Daystar Academy Zoom Disco Dance Party Lifts Spirits Of Homebound School Kids & Their Parents

Daystar Academy, an IB School, hosts weekly dance parties via Zoom to help families cope with the stress of Covid-19 changes and continue building community.

It was especially a blessing for us to have such a fun ‘plan’ when much feels so indeterminate. We continue to be so grateful for all the efforts that the whole Daystar team puts into eLearning.”

— Daystar Academy

CHICAGO, IL, USA, March 31, 2020 / — Daystar Academy transformed a planned fundraiser into a free online dance party and still raised $15,000 to benefit the school. The event was so well-received, they will host a free dance party each Saturday to keep children and families connected and help "flatten the curve" during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order.

Like most schools across the country, Daystar Academy, an IB World School in Chicago’s South Loop has made the transformation to online education in record time. Teachers have been providing online coursework and video chat connections to make sure that students stay on track, motivated and excited. One other transformation Daystar is making focuses on supporting the social aspects of school life.

Though it pales greatly in comparison to the gravity of everything going on across Chicago and the world this week, transforming a very important fundraising event into a free time of fun and celebration for families obeying the shelter-in-place guidelines was another way Daystar Academy contributed to flattening the curve of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Daystar Academy’s transformation of its annual fundraiser into a virtual disco dance party on Saturday evening, March 28, was an opportunity for families to dress up, Zoom in, and let loose. Daystar Academy parent, Beth Fioritto, said that her son “was so excited about the disco party and creating his costume! And, I’m not gonna lie, I had a pretty great time figuring out a disco costume from the stuff we had on hand. It was so nice to have something different to do and be able to feel like a community.”

During the party, popular disco tunes played and families from across Chicagoland could see each other in 70’s fashion dancing and greeting one another via their laptop, tablet and phone. This virtual dance welcomed 105 families. Though there was no charge to participate, the event raised more than $15,000 through previously purchased tickets, silent auctions and raffles.

The event was so well-received that Daystar Academy will now host a dance party every Saturday evening. With so much that has changed in our world, it is important to make a point to gather together and have fun, build connections, and celebrate community. This dance party is an effort to help the Daystar Academy community take a break from the stress of the week and enjoy some time together with other families with students coping with Covid-19 changes. Another Daystar parent, Tracey Brewer, commented that, "The Disco Night was especially a blessing for us to have such a fun ‘plan’ when much feels so indeterminate. We continue to be so grateful for all the efforts that the whole Daystar team puts into eLearning.”

For further information about this event or how the Daystar Academy community is addressing the Covid-19 challenges via eLearning, contact:
Tami Doig, Head of School
Daystar Academy
Phone: (312) 965-6709

About Daystar Academy
Daystar Academy is a faith-based, culturally engaged, globally minded preschool through high school in Chicago’s South Loop, preparing students to positively impact the world. Daystar Academy is a deliberately socioeconomically diverse community. Sixty percent of Daystar families receive tuition assistance, with over $1.5 million dollars in financial aid awarded each year. For more information, go to

Tami Doig
Daystar Academy
+1 (312) 965-6709
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Thomas Gaiter Foundation, NAMED “2019 TOP-RATED NONPROFIT” by GreatNonprofits Award based on Outstanding Online Reviews


Thomas Gaiter Foundation is a great example of a nonprofit making a real difference in their community,”

— Perla NI, CEO of GreatNonprofits

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2020 / — For Immediate Release:

Thomas Gaiter Foundation, NAMED “2019 TOP-RATED NONPROFIT” by GreatNonprofits Award based on Outstanding Online Reviews

Thomas Gaiter Foundation announced today it has been named a “2019 Top-Rated Nonprofit” by GreatNonprofits, the leading provider of user reviews of charities and nonprofits.
Thomas Gaiter Foundation (TGF) provides necessities such as safe water, food, clothing, and basic school supplies to those who need it. We aid all individuals in need, including the disabled and the veterans, as well as render health services in disaster relief programs. We also provide need-based scholarships for college education and technical schools at various universities across the country and abroad.

The Top-Rated Nonprofit Award is based on the rating and number of reviews that Thomas Gaiter Foundation received from volunteers, donors and aid recipients. "Thomas Gaiter Foundation is a wonderful organization that sets its sights on benefiting those close around us as well as around the world. Their two focus points of education and health make their mission relatable to every human on this Earth.", according to one of the reviews.

