“Memories of a Devil” Receives Rave Review from Top Literary Site

Kirkus Reviews calls Father Chester’s memoir “a remarkable combination of personal testimony and almost sociological observation.”

Kirkus Reviews calls holocaust survivor’s tale “infinitely inspiring”

Though his hardships were grotesque, his remembrance of human decency in the unlikeliest of places is infinitely inspiriting.

A cleareyed, meditative account of an unfathomable evil. ”

— Kirkus Reviews

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA, January 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The memoir of a Jesuit priest’s journey through the prison camps of Nazi Germany during World War II received glowing praise in its first major literary review.

Kirkus Reviews lauded Father Chester Fabisiak’s recounting of his concentration camp experience in “Memories of a Devil: My Life as a Jesuit in Dachau” as a “cleareyed, meditative account of an unfathomable evil.” The review site also referred to the work as “a brave but disturbing act of bearing historical witness” and “a remarkable combination of personal testimony and almost sociological observation.”

Shortly after Fabisiak became an ordained minister in Poland in 1939, he was arrested along with his fellow Jesuit priests and held in custody by the Gestapo. He escaped, was recaptured, and then transferred to eight prison camps and two forced labor camps before ultimately being sent to the infamous Dachau concentration camp. Through each of these stops, Fabisiak bears witness to not only the barbaric acts of cruelty imposed upon him and his fellow prisoners by the Nazis, but also the kindnesses that were bestowed upon them by those sympathetic to their plight. Kirkus says the book is “far from a hopeless indictment of humankind” and that Fabisiak’s “remembrance of human decency in the unlikeliest of places is infinitely inspiring.”

“Memories of a Devil: My Life as a Jesuit Priest in Dachau” is available for sale on Amazon. The Kirkus Reviews review of the book appears in the company’s January magazine. For more information on the book, go to www.memoriesofadevil.com/. The entire Kirkus review can be read at https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/chester-fabisiak/memories-of-a-devil/.

About Father Chester Fabisiak, SJ:

Father Chester Fabisiak, SJ devoted his life to God and his fellow human beings. He enthusiastically taught children and adolescents, seeking to prepare them for the responsibilities of this world as well as their eternal lives. His memoir, “Memories of a Devil,” is his educational, intellectual and spiritual gift to subsequent generations. It is available for purchase and download on Amazon.

Following his death in 1996, Chester’s niece, Danuta, saw that her uncle’s wishes were carried out and that his manuscript was published. She hopes that his retelling of the concentration camps will serve as a cautionary tale to humanity; that turning a blind eye to evil will result in tragedy.


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