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NORTH BRANCH, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2020 / — Through our lifetime we experience so many different and reoccurring situations that mold us into who we are, or who we think we are. We follow patterns of our parents and other family members that become part of our programming. For example how we handle stress, how short our tempers are, and how we react to certain situations is made up of many emotional and sometimes traumatic experiences that we have had over our lifetime. Many times we are able to process these emotions and situations and leave them behind with no consequence, but sometimes these emotions, toxins, and situations create an “energy” that becomes “stuck” in our bodies. When we understand that everything is energy, the table in your room, the pen in your hand, the anger you felt over a situation, are all “energy”, and that these emotional energies can become trapped, we understand that these energies interfere with everything from our health and well- being to reasons for not attracting our soul mate, or even our dream job.

Denae Tait practices Craniosacral Therapy, is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Naturopathic Wellness Coach and Certified Body and Emotion Code Practitioner. She is the owner of Guided Touch Therapies.

“I discovered while working on clients during massage or Craniosacral that many times their pain was unexplained,” says Denae. “I would notice at times when positioning an arm or working on their neck, clients would become emotional, for no reason so I knew there must be some kind of emotional connection to their pain, but could not figure out how to release it for them. I took some emotional release classes, but found people didn’t want to “talk it out” or “re-live” those stressful times, so I was stuck again, not knowing how to help them.”

Quite by accident she discovered The Emotion Code and The Body Code programs by Dr. Brad Nelson, and knew this was a way to assist her clients in many different ways.

“I was really excited to put this program into my services and once I got my certification in Emotion Code I quickly moved on to be a Certified Body Code Practitioner, which not only cover emotions, but a multitude of contributing factors such as toxins, misalignments, and even inherited issues,” says Denae. “This work is fascinating as each person is so different and each situation unique.”

Denae also offers in her practice Naturopathic Wellness Coaching and Gene SNP DNA Analysis testing.

“The Gene SNP offers not only a look into your DNA and how your genes are functioning it also provides a game plan on what you can do to assist your genes in how they are behaving,” says Denae. “This is not just a “vanilla” test, and it doesn’t cover if you are Swedish or German decent. This is a revolutionary way of finding out reasons behind issues you may be having. You cannot change your genes, but there are certain things you can do and supplements you can take to turn UP the “good genes” and turn DOWN the “bad” ones.”

Close Up Radio will feature Denae Tait in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Thursday January 23rd at 1 p.m. EST

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Written By: Beatrice Maria Centeno

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