“Thomas Gaiter Foundation is a great example of a nonprofit making a real difference in their community,” said Perla Ni, CEO of GreatNonprofits, “Their award is a well-deserved recognition not only of their work but the tremendous support they receive, as shown by the many outstanding reviews they have received from people who have direct experience working with this organization.”

GreatNonprofits is the leading website where people share stories about their personal experiences on more than 1.6 million charities and nonprofits. The GreatNonprofits Top-Rated Awards are the only awards for nonprofits determined by those who have direct experience with the charities – as donors, volunteers, and recipients of aid.
The complete list of 2019 Top Rated Nonprofits can be found at

Thomas Gaiter
Thomas Gaiter Foundation
+1 202-580-6526
email us here
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Domestic Violence Victims Have More To Fear Than COVID19–New Website Aims To Prevent Intimate Partner Homicide

Survivors of intimate partner homicide attempts whose stories were featured in the documentary film, Finding Jenn's Voice, gather as a group dressed in white looking to camera

Survivors of intimate partner homicide attempts featured in Finding Jenn’s Voice

Logo created for Voices4Change features concentric circles symbolizing community coming together -  in teal and purple, colors representing the "NoMore" campaign and Domestic Violence Awareness

Voices4Change Logo

Fining Jenn's Voice Film Poster featuring photos of survivors of intimate partner homicide and a silhouette of a pregnant woman.

Finding Jenn’s Voice Film Poster

Responding to the increased risk for intimate partner homicide during the COVID-19 pandemic, Voices4Change offers free film streaming, resources, and training.

READING, PA, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2020 / — Each year, 50,000 women are murdered by their partners or family members worldwide and in the United States more than 4 women each day are killed by intimate partners. With the spread of Covid-19 and the subsequent orders for social distancing, the risks to victims of intimate partner violence are on the rise. Law enforcement officials across the country and around the world are already reporting an uptick in domestic violence calls amid fears that the current crisis increases the likelihood of lethal or near-lethal abuse.

Domestic violence perpetrators frequently use isolation to control, intimidate and facilitate their abuse. With more and more communities facing a lock down, victims find themselves literally imprisoned with their abusers, with none of their usual support systems (i.e. work, school, community) available to escape the violence. It’s a situation that some have described as a “ticking time bomb” (

“As a survivor of domestic and gun violence, I’ve been describing the situation of women and children being isolated at home right now with an abuser as a powder keg,” said Kate Ranta, featured in FINDING JENN’S VOICE and author of Killing Kate: A Story of Turning Abuse and Tragedy into Transformation and Triumph.“ Abusers thrive in situations exactly like this, where they have complete power and control. Their victims are trapped, and it’s extremely volatile and dangerous.”

During this time of uncertainty and fear, many people are turning to online resources for information and support. is a digital resource for intimate partner violence survivors and professionals. The site offers online training for healthcare professionals and law enforcement, discussion forums for survivors and professionals, and a portal to FINDING JENN’S VOICE.

FINDING JENN’S VOICE is an award-winning documentary film which examines the risks of homicide during pregnancy and reveals the nature of abusive relationships. Featuring the stories of survivors of intimate partner homicide attempts and grounded in the research of leading domestic violence experts, the film paints a picture of intimate partner violence that looks beyond the black eye.

Filmmaker and social worker Tracy Schott observes, “Film is a powerful medium in creating social change. Through this website, we hope to change the horrific statistics and consequences of intimate partner violence by helping people recognize abusive relationships before they become deadly. Given the increased dangers associated with social distancing, I think it’s important to remove any financial obstacles to getting this information where it can save lives.”

Schott has partnered with a number of organizations who are helping to get the word out to their constituents about this offer: Conference on Crimes Against Women, Global Peace Film Festival, Global Rights for Women, JWI (Jewish Women International Alliance to End Domestic Abuse), Respond Against Violence, Women Count USA, and 1GEN have all pledged to support this effort. “We’re committed to offering this service for free for the month of April but hope to find the support to continue to do so indefinitely,” says Schott.

Individuals and organizations interested in joining Voices4Change are encouraged to reach out to

Voices4Change was created by Tracy Schott, MSW, MS owner of Schott Productions. Ms. Schott worked as a child and family therapist, specializing in child sexual abuse cases for 15 years. In 2000, she made the unusual career change to film and video production with a goal of creating social change through media. In addition to FINDING JENN’S VOICE, Schott Productions has created television content, commercials and short films, many dealing with mental health and social issues. Schott Productions is based in Pennsylvania.

