Denny and Susan Waxman Announce their NEW Book: The Ultimate Guide to Eating for Longevity to release August 6th, 2019

The Ultimate Guide to Eating for Longevity Cover

Anyone who reads this book and follows the advice will experience better health.

Denny & Susan Waxman announce August 6th release of The Ultimate Guide to Eating for Longevity: The Macrobiotic Way to Live a Long, Healthy, and Happy Life.

Great health is not achieved by taking away and restricting―it is achieved by adding healthier foods and lifestyle practices. One healthy choice leads to another healthy choice.”

— Denny Waxman

PHILADELPHIA, PA, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2019 / — "The Ultimate Guide to Eating for Longevity: The Macrobiotic Way to Live a Long, Healthy, and Happy Life" by acclaimed macrobiotic health and nutritional experts Denny and Susan Waxman is the ultimate guide on how to build and integrate healthy habits into your diet and lifestyle, revealing a more positive, balanced, and invigorating approach to long lasting health. It is available now for pre-order on Amazon.

With modern “healthy” diets constantly flip-flopping on what foods to eat and focusing on restricting calories, individuals can be left confused, defeated, and unsatisfied. This new book leaves all negativity behind and brings to light a positive outlook on building one healthy habit at a time.

Readers will find healthy living easier than ever by learning how to apply these principles into a broad range of modern lifestyles and having the ability to go at their own pace. The book includes new recipes from Susan Waxman and clears up misinformation about food to give you an understanding of how to achieve your best physical, spiritual, and mental health.

"The Ultimate Guide to Eating for Longevity" is not a diet fad but based on the world’s long-standing civilizations that have changed very little over time and make it clear that it is possible to live a long healthy life.

Pre-order "The Ultimate Guide to Eating for Longevity: The Macrobiotic Way to Live a Long, Healthy, and Happy Life" on Amazon today.

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Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey Slimed by Students of Hmong International Academy

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey was slimed by the students of the Hmong International Academy as a result of an AmeriCorps challenge to get at least 20 new sign ups in May.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey Slimed by Students of Hmong International Academy

Honors challenge to sign up 20 new AmeriCorps members in Minneapolis.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA, May 31, 2019 / — Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey Slimed by Students of Hmong International Academy Mayor Frey honors challenge to sign up 20 new AmeriCorps members of the 250 needed in Minneapolis. More than $2.5 million in federal funds are leveraged by AmeriCorps for Minneapolis each year.

Minneapolis – May 31, 2019 – Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey issued a challenge to members of the Minneapolis community to talk to friends, family and neighbors to sign up at least 20 new members for AmeriCorps service by May 10th. If the challenge was met, he vowed to let the students of Hmong International Academy, a school with AmeriCorps members from City of Lakes AmeriCorps, Minnesota Reading Corps and Minnesota Math Corps, to create a barrel of slime and dump it on his head. The community responded, and the major honored his pledge on Wed., May 29, at 1 PM.

WHAT: Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey slimed by students of the Hmong International Academy.

WHEN: Wednesday, May 29th, 1 to 1:30 PM
WHERE: Hmong International Academy, 1501 North 30th Avenue, Minneapolis
WHY: Mayor Frey honored his challenge to sign up at least 20 new AmeriCorps members
in Minneapolis by May 10th.

In 2019-2020, more than 250 AmeriCorps service positions will be available in Minneapolis.

More than $2.5 million in federal funds are leveraged by AmeriCorps for
Minneapolis each year.

WHO: Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey
Students, faculty and AmeriCorps members from Hmong International Academy

Video of the challenge:

AmeriCorps in Minnesota
AmeriCorps is a national service program often referred to as the “Domestic Peace Corps.” Here in Minnesota, more than 2,000 individuals are serving in more than 200 communities statewide. People who join AmeriCorps commit to a year of service in exchange for a modest living stipend and an education award to help pay for tuition or student loans. Members gain valuable professional, educational, and life benefits, and the experience has a lasting impact on the members and the communities they serve. AmeriCorps is a real-life education and work experience wrapped into one.

People who join AmeriCorps (called “members”) provide direct service in the areas of education, addiction recovery, public safety, economic opportunity and the environment. There are hundreds of different AmeriCorps positions available, including full-time and part-time opportunities with nonprofits, schools, public agencies, and community and faith-based groups.

