John Marshall Law School IP Director Daryl Lim Invited to Attend High-Level U.S.-Japan Patent Meeting in Washington D.C.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2018 / — Professor Daryl Lim attended the 27th Annual U.S. Bar – JPO Liaison Council Meeting between representatives of U.S. Bar groups and the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) on October 22. Lim serves as Director of the Center for Intellectual Property, Information & Privacy Law at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago.

JPO representatives included Director-General Takashi Yamashita and members of the JPO staff. The U.S. Bar-JPO Liaison Council includes more than 50 delegates representing local, state and national bar groups across the United States. The Council has been meeting annually to facilitate an exchange of information on IP law, IP practice and experiences of U.S. applicants at the JPO. Lim was the only academic invited to attend.

As in past years, the agenda covered JPO initiatives and other issues of contemporary relevance to U.S. businesses and patent practice, and included presentations of U.S. developments by the U.S. Bar delegates.

“It was an honor for me to attend this high-level meeting between senior members of the U.S. patent bar and officials at the JPO,” Lim noted. “This group is an important bridge in developing U.S.-JPO understanding of patent law in significant ways. The invitation both reflects John Marshall’s long standing international reputation in IP and the difference that the Center continues to make today.”

During his visit to Washington D.C., Lim was also invited to attend the 2018 American Inn of Courts Excellence Awards at the U.S. Supreme Court. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas hosted the event.

Center advisory board member Judge Pauline Newman from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit received the 2018 Lewis F. Powell Jr. Award for Professionalism and Ethics. The award is given each year to recognize a person who has rendered exemplary service to the legal profession in the areas of professionalism, civility and ethics.

Past recipients include Supreme Court Justices Lewis Powell Jr., William Brennan and Anthony Kennedy, as well as former Chief Judge James Holderman from the Northern District of Illinois.

About The John Marshall Law School
The John Marshall Law School, founded in 1899, is an independent law school located in the heart of Chicago's legal, financial and commercial districts. The 2019 U.S. News & World Report's America's Best Graduate Schools ranks John Marshall's Lawyering Skills Program 6th, its Intellectual Property Law Program 15th and its Trial Advocacy Program 20th in the nation. Since its inception, John Marshall has been a pioneer in legal education and has been guided by a tradition of diversity, innovation, access and opportunity.

Miller McDonald
The John Marshall Law School
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InnoVacient delivers the first Market Academy for Saudi Arabia’s technology entrepreneurs.

InnoVacient, an advisory firm specializing in Strategic Transformation and Innovation, delivers a Market Academy for Saudi Arabia’s technology entrepreneurs.

SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2018 / — InnoVacient, a leading advisory firm specializing in business and operational transformation, delivered our exclusive Market Academy for InspireU, Saudi Arabia’s leading hub for technology entrepreneurship. InnoVacient recently signed an exclusive multi-year contract with InspireU to design specialized programs and provide educational content to develop and facilitate the growth of entrepreneurs and technology startups within InspireU and across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

InspireU, the dedicated innovation arm of STC, the Kingdom’s largest telecom company, is the most successful and recognizable incubator/accelerator for technology startups in the MENA region. InspireU is also one of the first entrepreneurial initiatives created in support of Saudi’s “Vision 2030”, a 15-year plan to completely transform the economy of Saudi Arabia and a leading contributor of high-tech job creation across the Kingdom.

In September 2018, InnoVacient delivered InspireU’s first Market Academy, focused on helping InspireU startups understand complex market landscapes and create focused market strategies. Saied Alzahrani, of Braq Aerospace, an InspireU startup, stated “The Market Academy helped us create targeted marketing strategies for our industrial robotic drone platform. The Academy was expertly delivered, using both content and examples of proven high-tech marketing techniques. The Academy helped me create targeted market-focused strategies to announce our company at the GITEX conference in Dubai, the result of which has already created significant commercial and investment interest”.
InnoVacient has a proven history of delivering technology and innovation centers-of-excellence, incubators and accelerators for corporate clients and governments around the world looking to strategically transform business models through the power of new technology innovation.

Kenneth Ferderer, Founder and Managing Partner of InnoVacient on the announcement, “I could not be more excited about the startups at InspireU, and I am very impressed with their focus and dedication. The Market Academy was the first of 5 specifically designed academic tracts that InnoVacient will provide to InspireU. Each Academy being a critical component to the ultimate success of commercializing new innovations across the MENA region. We look forward to working with all the startups and helping them become critical contributors to the Vison 2030 transformation.”