Tracy Schott
Schott Productions
+1 610-698-2082
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Finding Jenn’s Voice Trailer

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Maps101 Provides Cure for Cabin Fever with Free Virtual At-Home Field Trips for Students

Bring the Dream of Space Alive – Join the Space Exploration Field Trip

SANTA BARBARA, CA, USA, March 31, 2020 / — Santa Barbara, California, March 25, 2020— is providing a solution for teachers and parents to provide at-home students with engaging virtual field trips. The Space Exploration Field Trip is just one of the many offered, where youthful imagination coupled with a virtual guide can take the student to faraway places. In follow up to publishing COVID-19 tracking maps, the Maps101 digital classroom is now free to anyone, for the first time, for unlimited use and will remain so through April 30, 2020. Join the virtual field trips at

Despite being restricted to their homes to help us beat COVID-19, students can continue to learn and discover their world using the digital tools and resources provided by Maps101. Whether students participate on their own or as part of an online group, the experience will replace cabin fever with enrichment. Each field trip travels through an interactive map which takes students on a journey discovering significant milestones and landmarks for each topic.

The Field Trip Library covers a variety of K-12 subject areas that fascinate students, and the Space Exploration Field Trip is a great example. Humans have dreamed of space as an extension of the exploration of our environment. Whether seeking new hunting areas or just out of curiosity, the drive to see what’s over the next hill seems to be part of our nature. Maps101’s content allows students to fulfill that drive from wherever they are, providing the precious freedom of exploration in the face of any conditions causing students to be at home.

Access to Maps101 opens a treasury of knowledge
This unlimited access includes free use of thousands of maps, animations, videos, games, topical articles, lesson plans, analyses, and activities. Maps101 meets official curriculum requirements and is already in use by over 3,000 K-12 schools across the United States. Any school that needs help with enhancing their digital classroom material can receive free advice and support from the Maps101 team regarding different options.

Maps101 brings the adventure of exploration to everyone. It illustrates how our history impacts who we are as a people today, and the power of maps provides a special opportunity to connect people with our future,” said John Glanville, CEO and president of “At we honor the purpose and spirit of education for creating a better world.” helps everyday explorers map their journeys of growth and discovery. With maps from, people, businesses, and organizations can create custom maps to visually tell their stories, speak to their trajectory in history, and show their progress based on geographic representation—supported by digital augmentation.

About is a leading provider of mapping products and solutions to business, education, and consumer markets. Founded in 1991 as Magellan Geographix, serves industries as diverse as travel, real estate, media, government, logistics & analytics, education, non-profits, and more. Integrating best-of-class service with leading technology in geographic information systems, provides solutions that change our customers' perspectives on geography and their world.

Benjamin Kiblinger
+1 805-261-6423
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Scott Patrick Carson Concludes Scholarship Program

The Scott Patrick Carson Scholarship Program concluded on March 1 and awarded two successful candidates with $1,000 USD each in both the US and Canada

PARK CITY , UTAH, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2020 / — Scott Patrick Carson is proud to announce that his scholarship program has ended. The Scott Patrick Carson Scholarship Program recently awarded two scholarships of $1,000 USD each to the successful candidates.

Scott Patrick Carson is an entrepreneur from Park City, Utah. He is the founder and CEO of powered by, a worldwide leader in the distribution of medical aesthetic devices. He is happy to be able to help college and university students fund their education.

Applicants of the Scott Patrick Carson Scholarship Program were asked to submit a letter of acceptance as well as a 500-word essay detailing why they chose their program of study, what kind of career they hope to secure after graduation, and how the scholarship funds will help them achieve their goals.

The scholarship officially closed on March 1. The scholarship program received an overwhelming number of applicants.

“I would like to thank all applicants for their submissions, and I wish them luck on their future endeavors,” says Scott Patrick Carson.

“I would also like to wish them all safety during this time of the COVID-19 crisis.

For more information about potential future opportunities, please visit

About Scott Patrick Carson

After several years working in the automotive industry in automotive dealership management and ownership, Scott Patrick Carson had the opportunity to work in the medical industry. After noticing inefficiencies in the medical service supply chain, he created a market to refurbish and redeploy used medical equipment. He created, which went on to become the largest online reseller of aesthetic capital medical equipment in the world.

