“If someone's experienced a trauma, their whole biochemistry has been altered from their emotional stress,” explains Nestor. “With a holistic therapist the intention is to reduce the stress level before you get to the hard stuff. We work with limiting beliefs, positive thoughts, eliminating objections to healing and self-sabotaging behaviors. This begins the process of creating a good neurochemical balance.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Janet Nestor in an interview with Jim Masters on September 4th at 12pm EDT and with Doug Llewelyn on September 11th at 12pm EDT.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

For more information on Mindful Pathways, visit

Lou Ceparano
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Free webinar series to aid organisations with GDPR compliance

ELY, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, August 31, 2018 / — Ely, United Kingdom, 31 August 2018 – For organisations still battling with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance, IT Governance is able to assist with a new free webinar series, kicking off next month.

On 13 September 2018, participants can join the first webinar in the series: ‘Appointing a data protection officer under the GDPR’. With DPOs (data protection officers) now mandatory for some organisations, there are many vacancies for the role, and experienced data protection professionals are in high demand. The webinar will discuss the DPO role under the GDPR, and exactly who could fulfil it.

Hosted by Alan Calder, founder and executive chairman of IT Governance, the webinar will cover:

• An overview of the regulatory landscape;
• Remedies, liabilities and penalties;
• Appointing a DPO under the GDPR;
• When you need to appoint a DPO;
• The logistics of hiring a DPO;
• Role, responsibilities and expertise; and
• DPIAs (data protection impact assessments).

If you are interested in joining this webinar, register here.

As a leading provider of GDPR expertise and solutions, IT Governance supports organisations of all sizes in initiating and maintaining their compliance projects through  certified GDPR training courses, books, documentation toolkits, staff awareness, compliance tools and consultancy.

To find out how IT Governance can help you with your cyber security and data protection requirements, including your GDPR compliance project, visit the website, email or call +44 (0)333 800 7000.

Liam Papworth
IT Governance
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The August 2018 Healing Sessions Organized By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Marked Successful

The August 2018 Healing Sessions, organized by Christ Embassy and its founder, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, have just concluded successfully.

LONDON, LONDON, UK, August 31, 2018 / — The August 2018 Healing Sessions, organized by Christ Embassy and its founder, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, have just concluded. The sessions, which lasted throughout the entire month, drove thousands of people to Lagos, Nigeria to “experience divine healing and witness the miracles of God”.
“Indeed, it has been a wonderful season of the supernatural, overflowing with testimonies, miracles, signs, wonders, restoration, salvation and lots more,” says the organization of the event.
The Healing Sessions were created with the goal of taking divine healing to the nations. The event welcomed registered attendees from all over the world, who also expressed their excitement over the successful wrap-up of the Sessions.

Just like in the previous Healing Sessions, this time also the lives of many people have changed. During the 2018 Healing Sessions, testimonials were presented, and people shared how their lives got better after they encountered Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. A childless woman shared how she got her first baby and another woman shared that she has never set foot in a hospital since she left the Healing School.
During the 2018 Healing Sessions Pastor Chris Oyakhilome ministered to the sick. There were loud cheers, dancing, jumping and more as thousands of students “rejoiced for their miracles, doing what they could not do before.”
According to reports, people with diseases such as cancer, heart illness, diabetes, infertility and more were present at the sessions and participated with the hopes that their lives will change thanks to the Man of God himself.

Furthermore, many visiting ministers and partners of the Embassy took part in the miraculous sessions. Pastor Chris welcomed and thanked them for the commitment they have to change the lives of people from all over the world.

For additional insights on the just-concluded August Session with Pastor Chris, people are encouraged to follow the Healing School superuser on Kingschat and visit

Christ Embassy
Christ Embassy
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ASMA Annual Convention and Awards 2018: Bringing together academia and social media

ASMA Annual Convention and Awards 2018 to celebrate the exclusive amalgamation of social media with academia

BENGALURU, INDIA, August 31, 2018 / — The most awaited Digital Conclave for Academia in 2018, ASMA Annual Convention and Awards 2018, co-presented by Microsoft is scheduled to be held from August 31 – September 1, 2018, at Leela Palace, Bangalore. The event will be hosted by ASMA (Adoption of Social Media in Academia), a research initiative by FMA Digital and co-hosted by Asia Inc. 500, the leading Digital Platform for Thought Leaders in Asia.

The second Annual Convention and Awards 2018 will bring in together 200+ Thought Leaders and Change Agents from the Academia, Government, and Corporate onto one single platform. The spectacular event with the theme “Digital Transformation of Academia – Emerging Role of Social Media”, is an exclusive amalgamation of social media with academia.

