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Your Boat Holiday is launching a project dedicated to the sea turtles rescue and the marine eco-system.

MILANO, IT, ITALY, December 11, 2019 / — The sea turtles rescue is a global issue that involves everyone. Because of the inattention and carelessness of most of the people, these protected specimens risk dying wedged in fishing nets, plastic waste and cement remain. Unfortunately, this cause does not seem to really affect how it should, or at least not so much as to lead to active intervention.

There are many campaigns and associations that dedicated their time and energy to the marine turtles and similar missions, like the WWF.

Being able to raise more people as possible, making them understand the gravity of this situation and the need for real contributions, would only be the beginning of a process so long so difficult to spread.

That’s why our company, that organize private yacht charters all over the world, providing top quality services and assistance, is launching a project dedicated to the marine turtle's rescue and on how to allow everyone to save them.
This is the fact, actually, every one of us can make the difference, just spending a little bit of time to this cause.

Probably every year you have the opportunity to take at least one break from the daily routine and enjoy a vacation: what about an eco-friendly holiday that allows you to enjoy a private boat charter and contribute to the marine turtle's rescue?

Your boat holiday is sincerely pleased to present her sustainable yacht charter program, born from the desire to valorize the sea and its natural world.

We want, first of all, to make known the real problems that put at risk the species of marine turtles, in the seas around the world. Only by truly knowing all the causes of this environmental disaster will it be possible to intervene in the most correct ways.

Not only our clients but for sure our partners and all the sea turtles associations that are interested in making the difference in saving these species.

Your boat holiday is ready and open to cooperate with everyone that is sensitive to this global problem.

What does enjoying an eco-friendly yacht charter with Your boat holiday mean?

– Live a unique and memorable sailing experience;
– Discover and enjoy stunning spots and destinations all over the world;
– Rent top quality, brand new and minutely maintained sailing and motor yachts;
– Get 24/7 expert assistance for every step of your charter vacation;
– Truly live and discover the animal and sea world;
– Contribute to the preservation of the sea turtles specimen;

More than 80% of the sea turtles are a victim of human trash, like plastic debris, that pollute our beaches and oceans and that put at risk their lives. Not to mention the damage caused by fishermen and their equipment.

Actually it's possible to live this unique and memorable experience almost all over the world.
Your boat holiday started launching this project focusing on the Mediterranean Sea, where the "Caretta caretta" specimen is at high risk of extinction.

Starting from Italian seas and islands, below a list of the best areas to enjoy this mission, saving the sea turtles in Italy:

Actually sea turtles nesting are in many Italian areas, as Apulia, Calabria, Sardinia, Lazio, Marche, Tuscany, and Abruzzo.

But the main sites, and so opportunities to enjoy this incredible experience, are in Sicily.
Discover where are the main nesting sites and where to go during your yacht charters in Sicily:
The stretch of coast between Condofuri Marina and Africo (Reggio Calabria);
Rabbit Island (Lampedusa);
Pozzolana di Ponente (Linosa);
Oasi di Vendicari;

The most famous sailing area in Sicily actually is the Aeolian Islands and many clients always have to opportunity to admire sea turtles during their holidays.
Why not choose a yacht charter in the Aeolian Islands to enjoy your sustainable vacation? Discover Stromboli, Panarea, Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Alicudi and Filicudi and give your contribution to the sea turtles rescue.

Another way to enjoy this eco-friendly vacation is to opt for a Greece yacht charter, below the list of main nesting areas in Greek Islands:
– Zakynthos (Gerakas, Dafni, Sekania, Kalamaki, Laganas and Marathonissi Island);
– Kefalonia (Kaminia and Lepeda);
– Peloponnese (Kyparissia and Lakonikos);
– Rhodes;
– Crete (Elafonissi, Retimo, Kommos, and Canea);

These are just a reference to the hundreds of destinations where you can live this unique experience!
Contact now Your boat holiday to choose the next destination of your bucket list and make the difference in the sea turtles rescue.

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Source: EIN Presswire