For more information, visit

Scott Patrick Carson
+1 435) 200-5342
email us here

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POS Terminal Market Outlook 2017-2030 – by Goldstein Market Intelligence

, Developing countries such as Brazil, China and India are growing at a faster rate in the implementation of POS terminals within the country.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 31, 2020 / — POS Terminal Market Outlook 2017-2030 – by Goldstein Market Intelligence
According to the Goldstein Market Intelligence forecast , Developing countries such as Brazil, China and India are growing at a faster rate in the implementation of POS terminals within the country. In 2015, European countries such as Germany, France and Spain introduced laws which limit cash transactions. In France, usage of cash over USD 1080 is now an illegal act in the country.
Globally, the research study reflects that factors such as nativity, security, ease of use, availability, convenience, intention to use, complexity of the technology are among the top factors influencing the use of POS terminals. The future of payments is obvious that the way we pay for goods and services, online as well as offline, is about to change radically due to emerging digital services. China has emerged as a mobile-first country, that sets the standards for mCommerce shopping as well as mobile POS-solutions very high.

Report is available at:-

Market dynamic / Drivers & Restraints to Market Growth
Large players such as PayPal, Apple, Amazon & Facebook are putting significant amounts of money into online and mobile payment solutions. The ongoing development from separate online shops towards integrated online shopping ecosystems, in particular the merger of shopping and social media / messaging, enables new business models and opportunities for digital payment methods.
Payment gateways, though they’re not always used, provide the ability to switch between payment processors without having to make significant changes to a store’s payment application. Software vendors provide the payment application and other software used in the payment process.

Request for Sample Report at:-
Covered in this POS Terminal Market Report are
“POS Terminal Market Outlook 2030” by Goldstein Research contains detailed overview of POS Terminal Market in terms of market segmentation by analysis basis, therapy type and geography. The Report highlights the competitive outlook of major global players that includes the business strategies, product portfolio, revenue distribution, financial analysis, R&D activities, and investments. The in-depth analysis of POS Terminal Market report will help the clients to assess their business strategies as per the competitive environment in the market space.

Major players covered in this POS Terminal Market report are:
• Ingenico
• Cisco Systems, Inc.
• Verifone Systems Inc.
• PAX Technology
• Equinox Payments
• SZZT Electronics Co., LTD
• First Data
• Spire Payments
• NCR Corporation
• MICROS Systems Inc.
• CyberNet
• Hewlett-Packard Company
• Dspread Technology
• Panasonic Corporation
• Toshiba Corporation
• Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
• Fujian Newland Payment Technology
• Hangzhou Sunyard
• NEC Corporation
• Castles Technology
• Bitel
• Centerm
• Squirrel Systems
• Shenzhen Xinguodu Technology Co., Ltd (NEXGO)

Further, POS Terminal Market Report encompasses the major trends & opportunities, market dynamics and other growth factors of the market. POS Terminal Market outlook also comprises of key challenges, risk analysis, BPS analysis, SWOT Analysis and Market Attractiveness. The report also highlights the expert analysis to provide a complete overview of the market including the PESTLE analysis of each region and country.
About Goldstein Research
Based in the US, Goldstein Research currently has a strong presence in the American and Asian countries. In the next five years, we strive to expand our reach to 50+ nations spanning across Europe, Asia and parts of the Middle East and Africa. We strive to realize a strong brand presence globally through our quality research and forecasting solutions.
Our mission is simple: to develop insightful business solutions, help our clients make powerful future decisions to keep them well ahead of the game which is the market, and leave a mark across businesses and communities through our well-defined ideas and clear-cut forecasts. Our market research reports provide in-depth analysis of global and regional variations along with competitors’ overview.
Our analysts working on chemicals construction to help various tech-giants, tech start-ups and entry players to assess the current and upcoming business scenario. We believe in the vigorous examination of the current market scenario and build around creative ideas and approaches that are most suitable to our clients’ needs and business agenda.

Contact for more Info:

Dennis Abraham
(Global Sales Head)

+44 7520 644482

Steve Blades
Goldstein Research
+1 646-568-7747
email us here
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Scott Zack Michigan Shares Five Characteristics Common Among Leading Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneur Scott Zack Michigan puts forward a number of common characteristics shared by many of the nation's top business leaders.

