Lois Sonstegard of Build 2 Morrow to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, September 16, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — In an ideal world, every organization is a high-performing organization. where culture and values are aligned, and different viewpoints and cultures feel included.

Unfortunately, according to Gallup research, 70 percent of American workers are not engaged. Among Millennials, the number of disengaged employees shoots to 90 percent.

An organization’s most valuable resource is its people, but if employee engagement is at an all-time low, these organizations need to look at the culture and attitudes that surround the organization. We want the creativity and innovation that comes from a diverse workforce, but we struggle to be inclusive of these diverse groups.

Lois Sonstegard is the founder of Build 2 Morrow, where she works with organizations to improve their performance.

“We want extreme ownership. We want high-preforming teams. We want people to work from their strengths and to be fully engaged, but we've left out the most critical element, which is "Do we have your back?" says Lois.

According to Lois, 80 percent of our employees today are overwhelmed and stressed at work. They can't sleep, or they're having physiological and emotional responses to their stress.

“What is it that creates overwhelming stress?” asks Lois. “People feel like they're being asked to do a lot but nobody really cares about them. What I hear from mid-management people is, ‘I gave my soul to the company. I worked long hours. I wasn't home for my kids. And now we've got a new leader and I am out and I'm not going to ever do that again.’ So they enter the next position a little less engaged than they were in their prior position because they learned it doesn't pay. For them, the sense of trust has eroded.”

Even the best organizations with the best diversity and inclusion process, the best engagement process, the best team development system, still need a process that incorporates follow-up and measures results. Lois says what’s needed is a covenant between employee and organization.

“We want high-performing teams that can be honest, open, and give feedback, while also being pushed to produce amazing results. The challenge is to create an environment of productive drive and healthy fear without moving into fear that becomes unproductive and dysfunctional,” says Lois. “Let's introduce systems into organizations coupled with regular follow-up, because it's in the follow-up that you have accountability and results. We can create high-performing organizations that meet their targets and goals even in the face of conflict and no trust.”

“What people are really hungry for is for their work to be meaningful, so it's about creating those opportunities for people to do what they're really great at, to express themselves, to be heard. That's what diversity and inclusion is all about. They want to produce results and be part of a winning team.”

The question is how can you do that? Is it really possible? Lois thinks it is possible. To do so, Lois says we need to become more focused on results, develop a simple, pragmatic process, persistently follow-up, and measure the effectiveness of what we do.

CUTV News Radio will feature Lois Sonstegard in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on September 18th at 2pm EDT and with Jim Masters on September 25th at 2pm EDT.

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