WildAdventures.Life Launches Search to Find its Next SIC (Social Impact Curator) Experience Needed? Passion & Purpose

Retreat and Coaching Company Focused on Personal Health & Transformation Launches Open Call for Someone Who Wants to Be Trained by High End Coaches for Free

"Our retreats encompass some of the truly remarkable travel destinations, & we want to make sure we find the right person to help us create more social impact in the world, and create a great life.” ”

— Liz Galloway

HOLLADAY, UTAH, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Who hasn’t heard about the many dream job travel contests launching around the world? With travel and health brands on the rise in our stressful world, everyone wants to jump on board. Who wouldn’t want a travel dream job? Wild Adventure Retreats isn’t offering a trip around the world, but they are offering a once in a lifetime package and opportunity in search of their own personal Social Impact Curator (SIC) worth $25K.

Millions of people line up every year to join master mind trainings, retreats and co-working travel itineraries to improve their lives. Sometimes these come with high end fees and limited opportunity. Wild Adventure Retreats, and its founder Liz Galloway, want to eliminate the barriers to people having the tools to transform their personal and professional lives. “The open call for the SIC is our version of a company CEO search.” says Liz Galloway “We are offering a spot on our impact retreat to one person who wants to create a personal impact and get one on one training from our hosts that would cost them $25k in the business world.” Liz continues.

The search is on for one person who has the passion and purpose for a socially impactful business or personal quest. One person will be chosen as the right “job candidate” to join Wild Adventures in a Bali paradise, have their travel, accommodations and adventure costs covered to understand local social impact, and get some serious training from coaches to help them understand the tools to launch a brand or business, their own TED talk creation goals, and work through the steps of being mentored to be their own Social Impact Curator and make a difference in the world.
"Our retreats encompass some of the truly remarkable travel destinations, and we want to make sure we find the right person to help us create more social impact in the world, and create a great life for themselves.” States founder Liz Galloway.

Throughout the mentoring and retreat process the SIC will be responsible for sharing their story and goals, along with generating videos, social media and real first-hand experiences of learning and impact. The S.I.C position includes this and more.

• Sleeping in luxurious beds overlooking the most pristine jungles in a sustainable resort
• Summitting peaks, tackling rivers, working on your mental and physical health with a targeted itinerary
• Immersing yourself in culture, traditions, and social impact contacts
• Feeding your mind, body and soul through targeted training and coaching
• Being introduced to locals and tourists to know coordination of charitable projects
• Support local education, health and well being and taking away tools to do your own social impact or tell your story.
• Having the most enviable mentorship on the planet

The right candidate will help be the face of the retreat and an ambassador for social good and impactful travel. Applications are being accepted beginning today through January 31st, 2019. The candidate must be available to travel to Bali to be mentored for a week, have a valid passport, be passionate about social impact and creating content to support it. Applicants can apply online by answering their purpose questions by following @travel.to.wellness and clicking bio on Instagram or on the retreat site at WildAdventures.Life

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