The 2-day event will have a 6 Expert-led panel discussion with participation from 30+ academic & industry experts, and an Insightful 6 In-depth Training & Workshops. These offer deeper insights, fresh perspectives and meaningful conversations about the emerging role of social media & new age technologies in significant areas such as admissions, corporate & alumni relations, learning & pedagogy, student lifecycle and international recruitment. The event will also have the launching of India’s Top 30 Marketers in Education Awards 2018 and the unveiling of the 5th ASMA India Study Trends 2018.

Speaking about the event, Mr. Rahul Jain, Project Director – ASMA, said, "I am very happy about the way ASMA has shaped up in the past four years. In our 5th year, with active involvement from government and industry partners, our resolve of helping the academia grow further using digital media has deepened further. This year, we’re also launching India’s Top 30 Marketers in Education Awards 2018 in an attempt to honor the brightest and the most successful marketing talent from the education sector. We are also receiving some good international participation and interest, and we are hopeful to launch some international collaborations soon.”

Mr. Swapnil Jain, who is also the Project Director for ASMA said, “Our previous 4 editions were well received by the academia. With this year’s ASMA report, we hope to offer new insights to academic leaders, institutions and policymakers in the country about expanding the impact and outreach of higher education sector through purposeful social media initiatives. We are also launching our YouTube channel now, ASMA TV to further strengthen our community engagement.”

About ASMA: ASMA (Adoption of Social Media in Academia) is India’s first research-based initiative which provides an industry benchmark for the academia while sharing social media best practices and helps them meet their objectives and increase the brand value. ASMA’s research and events have seen participation from over 200+ Universities / Institutions and engaged audience base of over 5000+ academic stakeholders.

Asia Inc 500
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Recent Florida Appeals decision is reminder to carefully plan estate, comments Probate Attorney

Website, Richard Ehrlich, Attorney in Florida

Website, Richard Ehrlich, Attorney in Florida

Richard Ehrlich, Estate Planning attorney in Florida

Richard Ehrlich, Estate Planning attorney in Florida

Richard Ehrlich Estate Planning Attorney in Florida Attorney Profile at Eldercounsel

Richard Ehrlich Estate Planning Attorney in Florida Attorney Profile at Eldercounsel

Richard Ehrlich, Estate Planning Attorney in Florida, Blog

Richard Ehrlich, Estate Planning Attorney in Florida, Blog

Richard Ehrlich Estate Planning Attorney in Florida Attorney Profile

Richard Ehrlich Estate Planning Attorney in Florida Attorney Profile

Florida Attorney Richard Ehrlich comments that Court of Appeals decision in will contest shows how careful estate planning can prevent future problems

Ehrlich Law Center, Florida (N/A:N/A)

… this case is a stark reminder to carefully plan one’s estate to prevent, as much as humanly and legally possible, subsequent disputes …”

— Richard Ehrlich, Attorney in Florida

CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2018 / — Florida Attorney Richard Ehrlich has commented on the recent decision of the District Court of Appeal of Florida, Fourth District, in a legal dispute over a gentleman’s estate.

Says Mr. Ehrlich, “this case is a stark reminder to carefully plan one’s estate to prevent, as much as humanly and legally possible, subsequent disputes.”

In that case, Jack Mulvey ("Decedent") died in 2011 with two surviving children and a spouse (his second wife). He had executed a will in 2005, and a superseding will in 2010 that gave most of the assets to his second wife, Thelma Mulvey (“Widow”). The Decedent's daughter, Sheila Stephens ("Daughter"), sued the Widow. The Daughter claimed the Widow exerted undue influence on the frail Decedent and interfered with her expected inheritance. When the Decedent died, the Daughter petitioned the probate court for administration of the 2005 will, while seeking invalidation of the 2010 will. She argued the 2010 will was the product of the Widow's undue influence on the Decedent, and she alleged that the Decedent lacked testamentary capacity when he executed the 2010 will. The Daughter did not give up and filed a complaint in the circuit court for tortious interference with expectancy. After a trial, the probate court found the 2010 will was valid and not the product of undue influence. The Daughter then filed a complaint in the circuit court for tortious interference with expectancy. The jury found in favor of the Daughter and awarded her $60,000 in damages. The Widow appealed, and the Appeals court reversed. The end result of the case, seven years after the Decedent’s death and after four legal proceedings, is the same as intended by the 2010 will.

