Online Free Microscopy Course for Fungi Could Help Prevent 1.6 Million Deaths per Year

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM, March 13, 2019 / — Launched in 2016, the online free course is translated into 4 languages (Spanish, French and Portuguese as well as English) and accredited by the UK Royal College of pathologists. This means laboratory technicians and doctors can earn continuing professional education points (CPD and CME) while learning a critical skill.

Serious fungal infections (13 million annually) are known to be widespread throughout the world and are difficult to diagnose (1). Multiple techniques are used including the detection of specific antibodies produced by our immune system, or antigens produced by the fungus cultures, X-ray and CT scans but the direct detection of fungi in biopsy samples is often the fastest and definitive test. In many parts of the world few or none of these tests are widely available, so the detection of fungal infection is poor and mostly undiagnosed. There are 1.6 million deaths a year due to fungal infection, many of which could be prevented if diagnosed earlier (or at all). was conceived by Leading International Fungal Education in 2016 and aims to train clinical staff to accurately diagnose all fungal infections using only a light microscope and a small collection of easily accessible stains. There are four modules that are freely available at no cost that take students from a basic level of knowledge right up to advanced skills that will detect the rarest of infections.

1000 students have enrolled with and are earning qualifications approved by the University of Manchester and the National Aspergillosis Centre, however needs to reach many more clinicians to complete its ambition. To achieve this, we are delighted to announce a twofold addition to Microfungi’s capabilities:

• Now all 4 modules are available in 4 of the most commonly spoken languages, with more to come in 2019
• The Royal College of Pathologists has approved the course content and awarded CPD credits for modules 2-4

With increased accessibility and increased incentives we aim to train at least twice as many diagnosticians by the end of 2020.




For more information please contact Luisa Morlano, The Goodwork Organisation on Tel: +44 (0) 20 8747 1488 or via email on is the first free online course available in 4 languages providing microscopy training and fungal education to medical staff and students worldwide.
Over 300 million people are affected by fungal diseases. 1.6 million die each year of a fungal infection.
Fungal infections are one of the most misdiagnosed diseases and late diagnosis drastically lowers the survival chance of a patient. aims to tackle this issue by providing easily accessible online training to reduce the number of fungal related deaths by improving the rate of early and accurate lifesaving diagnosis.

The course comprises 4 modules:
1. Basic microscope handling, sample preparation, safety and preparation of stains
2. Identification of different fungi by direct microscopy
3. Histology of the top 10 most common fungal infections
4. Fungal histology of unusual fungi.

Modules1 and 2 are directed towards microbiologists and technical staff (direct microscopy) and modules 3 and 4 are directed to histologists and technical staff.

For more information about the course please visit or watch our video here. is an initiative by the Fungal Infection Trust (FIT), a charity standing by the side of many people who have serious fungal infections, helping their doctors, encouraging research and supporting them and their carers with advice, information and removal of social isolation.

The FIT began work in the UK in 1991 but are now reaching out to isolated people throughout the world in an attempt to improve their quality of life wherever they may live.

The FIT provides online education resources for doctors, research scientists, students and patients. FIT has contributed over £4 million to research and education over the past 20 years.

For more information about FIT please visit

Luisa Morlano
The Goodwork Organisation Ltd
+44 20 8747 1488
email us here

Source: EIN Presswire