Members also receive training, career connections, marketable skills, and the chance to make a real difference in people’s lives. AmeriCorps is an awesome adventure and a way to gain the experience of a lifetime! To learn more, visit or call 612.333.7740.

About Minnesota Reading Corps:
One in three Minnesota third graders is not reading at grade level. Minnesota Reading Corps, a statewide program, provides a solution. The program places trained AmeriCorps tutors in schools and preschools, where they deliver proven literacy strategies to help children get ready for Kindergarten and on track to become successful readers by the end of third grade. Two independent and rigorous studies conducted by the University of Chicago confirm Reading Corps to be one of the most effective literacy programs nationwide. It is replicated in 12 states and the District of Columbia. For more information, please visit

About Minnesota Math Corps:
State exam results show 40 percent of Minnesota eighth graders do not demonstrate grade-level proficiency in math. Minnesota Math Corps provides a solution to help students become successful 21st century learners and to narrow achievement gaps. The program places trained AmeriCorps tutors in Minnesota schools to deliver research-based math strategies that help students in grades four through eight build the skills needed to succeed in math. The program is being replicated nationally. For more information, please visit

About City of Lakes AmeriCorps:
City of Lakes AmeriCorps is one of the oldest AmeriCorps programs in the Twin Cities. For 25 years, its members have served the youth of Minneapolis as tutors, out-of-school enrichment leaders, and positive adult role models who inspire youth to reach their full potential. City of Lakes members serve in middle schools throughout the Minneapolis Public Schools district providing academic support and after school enrichment opportunities for long-term English Learners. For more information, please visit

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Gary Young
Gary Young Ink
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Questions about “Symptoms of Heart Problems in Children”? Surgeon Dr. Kamal Pourmoghadam explains in a new article

Dr Kamal Pourmoghadam, surgeon in Orlando Florida

Dr Kamal Pourmoghadam, surgeon in Orlando Florida

Dr Kamal K Pourmoghadam, Florida

Dr Kamal K Pourmoghadam, Florida

Dr Kamal Pourmoghadam, surgeon in Orlando Florida

Dr Kamal Pourmoghadam, surgeon in Orlando Florida

Dr Kamal Pourmoghadam, surgeon in Orlando Florida

Dr Kamal Pourmoghadam, surgeon in Orlando Florida

Website of Dr Kamal Pourmoghadam, Orlando, Florida

Website of Dr Kamal Pourmoghadam, Orlando, Florida

In his newest article, pediatric heart surgeon Dr. Kamal K. Pourmoghadam explains children’s heart issues and their symptoms in layman’s terms.

Dr. Kamal K. Pourmoghadam (N/A:N/A)

If you observe any of these symptoms of a heart problem, take your child to your primary care physician. They will refer you to a pediatric cardiologist – children’s heart specialist for further tests”

— Dr. Kamal Pourmoghadam, Orlando, Florida

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2019 / — Did you know that one in every 100 children suffer from a heart problem? This includes heart defects that may be present from birth, or developed at birth, or turned into a defect as the child grew up. These defects are usually treated with the help of medicine, surgery, or several medical procedures combined.

To explain, medical doctor and surgeon Kamal Pourmoghadam, MD has published an informational article on this subject in an easy-to-understand way. The complete article will be published on the Blog of Dr. Pourmoghadam at

At times, it is difficult to identify a heart defect, and many children continue to live a normal life with little to no problems. However, in some cases, children may find difficulty in performing normal tasks such as running or walking due to a heart problem. This happens when the heart problem goes undetected at an earlier stage and becomes a huge health concern later on in life.

Hence, heart defects must be treated as soon as possible and to detect them in the first place, the following are some symptoms that you must watch out for.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Heart Problems in Children

Heart problems can occur in infants, toddlers, and older children, and these children may exhibit the following symptoms concerning heart defects:
1. Infants
* Feeling out of breath when feeding milk
* Becoming sweaty during feeds
* Gums or tongue turning blue
* Passing out

2. Toddlers
* Failing to stay as active as other children
* Feeling fatigued and getting out of breath during simple activities as compared to other kids of that age
* Getting sweaty quicker than other kids. Sometimes after even less activity than other children.
* Blue skin color (gums/tongue)
* Frequent fainting
3. Teens
* Chest pain while performing exercises
* Fatigue and dizziness
* Passing out
* Swelling in the legs, abdomen, and skin around the eyes
* Shortness of breath during exercise or while playing sports
* Getting tired easily

When to See a Doctor

If you observe any of these symptoms of a heart problem, take your child to your primary care physician. They will refer you to a pediatric cardiologist – children’s heart specialist. The children’s heart specialist will perform the necessary tests to diagnose the type of heart defect your child is suffering from.