About InnoVacient
InnoVacient is an experienced advisory firm specializing in STRATEGIC TRANSFORMATION. We provide clarity, vision and direction for clients planning or undergoing strategic business and operational transformation initiatives. The InnoVacient team has successfully advised governments, global Fortune-500 companies, non-profits and startup clients around the world and across all industries leveraging our DIRECTED TRANSFORMATION FRAMEWORK™ methodology. Visit or email for more information.

Ken Ferderer
+1 408-500-9774
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Dov Bechhofer Predicts the “Classroom of the Future” Isn’t Far Off

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, November 13, 2018 / — Tech and Education is an old topic, but recent advancements in technology bring up unexpected possibilities and put the conversation in new perspectives. Computer Engineer Dov Bechhofer predicts that a Jetson-style “classroom of the future” is a lot closer than most people think.

When people think of a futuristic classroom, they imagine hologram teachers and students interacting with virtual reality. Dov Bechhofer believes we’re not far off from those futuristic lessons in today’s colleges and grade-school classrooms.

“Just look how technology has crept into the classroom since the birth of the personal computer,” says Dov Bechhofer. “More than ever, technology is reshaping the way students learn.”

Computers were used in schools in the early 1980s mainly for drilling and practice programs, teaching students how to interact with the technology taking the world by storm. A couple of decades later, and students are using advanced technology in keyboard or typing labs, in lessons on projection screens, in music-related computer games, in computer-based library databases and more.

Today, we have automated computer courses, tablets and laptops used by (or assigned to) students every day, and, in some institutions, 3D lessons and virtual reality. These new programs and devices allow students to learn at an accelerated pace and keep up with technology as it grows (helping close the eventual knowledge gap as people are exposed to new technologies later in the workplace). Future generations of students are expected to have even more advanced technology for regular use thanks to the efforts of programs like the CoAction Learning Lab.

“The project called CoAction Learning Lab is an exploration of technology in higher education and how it can be applied to future curriculum,” says Dov Bechhofer.

The group behind CoAction Learning Lab is made up of 19 different colleges and universities, with tech leaders, learning facilitators, and student representatives from each institution. The list of private and public colleges includes Arizona State University, Ithaca College, University at Buffalo, and its founder Penn State University among others.

Dov Bechhofer can see which directions technology is going in, but he notes that the implementation of advanced technology in schools isn’t up to the engineers, it’s up to the educators. And today, there’s a greater possibility than ever with the help of initiatives like the CoAction Learning Lab.

The first goal of the Lab is put together an online database––or library––of open license resources that will help make it easier for institutions to integrate new technology in the classroom.

There have been other organizations in recent years with similar intentions, such as e-Literate's Empirical Educator Project, but they all face the same hurdles. It’s expensive, for one; it requires time and effort from many institutions; and incorporating tech into the classroom requires the help of professionals like developers, IT staff, designers and more. It’s a massive undertaking that takes a lot of cooperation between many different fields, but Dov Bechhofer has faith that soon augmented and virtual reality will be as commonplace a teaching utensil as the PC.

Eric Ash
Web Presence, LLC
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Wisconsin Attorney Richard Kranitz publishes first article in a series about technology & the legal profession

Richard A Kranitz, Business Lawyer in Wisconsin

Richard A Kranitz, Business Lawyer in Wisconsin

Blog of Attorney Richard A Kranitz in Wisconsin

Blog of Attorney Richard A Kranitz in Wisconsin

Think Business Blog by Richard A Kranitz, Wisconsin sm

Think Business Blog by Richard A Kranitz, Wisconsin sm

Office of Richard A Kranitz in Wisconsin

Office of Richard A Kranitz in Wisconsin

Profile of Richard A Kranitz on AdviCoach

Profile of Richard A Kranitz on AdviCoach

In his first published article in a series, Richard Kranitz focuses on Case Management by software.

Office of Richard A. Kranitz (N/A:N/A)

Incorporating technology into a law practice can make the practice more efficient and increase client satisfaction. In fact, technology may enable the practitioner to exceed client expectations.”