DETROIT, MI, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2020 / — From passion to people skills, many of the nation's top business leaders share a number of crucial traits, often central to their success in any given field. That's according to Scott Zack Michigan as he shares five main characteristics which he says are each common and increasingly vital among today's entrepreneurs both in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world.

"In recent years, it's become increasingly more apparent that top entrepreneurs and business leaders alike share a small but crucial number of characteristics and traits which have been central to their success," suggests Scott Zack Michigan, himself a leading entrepreneur based in Detroit, a world-renowned cultural center and the largest city in the midwestern U.S. state of Michigan.

Passion, Scott Zack Michigan says, is at the top of the list. "Every successful entrepreneur is passionate about what they do, first and foremost," explains Zack.

Without passion, Scott Zack Michigan believes that it's largely impossible to prosper in business, much less enjoy genuine success as a stand-out entrepreneur. "A hard-working nature," Zack goes on, highlighting the second of his five proposed traits common among leading entrepreneurs, "is similarly important, and without this, and passion, an aspiring entrepreneur is likely destined to fail."

Scott Zack Michigan's third and fourth characteristics, meanwhile, rely on external factors. "The most successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with other successful individuals – a significant factor in achieving, in particular, very early goals for many aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs," he suggests.

This, he says, goes hand-in-hand with his fourth trait – people skills. "While far from universal, or a compulsory, necessary condition, people skills still remain among the most common traits within the entrepreneurial community," Scott Zack Michigan reveals, "and excelling in this area is very often the mark of a truly successful entrepreneur or a stand-out business leader."

It's largely about networking, he says, pointing back to the importance of surrounding oneself with other successful individuals. "How else, for example," asks Scott Zack Michigan, somewhat rhetorically, "will you form vital partnerships, essential for the growth of your business moving forward?"

Lastly, Scott Zack Michigan points toward an eye for detail. "It's vital, in business, to continuously identify trends and cater to demand," says the entrepreneur. "The most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, both in the U.S. and around the world, never, ever take their eyes off the ball, even once they've achieved often overwhelming levels of success," he adds, "and acquired the good fortune which comes with it."

Asked for a closing tip for those looking to foster a more entrepreneurial mindset or to set out on their own business endeavors, Scott Zack Michigan is quick to respond. "Be a visionary," he suggests, wrapping up, "and, where others may see obstacles, look for opportunities and chances to win – something which very often sets leading entrepreneurs apart from the crowd."

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
+1 7862338220
email us here

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Tasty Tie® – The First Wearable Baby Teething Tie

Tasty Tie, Baby Boy Gift, Baby boy tie, new baby product, baby tie, baby boy bib

Tasty Tie®

Mom-Invented & Patented. A stylish solution that prevents the constant dropping of most teething toys. Provides endless stimulating CRINKLE entertainment.

GREENSBORO, NC, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2020 / — Momtrepreneur, Erin Pate, wanted to create the ultimate teething toy for her son. After her frustration with other baby teethers on the market, Erin invented the Tasty Tie® – a stylish solution that prevents the constant dropping of most teething toys. The Tasty Tie® clips on safely and securely to any baby outfit, providing endless entertainment. It provides all- day access for babies who want to soothe their sore gums or just play with it to hear the stimulating crinkle sound it makes.

The Tasty Tie® is available in 12 different color/pattern styles. It is made with BPA and phthalate-free, 100% food grade silicone and soft, breathable, water-resistant fabric that is machine washable. Tasty Tie® has been tested by a 3rd party authorized lab to ensure it meets or exceeds all federal safety requirements.
The Tasty Tie® has received several awards and honors, including the 2020 National Parenting Product Award and the 2020 Best New Product Award from Baby & Children’s Product News. It has also received the Mom’s Choice Award and the Seal of the Approval from The National Parenting Center.

Parents who use and love the Tasty Tie® have said it is a lifesaver on car rides and during church, and it is the perfect Easter basket stuffer or holiday gift, baby shower gift or present for a baby's baptism or 1st birthday. Parents say the Tasty Tie® helps children who are more orally fixated that need something to chew on instead of the collars of their shirts or sleeves.

Click HERE for a video featuring Erin Pate talking about the Tasty Tie® and to see the product in action!

To feature this story and for more information, please check out the website OR contact Erin Pate at (336) 202-7962 OR email

Erin Pate
Tasty Tie®
+1 336-202-7962
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Introducing Tasty Tie® – The First Wearable Baby Teething Tie!

