Bullies and Couch Potatoes Be Warned! Duo of Children’s Books Takes Aim at Modern Life in BULLIED and SOFA BOY.


BULLIED – Upstander

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Medal of Honor and Call of Duty game creator uses life experience in bullying tale and 10th anniversary edition of “Sofa Boy” about an overly avid young gamer.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, February 13, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a departure from his fancifully humorous books, video game producer and award winning children’s author Scott Langteau releases “BULLIED”, a poignant and frank depiction of modern-day bullying in children’s literature. “BULLIED” follows the lives of 7 targeted young people living alongside their tormentors on a journey from adolescence to adulthood. Also newly released is an updated 10th Anniversary Edition of “Sofa Boy”, Langteau’s award-winning, Grimm-like cautionary tale of a media and video game addicted young lad. The new edition of “Sofa Boy” boasts the updating of addictive technology and additional atmospheric artwork.

Not your average middle school book on bullying, “BULLIED” shines a light on the wide array of bullying tactics, targets, and the trajectory of the futures for all involved – in a story spanning decades. Inspired by Langteau’s own childhood experiences, “BULLIED” presents contemporary, realistic scenarios of the daily struggles of “BULLIED” middle school students with a focus on the tactics of today: cyber-bullying, xenophobia, gender identity, religious intolerance, body shaming and more. Compelling scenes of persecution brought to life by illustrator Erik Ly transport the reader deep into the experiences of the “BULLIED” and gradually, through the passage of time, delivers them to the other side – where hopefully life gets better for everyone involved.

In the creation of this timely new picture book for readers 8-12, bullying survivor turned modern day author Scott Langteau (Sofa Boy; The Question) consulted school administrators, teachers, counselors and more. “BULLIED” actively reaffirms to those experiencing the handiwork of a bully that they are not to blame for what is happening to them and to trust and believe in the integrity of who they are. The book portrays both sides of the issue, culminating in an ultimately positive celebration of self, as well as an ever-present potential for redemption.

“Sofa Boy”, celebrated for its fun yet decidedly darker take on the perils of video game and media addiction in today’s youth (not to mention many an adult) is as pertinent and humorous a message of moderation in 2019 as it was when originally released in 2009 – if not more so.

“Sofa Boy” invites readers into the living room of an average family. But this family’s son has a bigger than average obsession with videogames. Sitting from daybreak to dark on the family sofa, the boy will not stop his gaming, TV gazing, and smart phone use to play outside, have dinner, take a bath, or even go to bed. He is – quite literally – consumed with sitting on the couch. Penned with a clever rhyme scheme and accompanied by truly captivating gothic-inspired illustrations by artist Rion Vernon, “Sofa Boy” encourages moderation in gaming and other media habits, by showing the fantastical fate of one boy (and one cat!) who wouldn’t put the controller down.

Author Scott Langteau, is best known for his critically and commercially successful work as the primary producer on titles in the lauded Medal of Honor and Call of Duty video game franchises. He has also done creative work and songwriting for companies including DreamWorks, Electronic Arts, Disney/Pixar and the Jim Henson Company.

“BULLIED”, “Sofa Boy” and Langteau’s other titles (“The Question”; “Shaking the Moon to Free the Stars”) are available now at a variety of online retailers including www.amazon.com, or directly from the publisher at www.shakethemoonbooks.com where titles may be ordered with author signatures and personal dedications at no extra cost for a limited time. For author interviews, appearances and presentations, digital art and illustrations, or more information contact: info@shakethemoonbooks.com. School, library, and other wholesale copies can be obtained through Bookmasters / Baker and Taylor.

BULLIED Hardcover, 56pgs, Ages 8-12 ($17.95) ISBN: 978-0-692-14333-9
Sofa Boy Hardcover, 40pgs, Ages 5-9 ($16.95) ISBN: 978-0-615-25125-7
The Question Hardcover, 44pgs, Ages 5-9 ($16.95) ISBN: 978-0-615-53638-5

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