— Richard A. Kranitz, business attorney

GRAFTON, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2018 / — Technology is advancing, and the legal profession must keep up with these technological and societal changes. Many of us still remember when they first saw a personal computer, when cell phones became widely available, and when cell phones turned into smart phones that have become indispensable for many. In his first article in a published series, Richard A. Kranitz focuses on Case Management by software. The complete articles will be published on the blog of Richard Kranitz at

Incorporating technology into a law practice can make the practice more efficient and increase client satisfaction. In fact, technology may enable the practitioner to exceed client expectations. Here are a few, simple-to-implement options that Mr. Kranitz has reviewed:

Case Management Software

Long gone are the days of paper routing slips, desktop inboxes and consecutive reviews by paralegals and attorneys during which papers and files are shuffled back and forth. With case management software, incoming documents are reviewed in a pre-determined sequence or as authorized, and files or documents are updated the same way. The staff has real-time access to documents and status reports. Important dates are automatically entered into a calendar. Case Management Software also enables legal teams to focus on a pre-set process, thus saving time and energy, and greatly reducing the stress in this deadline-driven profession. Case Management Software can also greatly reduce costs for the law practice and the clients by standardizing and accelerating document creation and maintenance.

There are many different kinds of Case Management Software, some general ones such as:

And some tailored to a specific practice: – for probate practice – for bankruptcy – for immigration law practice

These are just a few examples, and should not be considered endorsements of any of these products. Each law practice should make sure to test them carefully before buying, and take advantage of the free test versions or consultations that many software providers offer as part of their sales process. Find the right software to fit your own needs and your client’s expectations

Research and Mobile Technology

Subscription research services such as LEXIS and Westlaw have been available to attorneys online for decades, gradually rendering hard copy law libraries obsolete. The internet has done for law what it has for every other area of modern life, providing instant access to information.

To be continued. – The complete article will be published on the blog of Richard Kranitz at

*NOTE: The inclusion of a technology or app in this article does not mean an endorsement or approval. The listed technologies are just for illustrative purposes. None of these particular technologies are endorsed or recommended by this author.

About Richard A. Kranitz

Richard Kranitz is an experienced attorney and business consultant in the areas of corporate, securities and tax planning for corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, limited liability companies, multi-unit enterprises, and a variety of different non-profit entities. In addition, he has counseled their owners and executives in compensation planning, estate plans, and asset protection.


LinkedIn Profile:
Attorney Profile:
News at:

Richard A. Kranitz, Esq.
Richard A. Kranitz, Esq.
+1 2623750625
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USA Today News Report: Why Amazon’s HQ2 showed your city no love

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Help Fund Summer Camp and Enjoy Exclusive Unlimited Yoga Membership Reward

Join to Help Kids and Enjoy the Best Yoga

Join to Help Kids and Enjoy the Best Yoga

We Love Rewarding Yoga for Good

We Love Rewarding Yoga for Good

Join L.A.'s Funnest Cause Helping Moms Fund Summer Camp

Join L.A.’s Funnest Cause Helping Moms Fund Summer Camp

Staffing agency, Recruiting for Good is on a mission to help fund summer camp; and will reward referrals with year long memberships to LA's best yoga studios.

Happiness is helping kids and rewarding yoga for good, join us to do both”

— Carlos Cymerman, Fun Advocate+Founder, Recruiting for Good

SANTA MONICA, CA, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2018 / — Recruiting for Good launched L.A's Funnest cause 'help fund summer camp.' People make referrals enabling Recruiting for Good to make placements; a portion of the fees earned are donated to fund summer camp scholarships, and "We Party for Good Rewards to Love Life." Enjoy an exclusive rewarding yoga membership with L.A.'s Best Yoga Studios.

According to Recruiting for Good, Founder Carlos Cymerman, “Now you can use your social network to make a difference with Recruiting for Good. Simply make a referral enabling us to connect to a hiring manager at a company; and we share proceeds from our finder's fee to help fund camp. And reward an unlimited 1 year yoga membership with your favorite studio. Together we do more good, and love life.”

Why We Help Fund Summer Camp

1. Investing in enriching experiences prepares kids for tomorrow's jobs.
2. Save families money (average cost of summer camp in L.A. is $500 a week).
3. Moms deserve and need a fun vacation away from the kids (even for a couple of hours each day).

How to Enjoy Rewarding Yoga for Good

Participate before February 1, 2019 to help fund summer camp 2019. Email

Refer an open position at a L.A. company hiring professional staff (Accounting/Finance, Engineering, Information Technology, Marketing, or Sales) to help Recruiting for Good. Once the person hired completes probation period, a portion of the fee earned is donated to fund a camp scholarship; and reward a 1 year yoga membership.