Some of the tests that a pediatric cardiologist will conduct are:

* Chest X-ray which is a simple X-ray to identify any hole or lump in the chest.
* An ECG is another test in which wires are attached using sticky dots on the chest, arms, and legs. These wires diagnose the electrical activity of the heart. This test takes only a few minutes and doesn’t cause any sort of pain. However, your child will be required to stay composed during the test.
* An ultrasound scan, known as an echocardiogram, will also be conducted. In this type of test, a handheld scanner scans the chest and stomach and presents your child’s heart’s image on a TV monitor. In this test, your child may feel pressure as the scanner is pressed firmly against the skin. So, it can be uncomfortable. However, it is not painful.
Some common treatments for heart defects are medicines, surgery, and procedures like using a catheter to stop blood from flowing in between the chambers, etc.

About Dr. Kamal K. Pourmoghadam

Dr. Kamal Pourmoghadam is a pediatric cardiac surgeon at The Heart Center at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. He is board certified in general surgery, cardiothoracic surgery and congenital cardiac surgery.

Dr. Pourmoghadam earned his bachelor’s degree from University of California, Berkeley, and his medical degree from Albany Medical College in New York. He trained for adult cardiac surgery at the University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, and for congenital cardiac surgery at the University of Washington, Seattle Children’s Hospital in Seattle.

Dr. Pourmoghadam is a professor of surgery at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine, practicing congenital cardiac surgery for over twenty years and has been active in clinical research. He has extensive experience in neonatal and infant cardiac surgery and has special interest in the repair of single ventricle physiology patients and research in univentricular hearts.


News report about Dr. Pourmoghadam:

Dr. Kamal K. Pourmoghadam
Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
+ + + + + +1 407-255-2164
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Testing Newborns for Heart Defects – Lee Health

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R4G Launches Fun Air Travel Reward Escape from LA to Enjoy a Cruise for Good

Must Participate by August  31, 2019 to Earn Reward

Must Participate by August 31, 2019 to Earn Reward

For Those Who Seek to Experience Life Differently

For Those Who Seek to Experience Life Differently

Since 1998, Helping Talented Professionals Find Great Jobs They Love

Since 1998, Helping Talented Professionals Find Great Jobs They Love

Recruiting for Good is generating proceeds from staffing to help fund one nonprofit; and is rewarding referrals to candidates and companies with fun travel.

Join us to help fund a fun cause…enjoy flights to escape from LA and cruise for good.”

— Carlos Cymerman, Fun Advocate+Founder, Cruise for Good

SANTA MONICA, CA, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2019 / — Cruise for Good is a fun travel reward sponsored by staffing agency, Recruiting for Good (RG4) to inspire community participation and help fund The Ed Asner Family Center. Participate before August 31, 2019 to enjoy 2 Round-Trip Flights to Escape from L.A. (or Orange County) to your departure city for Alaska, Caribbean, and Hawaii cruises.

According to Recruiting for Good, Founder Carlos Cymerman, “We're making it fun and rewarding for people to participate and help us fund our cause….join us today to experience the Caribbean with Virgin Voyages….and have the time of your life."

How to Earn Flights to Escape from LA

Must live in Southern California

1) Book a cruise departing in 12 to 24 months with a cruise company or travel agency.

2) Participate in Recruiting for Good by introducing a company hiring professional staff in Accounting/Finance, Engineering, Information Technology, Marketing, and Sales positions.

3) Recruiting for Good will find the company a new employee. And earn a finder's fee that is shared; R4G donates $1,000 to The Ed Asner Family Center, and rewards $1,000 toward cruise booking. And 2 coach round-trip flights from LA to experience cruises in Alaska, Caribbean, or Hawaii.

Carlos Cymerman, adds "Refer your friends to join Recruiting for Good and earn more fun travel rewards…"


Recruiting for Good is a socially progressive staffing company in Santa Monica, finding talented professionals awesome jobs they love, since 1998. Companies retain us to find them the best talent in Accounting/Finance, Engineering, and Information Technology, Marketing, and Sales.

Love to have fun making a difference and travel; simply make referrals to help R4G fund The Ed Asner Family Center and earn travel saving rewards with your favorite brands (Crystal, Disney, Seabourne, Viking, Virgin…and so much more).

