Mayoral Candidate and City Commissioner Keith James Launches Neighborhoods First Initiative

Keith James for Mayor

Keith James for Mayor

Keith James, city commissioner and mayoral candidate of West Palm Beach (WPB), today launches the Neighborhoods First Initiative

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2019 / — Keith James, city commissioner and mayoral candidate of West Palm Beach (WPB), today launches the Neighborhoods First Initiative, a strategic plan to foster community input, neighborhood city improvement ideas and ensure the voices of WPB are heard.

As the first major initiative of any candidate running for Mayor, James continues to lead the way in putting forward plans and policies of his administration. He has been hosting events in each district across the city and hundreds of people have attended to hear his vision and plan. Through the Neighborhoods First Initiative, James provides a direct line of communication between local residents and the Mayor’s office guaranteeing voices are heard for a stronger, healthier and happier city.

“I am proud to announce my Neighborhoods First Initiative. It’s a plan to ensure each and every West Palm Beach neighborhood is listened to, their ideas are taken into consideration and that we are all working together to make our community a great place to live, work and raise a family,” James stated. “Our neighborhoods are the jewels that define our city and as Mayor, I am going to work to make sure neighborhood issues and projects are prioritized and getting done sooner. The advisory groups that are formed out of my Neighborhoods First Initiative will provide valuable feedback and ideas to help shape policy and direction.”

James asks those who are interested in participating in the Neighborhoods First Initiative to register online at Once registered, participants will be enrolled for the Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Group. Each neighborhood will have their own advisory group that James will meet with now, and as Mayor of WPB, to discuss neighborhood priorities and ideas for the future.

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About Keith James:
Commissioner Keith James was elected to the West Palm Beach City Commission in 2011 and is a two-time president of the City Commission. As the Immediate Past President of the Palm Beach County League of Cities, Board Member of the Florida League of Cities and member of Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency, Commissioner James has become a leader on solving local municipal and regional issues of importance.

On the City Commission, Keith James has sought to create a city of opportunity where people and businesses can succeed. Under Keith James’ leadership, West Palm Beach has seen a boom in economic development and job creation, improvements in city services and increase in local neighborhood projects. Commissioner James has prioritized sound budget management, improving public safety, protecting West Palm Beach’s water supply and environment and addressing homelessness and workforce housing issues.

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Keith James Neighborhoods First Initiative

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