Greek-American Author Konstantinos Koskoletos Launches Indie Publishing House in Sparta, NJ

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Introducing our books in Greek

"The Miseries of Occupation: A Child-Survivor Remembers"

Introducing our first book in English. English version “Beyond the Horizons” is coming soon under our Artemis imprint.

A new, independent publishing company, Artemis Arrow Books LLC, publishes Greek and English works focused on Greek-related stories.

Writing uplifts my spirits and rejuvenates my mind. Writing is the most creative accomplishment anyone can achieve.”

— Konstantinos Koskoletos

SPARTA, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, April 24, 2019 / — Author, Konstantinos Koskoletos, has launched an independent publishing company, Artemis Arrow Books LLC, to publish Greek and English language works focused on Greek-related stories like his memoir dealing with his tumultuous childhood during the Nazi Occupation of Greece, entitled "The Miseries of Occupation: A Child Survivor Remembers". The founder envisions publishing additional works by Konstantinos Koskoletos as well as other independent writers whose work would be of interest to Greeks and phyllo-Hellenes around the world. His aim is to educate and inform readers about important historical events of the past that people are unaware of and yet have a lingering impact in today’s world.

In “The Miseries of Occupation”, the author traces the mystery surrounding how his father came to be falsely accused of a crime and then subsequently executed with sixteen other Greek resistance soldiers on the island of Aegina. This book is also a haunting journey from idyllic rural Greece through WWII with a front and center view of the troubled transition into the Cold War, and into the confused edge of US/British foreign policy and the Soviet Communist conflict. The journey is of a boy, Iasona, and how the boy survives the Nazi invasion, which also depicts the best and the worst of mankind during a very dark period in Greece's history. "The Miseries of Occupation" in it's original Greek version was first published in 2005 and was highly recommended for academic use on all levels in Greece. That same book ("Oi Athlioi ths Katochis") is now also available as a second edition, under the Artemis imprint.

“Péra ap tous Orizontes” (“Beyond the Horizons”) is a new Greek-language title about an adventurer-historian, much like the ancient Greek historian Pausanias. Starting in Constantinople, the Queen of the Bosphorus, the narrator travels 25,000 miles around the globe searching for the meaning of civilization both ancient and modern. The book deals with themes of political corruption, and the struggles of an immigrant to new lands. We will be guided by the old warrior, Pappou Stavro, a 1922 volunteer in the much-celebrated Greek military expedition to Asia Minor, and with him, we'll cross the Sagarius River, and live firsthand one of the most ferocious battles, where Greece's glorious army engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the savage Kemalists. In our quest to track Hellenic history, along with a relentless search for the truth, we shall also learn of triumphant victories won with the blood of thousands upon thousands of innocent lives. And as our tale continues, our veteran war hero Pappou Stavro, takes us further to explore the historical events, which will lead us on a tour of the holocaust of beautiful Smyrna, and the genocide of two million of the Hellenic population, whose home for countless generations was in Asia Minor. With Pappou Stavro, we will live the tragedy of when our glorious Greek army was betrayed by the Mother country, Greece, and its allies, and was ultimately forced to make an abrupt retreat, through the immense and deadly Salt Desert. As we continue to turn the pages of this tumultuous story, from a breathing distance, we'll also admire ancient achievements, with the pinnacle of all marvels and also one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, awesome and unique in its grandeur: The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus.

Both of these titles have wide appeal for readers of all ages, and they are especially engaging for anyone who seeks a better understanding of the historical events of Greece, both during and after the Second World War. The founder believes strongly in publishing books that deal with aspects of human survival such as resilience and truth. Artemis Arrow Books is now accepting applications for publishing independent author’s works and welcomes Greek or any phyllo-Hellenes writers who are passionate about these topics, regardless of whether they are published or not.


Konstantinos Koskoletos graduated from the Archimedes Engineering Academy in Piraeus, Greece, with a degree in mechanical engineering. After some time spent on a merchant marine ship that took him around the world, he immigrated to America where he met his future wife, Magdalene, raised a family and settled in Kingston, NY, when he then founded and ran an engineering company for over 35 years. Now at 83, he is retired from his company, and living in Greece, where he continues to chronicle his memories of those early years.

Artemis Arrow Books aims to educate and inform readers about important historical events of the past that people are unaware of and yet have a lingering impact in today’s world.

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