Says Mr. Ehrlich, “as this prolonged dispute shows, estate matters can be complicated even when there is a written will. But avoidance of protracted legal proceedings and intra-family strife requires careful planning. In fact, estate planning involves several important considerations, including tax consequences and whether certain assets should be transferred before death.”

Among the important considerations are “protecting beneficiaries” by giving the assets in the form of a trust that cannot be easily depleted, or giving consideration to special beneficiaries. As in this case, “blended families” (one or both spouses have families from prior marriages) pose special challenges.

Estate Planning requires competent legal advice based on the specific circumstances. Such matters should be reviewed with a competent Estate Planning attorney.

The Website of Mr. Ehrlich is

His attorney profile is at

The underlying legal case is Mulvey v. Stephens, No. 4D17-1292 (June 27, 2018) (D. Court of Appeal of Florida, 4th District), available at

Richard Ehrlich, Attorney in Florida
Ehrlich Law Center
(954) 510-1800
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Jerry Brown Travels, Retiring on $300 a month

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Catania’s Patent Grant is an Invention That Will Change the World

Michael Ross Catania Patent

LSC International Trading LLC

Who knows…Maybe this invention will provide an education to the person that will cure cancer. Wasting all that talent is a true sin.”

— Michael Ross Catania

PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA, August 30, 2018 / — Around the world, 1.3 billion people have no access to electricity. More than 600 million are located in sub-Saharan Africa, and more than 300 million are in India. No access to power means no access to many things we in the western world take for granted. For example access to a television, a computer and a basic education.

Michael Ross Catania, the CEO of LSC International Trading, has been working to solve this issue. Moreover, in August 2018, Michael Ross Catania’s invention for a “Combined Rollable Solar Panel and Rollable Digital Screen” was approved by the USPTO. LSC International Trading LLC is very proud and excited about this patent grant and its potential to change the world. This invention is the key to bringing education to the over 1.3 billion people that lack electricity. People who once had no access to an education can now have unlimited access.

“How many potential Einstein types are there within the 1.3 billion people, that now will have an opportunity to get a universal education? ”, said Catania. “I am thrilled to be making the world a better place.”

With over 300 Inventions and Industrial Designs in the UK, Michael Ross Catania has a bright future and looks forward in reaching his lifetime goal of 5,000 inventions.

John Bradley
LSC International Trading LLC
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Scott Damron Covers the Importance of Entrepreneurial Organizations

Scott Damron

Scott Damron

Numerous organizations for entrepreneurs exist across the U.S. supporting individuals and business owners in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, August 30, 2018 / — Two of the most popular organizations for current and aspiring entrepreneurs in the United States are the Entrepreneurs' Organization and the Young Presidents' Organization, or YPO. Founded in 1987 and 1950 respectively, the two organizations boast tens of thousands of members between them, both in the U.S. and around the world.

"Organizations such as the Entrepreneurs' Organization and YPO are incredibly important to the world of business, and have been for decades now," suggests Atlanta-based Scott Damron. A highly motivated entrepreneur and experienced executive, Damron has enjoyed an illustrious career in sales, business development, and marketing strategy, as well as in the hospital and healthcare sectors.

Scott Damron has served as a C-level executive within many successful national and international businesses and has financed and founded numerous successful endeavors of his own. These include the likes of ASP Global, which provides medical and surgical supplies, patient preference items, and custom products to the healthcare profession. While Scott Damron has since sold his interest in the privately-held business, he hasn't slowed down. Currently, the entrepreneur and experienced executive is actively invested in a project working toward an innovative solution surrounding the global distribution of branded footwear.

Explaining the importance of entrepreneurial organizations, Damron states that if he can help others by sharing his own experiences and successes with them, he absolutely will. "The fact that such organizations exist in the U.S. and around the world to facilitate this very purpose is excellent for local, national, and international economies alike," he adds.

"I want," he continues, "to instill my passion and forward-thinking, innovative approach to business into as many aspiring entrepreneurs and potential new business owners as I can."

The Entrepreneurs' Organization, which promotes core values including trust, respect, and a thirst for learning, was founded over three decades ago. "Integrity here is everything," says Damron. "In business, as in life, integrity and a thirst for learning are essential. Within the Entrepreneurs' Organization, this very ethos is essentially the basis for their code of conduct."

Revealing more about YPO, Scott Damron explains that the 68-year-old organization supports more than 25,000 members in upwards of 130 countries. "Mentors within YPO form a network of peer leaders, committed to lifelong learning and the exchange of ideas. This is undertaken while simultaneously fostering an environment where trust, respect, and confidentiality rule," he points out, as a mentor within the organization himself.

