Kenya, Karma, Kinship, King, Kennedy and Obama

Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen and Amp Elmore Celebrate Kenyan’s Tom Mboya 60th.

Kenyans Richard Kiptoo (left) & Aggrey Asava (far right) visit Anthony Elmore at his African styled home in Memphis, Tennessee.

Elmore with Kenya Secretary of Tourism Najib Balala Jan. 2005. Elmore got Kenya honored in Memphis “Africa in April” Celebration in 2004.

Anthony "Amp" Elmore travels to Kenya to promote Kenya as the world's designation whereas African/Americans and American note as the "Returning Point to Africa"

Kennedy's decision to support the effort became an issue in the election and possibly a factor in his narrow victory”

— John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

MEMPHIS, TN, US, October 16, 2018 / — Kenya, Karma, Kinship, King, Kennedy and Obama sounds catchy but such can become the new epoch of African, African/American and American relationships. Anthony “Amp” Elmore a five-time world Karate/Kickboxing champion from Memphis, Tennessee notes that Kenya’s Karmic relationship to President Obama, makes Kenya the perfect “Returning Point” for African/Americans to physically connect to their African/Ancestry in Africa.

Elmore achieved his greatest dream of visiting Africa in 1990 when he traveled to Africa to premier his independent film “The Contemporary Gladiator” in Nairobi, Kenya. Elmore ‘s trip to Kenya smitten him with a mission similar to that of the 1849 slave abolitionist and political activist Harriet Tubman. Elmore’s goal is to build a “Cultural pathway” whereas African/Americans can physically visit Africa to connect with their African Ancestral heritage. Elmore describe this in his Orange Mound to Africa Initiative they celebrate and honor Kenya in Memphis. Elmore took groups to Kenya for 10 years.

Elmore’s approach to this venture comes from the African/American known as the “Educator” Booker T. Washington, whereas Washington in 1895 struck a deal with African/Americans and Southern Whites known as the “Atlanta Comprise.” Even greater and more unique than the “Atlanta Compromise” was the “Mboya Intellect and spirit.”

In August of 1956 a 26 year old African from then “British East Africa” by the name of Tom Mboya was invited to speak in America. While unknown in American or African, history Tom Mboya is the most significant African in America’s Tenure to influence America’s history and culture. We can say that without a Tom Mboya John F. Kennedy might not have been elected President in 1960. The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library states; “At a key point in the 1960 presidential campaign, a dynamic young leader from Kenya named Tom Mboya visited Senator John F. Kennedy. Mboya led a campaign of his own that would eventually bring hundreds of African students to America for higher education, including Barack Obama Sr., President Obama's father. Kennedy's decision to support the effort became an issue in the election and possibly a factor in his narrow victory.”

Before there was an independent nation of Kenya, not only did Americans join in the struggle for Kenya’s Independence, African/Americans played a key role in the development of Kenya. It was America’s 1st Black Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall who wrote Kenya’s Bill or Rights and constitution. It was Black Union leader A. Phillip Randolph and the AFL-CIO American labor Union who not only helped to train young Kenyans; the Union donated $35,000 to build a union building in Kenya.
Baseball great Jackie Robinson, Singer Harry Belafonte and actor Sidney Pointier and African/Americans who gave donations for the 1st Kenya “Airlift America” Flight whereas 81 Kenya students came to America to go to college.

When Kenya had its Independence ceremony December 12, 1963 Thomas Joseph Mboya had developed the strongest relationship between the new African Country of Kenya and the African/American Community than any African country in the history of America. Kenya’s Independence ceremony guest list looked like an African/American history book.

John H. Johnson founder of Black Publication Jet and Ebony Magazine was nominated by President Johnson to be America’s 1st Ambassador to Kenya. The African/American invited list included Thurgood Marshall who later became America's 1st Supreme Court Justice, Black writer James Baldwin, Anthropologist Educator Pan Africanist St. Clair Drake. Kenya paid for the air transportation of these three. On the invited list were Jackie Robinson, Dr. Martin Luther King, Paul Robeson, Maida Springer, Sidney Pointier, Dr. Ralph Bunch, Claude Barnett, A Phillip Randolph and many others.

Kenya’s unique history makes Kenya more than just an African country, Kenya has the potential of the Kennedy mystic of a youthful America whereas America sent a man to the moon and the Kennedy spirit to send youth to join the peace corps in Africa. African/American culture in the 1960’s embraced the iconic image of John Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy who changed the course of history, yet died by an assassin’s bullet.

The man missing out of the annuals of American history is Thomas Joseph Mboya who was murdered in Kenya July 5, 1969. Mboya not only marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, he spoke at a king rally. Thanks to the visionary Tom Mboya, both America and Kenya have Tom Mboya to thank for President Barack Obama Jr.

Memphian Anthony “Amp” Elmore along with two Kenyans living in America; Aggrey Asava and Richard Kiptoo are traveling to Kenya seeking the Kenya Government to designate Kenya as the “Returning Point" for African/Americans to not only physically connect to their African/Ancestry in Africa we are asking Kenya to honor American President John F. Kennedy, brother Robert Kennedy and the Kennedy Foundation for their insight and support of Kenya.

On February 12, 1960 John F. Kennedy said "Education is, in truth, the only key to genuine African independence and progress." Kenya’s birth is associated with the American Civil rights movement in that ACOA or the “American Committee on Africa” civil right organization not only sponsored Tom Mboya to come to America in 1956, ACOA connected Tom Mboya to the African/American community which lead to the historic relationship of Kennedy, King, Kinship and Obama.

Elmore and the Kenyans are asking the Kenya Government to support the Elmore’s plan called the “Safari Initiative" or “Styled African Family Application Renaissance Initiative.” The plan calls for Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta to honor African/Americans with a “Formal State Reception” in three years. This will be a historic celebration making Kenya the 1st nation in Africa to formally invite African/Americans its African ancestors to visit and celebrate in their African ancestral land of Africa.

The plan calls for the Tom Mboya/Dr. Martin Luther King Educational and Culture Center to be built in Nairobi, Kenya. This plan calls for Americans and African to build the 1st African and African/American University and Cultural Center in world history.

They are also looking for support for the Tom Mboya Movie; Africa's Greatest Hero to influence America.

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Anthony “Amp” Elmore Letter to President Obama Regarding Kenya

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