Carlos Cymerman adds, "Happiness is helping kids, and rewarding yoga with L.A.'s best studios, here are just some we love; Have Body Wellness, Hot 8 Yoga, Laughing Frog Yoga, Light on Lotus, Power Yoga, Revolution Fitness, Sweat Yoga, Yoga Raj, Yoga Works, and Zooga Yoga."


Recruiting for Good is a socially progressive staffing company in Santa Monica, finding talented professionals awesome jobs, since 1998. Companies retain us to find the best talent in Accounting, Finance, Engineering, Information Technology, Marketing, and Sales professionals. We reward referrals with World's Best Parties, Travel, and Experiences. We launched L.A.'s funnest cause, mom club, and personal service "Helping Fund Summer Camp,

Fund Summer Camp, is funded by Recruiting for Good, our fun purpose is to help prepare kids for tomorrow's jobs by investing in enriching life experiences that inspire creativity, help kids find their passion and grow from within. Our purposeful funding service is confidential and personal. We meet moms to explain how recruiting referrals work; and how funding happens. To learn more visit Love helping kids and yoga's best studios join to do both.

Carlos Cymerman
Recruiting for Good
+1 310-720-8324
email us here
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Use Your Social Network to Make a Difference, Enjoy Rewards, and Benefit Your Life

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Woodworkers: Two Days of Hands on Creating, Cutting and Assembly at the CNC Factory So. Cal Open House Nov. 15 & 16

Chris Corrales invites you to CNC Factory’s Open House Nov 15 and 16 in Santa Ana, CA.

Cabinet Vision will demo the new Cabinet Vision Version 11.

Lockdowel tool-less fastening demos on site.

Come to CNC Factory's Open House in Santa Ana, CA Nov 15 & 16 – Cabinet Vision and Lockdowel Representatives On-Site, NEW 2019 CNC Equipment

We never leave customers all by themselves.”

— Chris Corrales, Owner of CNC Factory

SANTA ANA, CA, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2018 / — CNC Factory announces two days of hands-on creating, cutting and assembly at their "Making Everything Better" Open House November 15 and 16. Woodworkers can choose to attend either day or both days from 10 am to 4 pm. All registered guests will be treated to a free lunch.

Cabinet Vision and Lockdowel representatives will be on-site for demonstrations and questions. Tours of CNC Factory’s facility will be given regularly. CNC Factory will also unveil the company’s new Marking Block which allows all cut pieces to be marked for easy assembly and organization, and can be added to any machine system. Guests will enjoy food, a live DJ and equipment demonstrations throughout the day.

_See the 2019 self driving CNC and the
_Scorpion LDR Lockdowel Insertion machine in action
_Create with the power of the NEW Cabinet Vision Version 11
_Build with tool-less, time-saving Lockdowel fastening
_Register now for free food and to win fantastic door prizes:

About CNC Factory
CNC Factory Owner Chris Corrales has more than 20 years of cabinet making expertise. His real-world experience inspired him to start building better CNC machines 14 years ago, with a clear goal of helping companies embrace CNC automation. The company's mission is: To make CNC automation as common place as a table saw.

Today this vision is core as CNC Factory designs and manufactures high quality precision CNC routers, machining centers, edgebanders, Lockdowel insertion machines and thermofoil 3D presses to meet the urgent business needs of customers. At CNC Factory, providing the fastest, most accurate and dependable CNC Machines and supporting products is only the beginning. “We never leave customers all by themselves,” Corrales promises.

Power up your needs with CNC Factory and capture more opportunities within your market! CNC Factory: 2001 South Grand Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92705, 714-581-5999,

For more information go to and subscribe to :

Mary Lynn B Heath
ML Heath, PR
+1 405-641-9733
email us here

Scorpion Lockdowel LDR Demo

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Did you know Santa Reads Braille?

Braille Works logo with their tagline "Make the world a more readable place"

Santa's bag filled with presents with a snowy background and the text and braille, "Every child deserves a letter from Santa" with the hashtag #SantaReadsBraille and the Braille Works logo and contact information

Braille Works helps Santa send letters to children with visual impairments

TAMPA, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2018 / — • Braille Works brings back "Santa Reads Braille"
• Parents can request a free letter from Santa for their child in an accessible format
• Submit requests through December 18, 2018

Braille Works, a national leader in accessible documents, is helping Santa spread cheer by reaching children who are blind or visually impaired. "Santa Reads Braille" provides a way for every child to feel included this season with a letter from the Big Man himself. Parents, caregivers and teachers can request a free "Santa Reads Braille" letter for a child with a visual impairment on Braille Works website through December 15, 2018.