The Ed Asner Family Center’s mission is to promote self-confidence in differently abled individuals and bring balance and wellness to those individuals and their families. Delivering Camp Ed, enrichment programs, and mental health programs. To learn more visit

Carlos Cymerman
Recruiting for Good
+1 310-720-8324
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Himachal Mukhopadhyay Shares Insight into the Growing Number of FDA-Approved Biosimilars

Himachal Mukhopadhyay

ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 31, 2019 / — Healthcare professional Himachal Mukhopadhyay has studied developing trends of biosimilars for decades. He helps shed light on FDA-approved biosimilar medications and their implications for patients now and in the future.

Himachal Mukhopadhyay has over 20 years in the healthcare industry, where he’s taken on roles in Operations, Delivery, Engineering, and Sales/Business Development. As a leader and strategic advisor, he studies ongoing healthcare trends to provide in-depth research and creative solutions to his clients. Below, he remarks on the recent advancements in biological medicine and the increase of FDA-approved biosimilars, which have major implications for healthcare patients around the world.

“Last year, the number of FDA-approved biosimilars nearly doubled thanks to advancements in technology and research,” says Himachal Mukhopadhyay. “Because of these approvals, patients everywhere can have access to specialized biological treatments at a much lower cost.”

Biological Medicine vs. Conventional Medication

Biological products are advanced scientific discoveries that encompass products like vaccines, gene therapy, blood components, and recombinant therapeutic proteins. Biologics are composed of a range of substances and often include living entities like tissues and cells to deliver effective treatment results where no other treatments may be available.

Conventional medication is largely made up of chemically-synthesized ingredients whose structures are well known after years of study and development. Biological medicine, on the other hand, is made up of complex biological mixtures that implement cutting-edge biomedical research to treat illnesses and conditions. In addition, these medications are more susceptible to damage from heat and microbial contamination. This tends to drive up the cost for healthcare patients as do the patented ingredients, processes, and price of past research.

Biosimilars Offer Nearly-Identical Alternatives

Himachal Mukhopadhyay notes that because biologics are so complex and specialized, they tend to be highly expensive and not a valid option for many patients whose illnesses or conditions could otherwise benefit from them. Biosimilars are copycat formulas of approved biologic medicine. The effectiveness of a biosimilar medication is tested against the effectiveness of the reference product in extensive laboratory and clinical research to determine if it’s a viable option for healthcare patients.

Before a biosimilar can be released for public use, it first must prove that it produces no meaningful differences from the product it imitates in terms of effectiveness and safety. Recently, the FDA has approved more biosimilars than ever, creating generic alternatives for patients around the world.

Biosimilars Mean Cheaper Treatment Options for Many

The biggest benefit of biosimilars for patients is the difference in cost. Patented formulas allow manufacturers to control pricing as they see fit, but biosimilars give competitors and secondary manufacturers the opportunity to provide similar medication at a fraction of the cost (similar to brand name medications and their generic counterparts).

“As the FDA approves more and more biosimilars, healthcare patients can expect to encounter more specialized treatment and care at much more affordable pricing,” says Himachal Mukhopadhyay. “In the future, this will mean greater access to complex medicine for international patients and ultimately a much healthier populace as a result.”

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What is the National Youth Soccer Program and How Can You Get Involved? Coach Bryan Nazor Weighs In

Bryan Nazor

Youth Soccer Coach Bryan Nazor Shares Experience With National Youth Soccer Program

CHESTNUT RIDGE, NEW YORK, USA, May 31, 2019 / — The National Youth Soccer Program (U.S. Club Soccer), exists to “transform the lives of America’s youth through the game of soccer.” For many people, including Bryan Nazor, a resident of Chestnut Ridge, New York, working with this youth soccer program has been inspiring and fulfilling.

U.S. Youth Soccer is a non-profit organization that provides a path for young people who want to break into playing soccer. The program teaches core values, like respect, integrity, teamwork and excellent, which Bryan Nazor said is an important component and allows the coaches to act as mentors in addition to teaching the game of soccer.

The organization was founded in 1974 and today has more than 3,000,000 players between ages 5 and 19. Most of the 300,000 coaches in the organization are volunteers like Bryan Nazor. These coaches spend their time educating and improving the lives of young soccer players in their community.