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Fitness Enthusiast Jack Estes Debrabander Discusses Common Workout Mistakes and How to Combat Them

Jack Estes Debrabander

Jack Estes Debrabander

Fitness enthusiast Jack Estes Debrabander discusses common workout mistakes and how athletes can combat them to have more effective workouts.

EAST LANSING, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2020 / — Fitness experts have been emphasizing the importance of performing workouts properly for decades. However, gym-goers, runners, and other athletes continue to make the same mistakes when working out. Fitness enthusiast Jack Estes Debrabander recently discussed these mistakes as well as the best ways to combat them. His tips are designed to help athletes of all levels achieve a superior and more effective work out. 

"The first step in accomplishing an effective workout is having a game plan in place," Jack Estes Debrabander says. "Create your workout routine before heading to the gym or set your running route before you head outside. Setting guidelines for yourself will help you achieve daily workout goals."
Jack Estes Debrabander and other fitness enthusiasts suggest performing at least three 30-minute workouts per week. According to Jack Estes Debrabander, those 30 minutes should be spent working out, and if you don't have a proper plan in place, you could spend much of that time thinking about what to do next. That means you may not actually be performing 30 minutes of exercise when you think you are. 

"Another major mistake people are making is looking at their phones multiple times during workouts," Jack Estes Debrabander says. "Phones can be useful for listening to music, but it's essential to refrain from looking at Facebook, answering emails, texting, and more. Phones make you rest too long between reps and generally distract you from the workout you're performing."

Fitness enthusiasts like Jack Estes Debrabander also express the importance of performing a warm-up before working out. 

"We as fitness enthusiasts say it time and time again, but so many athletes are still skipping warm-ups," Jack Estes Debrabander says.

Debrabander reiterates that warming up is an essential part of preventing injury while working out. Warming up loosens the muscles to prevent tears, and it also prepares your mind for the coming workout. Throughout the warm-up, your lungs start pumping faster, body temperature rises, and blood flow is increased, this results in superior muscle elasticity and circulation for the workout. 

"As an athlete, you must also give your body enough time to recuperate," Jack Estes Debrabander says. "Over-training the body can be just as damaging, or even more damaging, than skipping a workout."

Jack Estes Debrabander and other fitness enthusiasts explain that working out too much can cause injuries and overall fitness burnout. Staying on track means working rest and recovery days into the workout schedule. Similarly, Debrabander suggests varying workouts to exercise different parts of the body. 

"Varying your day-to-day workouts allows certain muscles to recover while others are being worked," Jack Estes Debrabander says. "It also helps keep your workout schedule interesting, which is essential to preventing burnout."

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
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Heidi Zaransky Featured in Exclusive Interview

In addition to her interview, Heidi Zaransky also recently launched a personal website.

NORTHBROOK, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2020 / — Heidi Zaransky is proud to announce that she has recently been featured in an exclusive interview by Thrive Global based on her experience in entrepreneurship. She also recently launched her own personal website.

As an entrepreneur, Heidi Zaransky has owned her own business for over 20 years. Heidi has been licensed by the state of Illinois departments of Banks and Financial Regulations to own a mortgage company and she has been licensed as a realtor in the state of Illinois.

In her interview, Heidi shares her love for the diversity in her industry. She works with people from all over the world and all walks of life, giving her a unique perspective into different industries. She also shares some advice and lessons she has learned throughout her career.

“My suggestions would be to put yourself out there and network. Join executive groups, chambers of commerce, and other professional groups in your region for the industry,” said Heidi Zaransky in her interview.

“While it is a lot of hard work and many long nights of talking with others, it pays off and you will be better off for it.”

For more information, please visit

About Heidi Zaransky

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Heidi Zaransky has been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years. She holds a degree from the University of Arizona. Heidi’s company provides financial products and advice for corporations regarding their transportation and mobility needs and serves many Fortune 500 companies. The organization is the largest female-owned auto leasing and consulting company in Illinois. Heidi has been licensed by the state of Illinois departments of Banks and Financial Regulations to own a mortgage company and she has also been licensed as a realtor in the state of Illinois. Additionally, Heidi Zaransky has worked on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for many years, helping clients with their brokerage needs in the Euro Pit.

Heidi Zaransky
Car Corporation of America
+1 847-562-1111
email us here

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