"We love doing 'Santa Reads Braille,’" said Robert Sket, Braille Works’ CEO. "It’s an opportunity to share some of the magic of the season with young braille readers. It brings joy to the children in knowing that Santa understands them and they aren’t left out. They’re encouraged to know that Santa reads braille just like them."

Braille Works co-founders, Joyce and Lou Fioritto, believe that Christmas is a time of gratitude and a time to celebrate the birth of Christ. They also embrace the fun side of Christmas — Santa, his elves, flying reindeer, stockings hung by the chimney with care, and a host of other fun traditions that bring smiles and laughter to children around the world. In fulfilling their mission toward “Making the World a More Readable Place™”, they’ve come up with a way to give a ‘Letter from Santa’ to children who read braille.

“While most other children are able to read letters from Santa on their own, a child with a visual impairment normally has to rely on someone to read it to them,” Lou Fioritto shared. “What we’re doing here is allowing these children the ability to read this letter for themselves and enjoy the total experience. This is only one small thing to give children with visual impairments an accessible way to feel free.”

It’s Braille Works’ desire to bring a little Christmas wonder to children and give them an opportunity to hear from Santa. At the same time, letting them know that Santa reads braille is a great way to encourage them to develop their braille reading skills. Braille Works supports programs that promote braille literacy and this Christmas they’re helping Santa.

Contact Information: | 800.258.7544
Glen Schubert,

About: Founded in 1994, Braille Works Int., Inc. is the nation's leading provider of alternative format documents in Braille, Large Print, Audio and Accessible PDF. They provide bank statements and notices; healthcare documents; restaurant menus and more to Government Agencies, National Banking Institutions, National Restaurant Chains and more. For more information, please contact Braille Works at 800-258-7544 or

Glen Schubert
Braille Works
+1 800-258-7544
email us here

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IP’s “PR problem” will be Discussed by Leading Figures at Public Event in New York

What to do about intellectual property’s negative image is the focus of the IP Awareness Summit, a gathering of concerned owners, educators and creators, Nov 29

Remarkably, in what I believe amounts to Orwellian ‘doublespeak,’ those who’ve been advancing the patent troll narrative argue that they do so because they are actually pro-innovation.”

— USPTO Director Andrei Iancu

NEW YORK, NY, USA, November 13, 2018 / — Leading intellectual property owners, creators, educators organizations and managers will consider the best ways to improve literacy about the role and impact of IP rights at the second annual IP Awareness Summit in New York on November 29.

IPAS will examine how increases in information access and speed have affected how patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets are seen and why they often fail to be accepted as “legitimate” property. The Summit also will address improving IP literacy through education and the media. Registration is open to the public.

IP Thought-Leaders

Featured speakers include United Stated Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Director Andrei Iancu, leading inventors, educators and the media.

Director Iancu said in fireside chat before more than 600 members of the Licensing Executives Society in Boston on October 15 that IP faces a public relations problem and the once heralded American inventor is no longer seen as a hero. He amplified those remarks at a speech later that week before the Eastern District of Texas Bar Association:

“Remarkably, in what I believe amounts to Orwellian ‘doublespeak,’ those who’ve been advancing the patent troll narrative argue that they do so because they are actually pro-innovation. That by their highlighting, relentlessly, the dangers in the patent system, they actually encourage innovation…

“What an odd message to deliver in the 21st century. What an odd message to deliver in America in particular, a country of risk-takers, entrepreneurs and inventors. An odd message indeed, especially given the incredible success of the American patent system over time.”

Others who will address be addressing IP literacy issues at IPAS 2018 include Manny Schecter, Chief Patent Counsel at IBM and President of the Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation, and Jay walker, entrepreneur, founder, TEDMED curator and one of the most prolific U.S. inventors. There will be panels, other speakers and breakouts with audience participation.

Among those already registered for IPAS 2018 are IP owners, executives, educators, creators, service providers, investors, lawyers, IP organizations and the media. The remaining tickets will go fast.

To see all of the presenters and the program, go here.

To register, use this link.

About the Center for IP Understanding

The Center for Intellectual Property Understanding is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness of IP rights and their impact on people’s lives. CIPU provides information, conducts research and facilitates activities that seek to make IP more intelligible, enhance value and deter theft. The Center also tracks attitudes toward IP rights, including patents, copyrights, and trademarks, and through outreach, provides an education framework for understanding how IP promotes competition and creates jobs. To learn more, please visit

Bruce Berman
Center for IP Understanding
+1 212-508-9664
email us here

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Lonnie Liggitt of Horace Hopper’s Musical Adventures to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2018 / — Remember the very first time you put your hand on a piano? It didn’t matter which notes you played, you were just amazed that it made a sound.

