Did you see the whales? Here is the guide to help cruise ship passengers see marine life, ships, and weather.

The cover ships a sea turtle, a rescue boat, a masked booby, and a sunset at sea

The Field Guide helps cruise passengers see and identify marine wildlife, ships, and weather patterns.

There's an art and some science to seeing the wonders of the ocean. This guide tells you how to see and identify all the amazing life and technology visible.

I sent this guide to my extended family of 27 prior to our Alaska adventure at sea- it has been our “ go to “ guide. How lucky are we to have ED SOBEY in our pocket or phone!???!”

— Anne in Dutch Harbor, Alaska

REDMOND, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, August 23, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Did you see the whales?

Millions of cruise ship vacationers never see whales, dolphins, turtles, or even passing ships. They go to sea, but don’t see. They need some guidance.

To put passengers in touch with the ocean, Dr. Ed Sobey wrote "The Field Guide to Ocean Voyaging: Animals, Ships, and Weather at Sea." The book encourages passengers to take in the natural and technological wonders visible only on the ocean.

He wrote the book from the perspective of the cruise ship passenger looking at the ocean and asking: “What is that?” The 200 color photos and informative writing helps the curious cruiser answer the question.

The Field Guide covers ocean animals visible from the deck and ships, plus navigational equipment, and all the ocean phenomena that is visible, but easily overlooked. If you can see something from the deck of the ship, it is covered in this book.

The author is a former naval officer and research oceanographer. Dr. Ed Sobey teaches for the floating university, Semester at Sea, and lectures on commercial cruise ships. His travels have taken him to both Polar Regions, across all the oceans, all seven continents, and to more than 120 countries. He has published 33 books and is a Fellow of The Explorers Club.

The Field Guide is available in both digital and print formats. If you want to see whales or are curious about nautical technology, purchase a copy of "The Field Guide for Ocean Voyaging: Animals, Ships, and Weather at Sea."

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