“Being a youth soccer coach has been more rewarding than I could have imagined,” said Bryan Nazor. “I get to work with motivated, talented kids and give back to my community in a tangible way.”

Many resources are provided to coaches from U.S. Youth Soccer, so those who are first-time coaches can be equipped with the tools they need. These resources include lesson plans, rules of the game, video clips, articles on coaching and even workshops and presentations to train coaches.

“The lesson plans were valuable to me in learning how to structure a soccer practice,” said Bryan Nazor. “At first it can seem intimidating, but there are lesson plans for all ages so you can teach them the skills they need, whether they are 6 years old or 16.”

Bryan Nazor said it was helpful to have a guide of listening to and communicating with players provided to him. Even those who are fans of professional soccer and have been watching or playing for years may not understand how to communicate effectively with players, which is one of the key components of being a good coach, Bryan Nazor said. “One of the best things I learned was to avoid the common pitfalls of communication in coaching, including avoiding bias and hot words.”

The organization hosts numerous youth soccer programs for every level and interest, including the U.S. Youth Soccer National Championship Series, U.S. Youth Soccer National League, U.S. Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program, Soccer Across America, Soccer Shots and more. To learn about the program offered, visit for details.

Caroline Hunter
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Special Breakfast for Kids at The Ritz-Carlton, Bali

Crafted pancake provided every day to entice kids’ palates

Dwi Rahastika, the pancake master

Special crafted pancake in the making

crafted pancakes

Senses breakfast restaurant

We ensure that young travelers have a tasty start to the day by providing an exciting array of kids’ food on the buffet and a fun and interactive pancake craft experience that they will never forget.”

— Karim Tayach

NUSA DUA, BALI, INDONESIA, May 31, 2019 / — A family-friendly resort in Bali located on a pristine beach in Nusa Dua, The Ritz-Carlton, Bali is dedicated to creating inspirational and memorable holiday experiences for all its guests, including children. Recognizing the importance of starting the day with a good breakfast, the team at Senses Restaurant have created a dedicated kids’ corner at the extensive buffet, where cookies, assorted donuts, sausage rolls, mini fruit pizza and sandwiches are served. A highlight is the live pancake craft cooking station, with fluffy pancakes cooked to order in all kinds of shapes – a novel and imaginative breakfast experience to entice children of all ages.

Chef de Partie, I Komang Dwi Rahastika – also known as the ‘Pancake Craft Chef’ – presides over a fun and interactive experience, creating pancakes in the shape of cartoon characters, letters and animals. As well as requesting a pancake of their own design, and watching it take form on the griddle, children are also encouraged to learn to cook their own pancakes, which make breakfast entertaining and enticing.

Komang, who also loves to draw in his spare time, relishes the opportunity to pour his imagination into pancake art and claims his greatest reward is to see his young guests happy and to fulfill their wishes. “My favorite shapes to create are the peacock, because it’s a symbol of my vivid imagination, and a smiling monkey face which represents my pleasure in doing my job which is also my passion,” says Komang.

Komang concluded his internship program at The Ritz-Carlton, Bali in 2016, his passion and dedication as a chef was rewarded with a full-time position in September 2018. “I can see a huge opportunity to learn and to grow and was thrilled to be offered a chance to join the Ladies and Gentlemen of The Ritz-Carlton, Bali full-time,” says the young chef.

“As an award-winning family resort we continually strive to create novel experiences for our young guests which include our signature Ritz Kids program, extensive array of family activities, and of course dedicated children’s menus in our restaurants We know that parents sometimes have difficulties encouraging their children to eat breakfast, but with so many fun activities on offer, it’s vital that our young travelers have a tasty start to the day. We ensure this by providing an exciting array of children’s food on the buffet and a fun and interactive pancake craft experience that they will never forget,” says General Manager Karim Tayach. .

Following a healthy breakfast, children are energized and ready for all the activities on offer at Ritz Kids, from water sports to Balinese dance and music classes, arts and crafts and turtle conservation.

For more details on Children’s menus and activities at The Ritz-Carlton, Bali please contact or visit .