But something happens along the way for many music students. Too often the traditional focus on technique and theory robs children of their enthusiasm for musical expression before they can even begin. Learning an instrument, which should be a fun and creative experience, becomes just more homework.

All his life, Lonnie Liggitt has immersed himself in musical composition and performance as a pianist, organist and conductor. Today, Liggitt is the president of Horace Hopper's Musical Adventures, Inc. Horace Hopper offers children from pre-K to 6th grade incredible musical adventures for the keyboard or computer that they can use at home or in the classroom. With Horace Hopper, students are free to really explore what the piano can do; they are free express themselves, making music the profound experience it’s meant to be.

“As a child learning something new, you’re always playing somebody else’s music or ideas,” says Liggitt. “So from the very beginning I have the students start writing their own music.”

According to Liggitt, when you can pair music education with early childhood education, it’s one of the most effective ways to engage a child in the educational process, no matter what level of development they may be. Horace Hopper stimulates creativity and interest in children through musical painting, different languages, sampled drums and orchestral instruments.

“These fantastic young people, no matter what their race, or gender, or age, can start developing the idea of adventure in music,” says Liggitt. “It got me excited because the students got excited.”

Liggitt has been involved in research in early childhood education for 15 years. His work, funded through private foundations, state grants and with venture capital, investigates the relationship between his music applications and the communication skills of higher functioning autistic and Asperger's Syndrome diagnosed children.

“For the first time in my life, I feel like I am doing something I’d like to be remembered for,” says Liggitt. “I’ve performed in concerts all over Europe and in New York and universities, but it wasn’t until I discovered how you can help turn kids around, especially autistic kids. Music can be like traveling through outer space. It draws you in.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Lonnie Liggitt in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Thursday November 29th at 1pm EST and with Jim Masters on November 15th at 1pm EST and Thursday December 13th at 1pm EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

For more information, visit

Lou Ceparano
(631) 850-3314
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Tanya Nesterenko of The Executive Presence to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

KING CITY, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 13, 2018 / — If we don’t put energy into the culture we want in our organization, some sort of culture will take shape. To instill the culture we want, we need leaders to nurture a culture that supports growth, diversity, creativity and puts people before task while still achieving organizational results. A first step is building trust.

Success is achieved through building relationships and trust. All conversations have the potential to build trusting relationships. We can engage in conversations that will alienate our partners, or we can engage in conversations that will invite our partners to participate, co-create and build trust.

Tanya Nesterenko is the founder of The Executive Presence, where she supports and coaches individuals and teams to engage in conversational intelligence behaviours to have the optimal conversations for their intended impact.

“The Executive Presence is about making people who they're meant to be,” says Tanya. “Be your message.”

Communication is back and forth, expressive and receptive; it's giving information and receiving information. Communication intelligence is the ability to build rapport, to listen, to connect, and ask questions to co-create solutions.

“How can you be a leader for others if you're not leading yourself?” says Tanya. “Be Your Message” is about communicating your intended message in every interaction. If you can be your message, the way you show up will naturally engage people,” says Tanya. “If we make every interaction count, people will want to engage with us! When they show up to work, they actually really want to be there.”

Whether we're an organization of one or one in an organization of thousands, finding our purpose can help us identify who we are and how we can contribute, and enable us to connect as leaders. Tanya coaches leaders to help them find out who they are, understand and value their authenticity & strengths and then live those values with every interaction.

“Most people have never really been taught how to communicate. How to get our intended message across, how to get our needs met, how to refuse, how to ask for clarification, how to debate” says Tanya. What attracts the clients to the executive presence is that people are now realizing the power of communication and how communication is a change agent for relationship building and impact. Now that you realize that communication is like a super power, what do I do with it? How do I use it? How do I strengthen it or even change it so that I can have my intended impact?

My aspiration as a coach is to be the wizard behind the curtain, supporting others to make their own magic happen for themselves. I’m so honored to be able to empower and bring out the best in people.

CUTV News Radio will feature Tanya Nesterenko in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on November 15th at 11am EDT.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

For more information on The Executive Presence, visit

Lou Ceparano
(631) 850-3314
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