Strengths Coach Dustin Rippetoe to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

TULSA, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, August 21, 2019 / — Dustin Rippetoe was a fitness professional, personal trainer and strength coach. Today, Dustin is a strengths coach, specializing in personal development.

“No matter who you're coaching, whether it’s in the gym or helping them navigate a health condition, you’re trying to help them find a way for them to do what they need to do for themselves,” says Dustin. “The only thing any of us have a little bit of control over is our own behavior. So that's where we should put our effort and focus. Developing those new little habits will lead you in the right direction no matter where you want to go.”

What’s unique about Dustin is that he actually excels at working with other coaches.

“Through the networking you do early on as a coach, I found that there were actually a massive number of coaches who were stuck,” says Dustin. “They knew how to help others move forward; they just didn't know how to move forward themselves.”

“You can only coach the level of your own development,” add Dustin. “As a coach you have to keep working on yourself. You have to have your own coach and dig in.”

Drawing on his previous experience as a fitness professional, Dustin says it’s remarkable how much everything comes back to nutrition and good sleep habits: all the things we know that we should be doing to show up for your clients as the best version of ourselves.”

“Coaches can become a bit addicted to finding more and more tools, more and more powerful questions. I think that leads to paralysis by analysis,” says Dustin. “Cut it down to what's essential. If you have to be the expert all the time, it's very difficult to slip back into that beginner's mindset of ‘what do I need to learn from this?’”

“Our talents only turn into strengths in relation to other people, so the power of “conversations with consequences” is sacred,” says Dustin. “I take a craftsman approach to my coaching practice. I want to become masterful at coaching and masterful in my conversations.”

As a personal trainer, Dustin has always understood the importance of inspiration, motivation and discipline, but his strength was tested recently when he needed a kidney transplant.

“If anything, my kidney disease has given me a crash course in how to unstick yourself,” says Dustin. “Everything from navigating the dialysis to the lack of energy from the disease process itself. It's not motivation that people need; it's something more akin to resilience.”

In addition to his other coaching services, Dustin is also a Kidney Koach, a free program he offers to help people navigate this challenging process.

“Strength has changed its definition for me these past few years,” admits Dustin. “Now it's more of a willingness to be vulnerable. That’s where it all started for me.”

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