# # #

About The Ritz-Carlton, Bali.
Located on a stunning beachfront combining with a dramatic clifftop setting, The Ritz-Carlton, Bali is a luxurious resort offering an elegant tropical ambience. Featuring tranquil views over the azure waters of the Indian Ocean the resort has 279 spacious suites and 34 expansive best villas in Bali, providing the sheerest of contemporary Balinese luxury. Along the foreshore are The Ritz-Carlton Club®, six stylish dining venues, an indulgent and exotic marine-inspired Spa, and fun, recreational activities for children of all ages at Ritz Kids. A glamorous beachfront wedding chapel, makes an idyllic setting for destination weddings, while a range of outdoor event venue and extravagant spaces provide the perfect scene for celebratory events and wedding reception in Bali. Well-appointed conference venues, luxurious meeting spaces, customizable residential packages and experienced organizers also entice those looking to create inspired MICE Tourism events in Bali. Whether work, pleasure or romance is on the agenda, The Ritz-Carlton, Bali is the place to make memories that last a lifetime. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, wechat id: ritzcarltonbali .

Prhativi Dyah
The Ritz-Carlton, Bali
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Ritz Kids Balinese Kite Activities at The Ritz-Carlton, Bali

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Hannah K. Kiernan of Kiernan Consulting Group to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

GLEN RIDGE, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2019 / — Employees at all organizational levels, and from all over the world, have benefitted from working with executive coaches. Executive coaches help provide employees with a “safe space” in which they can collaborate and plan how to best succeed in their professional lives. Coaching can not only lead to an individual’s greater professional success, but organizations frequently benefit through their employees’ increased productivity, enhanced performance, better business management, and increased team effectiveness.

Hannah K. Kiernan is a leadership, executive, and career coach. She is founder of New Jersey-based Kiernan Consulting Group, LLC.

“Coaching is a collaborative relationship in which I help my clients deepen their self-awareness and then develop an individualized plan that leads to positive action within their career and professional lives,” says Hannah. “My coaching process is purposeful, but flexible. Although my client is the primary architect of our established goals, I will hold my clients accountable to their commitments when necessary. As a coach, I partner with my clients throughout this part of their professional journey – whether it is managing a behavior that is getting in the way of their success, or learning better leadership skills, or transitioning to a new professional environment. I always want my clients to succeed.”

Kiernan Consulting Group is often hired by business entities because a high potential employee needs to develop a behavioral strategy that will increase their professional effectiveness and lead to greater success.

“I'm rarely called in because people aren't successful,” says Hannah. “I'm called in because there's a development issue a person needs to work on, or because an employee simply needs some extra support with their leadership skills. Together, we design a plan that helps mitigate against their problematic behaviors while doubling down on their strengths. It is highly effective.”

“Contrary to the old saying that ‘feedback is a gift,’ it often isn’t,” says Hannah. “Feedback, when delivered at all, can be unclear, inconsistent, non-specific, and influenced by all levels of bias. Even when feedback is well-messaged, clear, and consistent, the messaging often lacks concrete action steps that the employee can take in order to improve. That’s where I come in as a coach. Together the coachee and I figure out how to absorb the feedback they have received and develop an individualized action plan that helps meet everyone’s expectations.”

As a former nurse and attorney, Hannah has always displayed natural leadership tendencies. She started her own coaching business after a long career working in health care and in law firms, so that she could focus on what she loved best – helping individuals succeed.

Hannah has over 17-years years of experience coaching professionals in developing leadership skills, career management, personal branding, career transitions, and successful business strategies. Additionally, Kiernan Consulting Group offers attorneys coaching on how to successfully make the transition from law firm to in-house counsel positions. Kiernan Consulting Group also works with women who have exited the workforce for some period of time and hope to successfully re-enter.

CUTV News Radio will feature Hannah K. Kiernan in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on June 4th at 12pm EDT

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389

For more information on Kiernan Consulting Group, visit

Lou Ceparano
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Observando el extraño Eclipse Solar Total

Gran multitud observando el Eclipse solar total

Gran multitud observando el Eclipse solar total

Gafas de Eclipse solar seguras

Gafas de Eclipse solar seguras

Los hombres que buscan el Eclipse solar

Los hombres que buscan el Eclipse solar

On July 2, 2019, millions of people across Argentina and Chile will witness a total and partial solar eclipse.

No use gafas de sol, filtros Polaroid, vidrio ahumado, película a color expuesta, película de rayos X o filtros de densidad neutra fotográfica.”

— Deborah Byrd, Astronomy Essentials

BUENO AIRES, ARGENTINA, May 31, 2019 / — La totalidad será visible en las provincias de Buenos Aires, Córdoba, San Luis, San Juan, Santa Fe y La Rioja. En el norte de Argentina, los espectadores podrán ver el 75% de obstrucción del Sol, y aproximadamente el 50% será visible en las partes más al sur del condado.

