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Certification helps companies avoid fines and obtain better insurance rates.

When employers don’t enforce forklift certification, they are at risk of receiving hefty fines.”

— Norm Lanier

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, November 9, 2019 / — US Forklift is reminding employers to ensure they are meeting OSHA regulations by certifying all of their forklift drivers.

US Forklift is one of the top online forklift certification companies in North America. Its comprehensive online forklift course is recognized across the USA, Canada, and Mexico, and has been a trusted ally by many large companies.
In a recent public safety message, US Forklift is reminding companies they should be certifying all of their drivers with forklift certification online in order to meet OSHA regulations.

“When employers don’t enforce forklift certification, they are at risk of receiving hefty fines,” says Norm Lanier, founder of US Forklift. “These fines can have a devastating impact on a company’s revenue and can lead to a negative reputation in the industry. OSHA forklift safety violations start at $7,000 per operator – a price not many businesses can afford in today’s economy.”

In addition to reducing the risk of fines, forklift certification can also reduce expensive insurance premiums. Insurance companies often reward companies with well-documented safety programs with lower rates.
To help businesses meet OSHA forklift certification standards, US Forklift is offering a comprehensive step-by-step forklift certification online system. This system enables employers to train an unlimited number of operators for one low fee.

“Our comprehensive system will guide you through the process of training the evaluator and your employees,” says Lanier. “You can print customizable forklift certificates and license cards immediately upon course completion, in addition to having access to everything else you need to deliver the course. Getting all of your employees trained has never been easier.”

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US Forklift provides forklift certification online training to businesses and employees all over the US, Canada, and Mexico.

The company’s training is simple to use, highly affordable, and ensures employers meet OHSA standards.

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