CUTV News Spotlights Dr. Martha Latz on Finding Joy

Martha Latz is the owner of A Unique Therapy Center

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 14, 2019 / — Joy is defined as a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. Joy comes from within and radiates to the world giving us that emotional boost we may need to fully embrace life. How often do we genuinely feel joyful?

Dr. Martha Latz, owner of A Unique Therapy Center says, “Joy is actually a daily occurrence, when we recognize that all life comes to life and comes to us with joy when we openly allow it with glory and mindfulness. Everyone wants it but nobody knows how to always acquire joy. Yet joy is ever present in nature, in other people, animals, in the things we are passionate about. We are all on this magnificent life journey together and the quest for joy is universal.”

Dr. Latz reminds us that joy is in the moment and we have to be joyful with ourselves in order to feel truly elated and not just forcing ourselves to feel good. Joy can be found in the simplest things that truly evoke our emotions. For instance, when Dr. Latz sees her orchids growing and one in particular is preparing to bloom emanating a delicious chocolate aroma, or she sees two squirrels blissfully playing tag it literally gives her a sense of well -being and happiness. According to Dr. Latz joy is found in the little things.

“In our everyday lives we are so bogged down with work, financial worries, and relationship issues that we regrettably forget the little things that actually put a smile on our face,” says Dr. Latz. “ It is in these moments of stress that we can actively do things like dancing, singing, painting, or playing board games with our loved ones that will give us those “feel good feelings,” to help us maintain and keep balanced and better able to cope and find solutions.”

It’s also critical to be joyful with ourselves. How we do this is by asking ourselves What makes us feel happy and healthy for our well-being like eating foods that are nourishing to our bodies that we genuinely find delectable.

“Every person I meet literally brings me joy,” says Dr. Latz. “If I am on an elevator and I smile and the person smiles back I know that we have acknowledged one another in that one special moment in time. Giving one another focused recognition that connects us inspire us.”

Joy is truly taking the time to notice our surroundings. It is a ripple effect because joy can be fleeting but it will always returns. But what about people who have undergone severe trauma? Joy it will appear as a smallest of gestures a smile, a bottle of water, a warm or cool place to sit, a blanket, clean shirt, or teddy bear to hold.

“The beauty is in acknowledging how we have survived our trauma and how to take it a step further and move forward,” says Dr. Latz. “When we go through harrowing situations and move past the grief we can now celebrate our triumphs and eventually regain those moments of pleasure and be excited about life again.”

According to Dr. Latz, uou know when you are joyful because you literally feel it in your mind, body, and soul.

Always ask yourself what can I do to make it better and find what does and then you will discover your “happy place,” so you can experience the happiness that makes the world a beautiful place to live.

“The universal signs of joy is a smile and a twinkle in the eye,” says Dr. Latz. “You can hear it in an uplifted happy voice it’s like radiating sunshine. When we sense someone’s joy we get brighter, uplifted and it’s infectious. Yes! Joy is contagious let’s catch Joy”

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Dr. Martha Latz – Finding Joy

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