"Remember never to stop learning," suggests Damron of his own thirst for knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit, adding that this leads to an open mind and that an open mind leads to greater opportunities. "Greater opportunities both professionally and personally," he suggests.

"And with that," Scott adds in closing, "always be willing to share what you've learned with others so that the cycle may continue for future generations."


Eric Ash
Web Presence, LLC
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Team shatters theoretical limit on bio-hydrogen production

Method increases yield of clean, renewable energy source

Hydrogen(H2)is the cleanest future fuel
"H2 generation from renewable sources is the best way to keep environment healthy"
"The engineered T.maritima has a potential to meet the growing energy needs”

— Raghuveer Singh

GAINESVILLE, FL, USA, August 30, 2018 / — Energy is the growing need of the world and it is expected to increase in the next twenty years. As per the International Energy Outlook 2013 the world’s energy consumption will grow by 56% between 2010 and 2040, from 524 quadrillion British thermal units (Btu) to 820 quadrillion Btu. The Fossil fuels which are a non renewable energy source have been providing the greater amounts of energy and it will continue to supply 80% of world’s energy use through 2040. The energy generation from fossil fuels creates environmental problems due to the release of toxic gases including CO2. The continued use of fossil fuels may make us energy rich but we will become poor in health by 2040. Therefore, the use of alternatives and non-renewable energy sources needs to be appreciated so they could be used to meet the energy requirement of the world while keeping the environment habitable for the human species. Among various forms of energies hydrogen is the highest energy rich and the cleanest energy source. The energy from hydrogen can be released either by burning it which generates water or by directly converting it into electricity via a fuel cell.

Here is the link to the invention and press release by UNL

Raghuveer Singh
University of Florida
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Stephanie Yelenosky Explains the Importance of the Montessori Teaching Method

Stephanie Yelenosky

Lawyer and teacher, Yelenosky praise the Montessori Teaching Method for setting children up for a lifetime of learning with the best education possible

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 30, 2018 / — Stephanie Yelenosky, like many mothers, wants what is best for her child. Therefore, after adopting her daughter, Yelenosky wanted to introduce her to a world where she would never stop learning. To do this, the lawyer quit her job as an attorney and became the lead teacher at the Montessori World School. The Montessori Teaching Method is a method that Yelenosky wholeheartedly believes in.

There are several reasons that Stephanie Yelenosky sought out this method and change in occupation. It was quite a change for her, going from the court to the classroom. Yet, the move was inspired by her dedication to her daughter’s learning. Today, Yelenosky is going to share the most important features of the Montessori Teaching Method.

Teachers Guide Instead of Lecture

The most noticeable difference between traditional teaching methods and the Montessori Teaching Method is the role of the teacher. Instead of lecturing the children for hours on end, the teacher is more of a guide. While the teacher will promote age-appropriate activities, the discovery of learning is left up to the children. This is an important function of the teaching method. This teaches children that while it is okay to ask for help and guidance, ultimately, their learning is their own. Instead of being lectured and told what is important, children are given the freedom to explore and discover the information.

Making Creative Choices

The guidance from the teacher is intended to help children make more creative choices. This helps with problem-solving, both in the classroom and in the real world. Yelenosky believes if children understand from an early age that they can think for themselves, it helps their self-esteem. Discovering their own creative ways to solve problems helps bolster their confidence. It gives students encouragement by showing them they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.

Yelenosky explains that while telling a child they can do anything is a nice sentiment, there is only so much proof. If children do not learn to make creative choices for themselves, they will always rely on someone else’s’ solution. The Montessori Teaching Method gives students the freedom to discover answers on their own.

Discovering of their Own Volition

Children learn at all different paces and in different ways. Some children learn by doing, while others are content to watch. Some children like to write notes down. The method of successful learning all depends on the student.

The Montessori Teaching Method allows students to learn at their own pace. Children get to discover not only the point of the lesson but how to arrive at that point. Instead of telling kids how they should learn, children are given the freedom to figure this out on their own. This skill will help them later in life when the environment for learning is no longer so obvious.

In summation, Stephanie Yelenosky is a woman who knows what she wants. Yelenosky spent decades finding the truth. Now, she wants to help her daughter and other students begin their lifelong journey of learning and discovery. Therefore, she has put her faith and career behind the promising Montessori Teaching Method.

Eric Ash
Web Presence, LLC
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