Para experimentar un evento tan extraño de manera segura, todos en todo el país, tanto dentro como fuera de la ruta de la totalidad, deberán comprar gafas de eclipse solar especialmente diseñadas o visores portátiles. Los fabricantes de óptica especializada en todo el país lanzan filtros solares para ayudar a las personas a prepararse para esta oportunidad de su vida.

Con el eclipse total de sol en Argentina a solo un mes, todos deben comenzar a planificar para verlo ahora. Es importante planificar dónde estará el 2 de julio de 2019, dependiendo de si desea presenciar el eclipse total o parcial de sol. Por otra parte, la preparación de gafas de eclipse solar es otra parte de la tarea.

Sus anteojos de eclipse solar o sus visores deben contar con la certificación ISO para protegerse de la luz infrarroja y ultravioleta dañina del sol. Debido a que las gafas especiales para eclipses y los visores de mano son aproximadamente 1.000 veces más oscuros que las gafas de sol normales, ofrecen la forma más segura de ver el eclipse parcial.

Durante aproximadamente tres minutos, el 2 de julio de 2019, las personas en toda Argentina detendrán sus tareas y mirarán al cielo para presenciar el eclipse total de sol. Esta es una oportunidad para que las organizaciones participen en el evento y suministren las gafas y los visores. Las gafas de eclipse solar hechas a medida se pueden usar para promocionar una marca, utilizando el logotipo de la empresa y los esquemas de color.

A medida que se acerca la fecha del eclipse, el costo de las gafas de eclipse solar tiende a aumentar o incluso peor; los suministros se agotan por completo. Para evitar que esto arruine este evento espectacular para usted y su familia, asegúrese de obtener sus lentes solares antes de tiempo. En la semana anterior al eclipse, el precio de las gafas se duplicará o incluso aumentará hasta cuatro veces. Prepárese y no se quede afuera. Para evitar el aumento de precio, obtenga sus lentes de eclipse solar ahora.

Tommy Hintz
Educacion Eclipse
+54 9 11 5747-9694
email us here
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2 de julio 2019 total solar eclipse Argentina gafas de Sudamérica

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Massive Open Online Course Market 2019 Global Share, Trends, Segmentation, Analysis and Forecast to 2024

Wiseguyreports.Com Publish New Market Report On -“Massive Open Online Course Market – Global Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Growth and Forecast 2019 – 2024”

PUNE, INDIA, May 31, 2019 / —

Massive Open Online Course Market 2019

Scope of the Report:
The global Massive Open Online Course market is valued at million USD in 2018 and is expected to reach million USD by the end of 2024, growing at a CAGR of between 2019 and 2024.

The Asia-Pacific will occupy for more market share in following years, especially in China, also fast growing India and Southeast Asia regions.
North America, especially The United States, will still play an important role which cannot be ignored. Any changes from United States might affect the development trend of Massive Open Online Course.
Europe also play important roles in global market, with market size of xx million USD in 2019 and will be xx million USD in 2024, with a CAGR of xx%.

This report studies the Massive Open Online Course market status and outlook of Global and major regions, from angles of players, countries, product types and end industries; this report analyzes the top players in global market, and splits the Massive Open Online Course market by product type and applications/end industries.

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Market Segment by Companies, this report covers
Miriada X

Market Segment by Regions, regional analysis covers
North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
Europe (Germany, France, UK, Russia and Italy)
Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia)
South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia)
Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)

Market Segment by Type, covers

Market Segment by Applications, can be divided into

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Table of Contents –Analysis of Key Points

1 Market Overview
2 Manufacturers Profiles
3 Global Massive Open Online Course Sales, Revenue, Market Share and Competition by Manufacturer (2017-2018)
4 Global Massive Open Online Course Market Analysis by Regions
5 North America Massive Open Online Course by Country
6 Europe Massive Open Online Course by Country
7 Asia-Pacific Massive Open Online Course by Country
8 South America Massive Open Online Course by Country
9 Middle East and Africa Massive Open Online Course by Countries
10 Global Massive Open Online Course Market Segment by Type
11 Global Massive Open Online Course Market Segment by Application
12 Massive Open Online Course Market Forecast (2019-2024)
13 Sales Channel, Distributors, Traders and Dealers
14 Research Findings and Conclusion
15 Appendix
List of Tables and Figures


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