Ingenious Temporary Homeschooling Techniques Being Used Right Now

GRAY, TN, USA, March 24, 2020 / — Schools throughout the country are closed for at least two weeks. Parents are scrambling to keep their pantries filled, toiletries stocked, and children on track with their schooling. Ill-prepared and panicked, parents are unsure of what to do next. This is why homeschooling parents Paul and Gena Suarez created The Old Schoolhouse® in the first place. Almost twenty years ago when parents were scared, confused, and unsure of themselves, they reached out to eBay storeowner Gena Suarez who was selling used homeschooling materials. “They were not just in search of homeschooling materials,” she reminisces, “they were looking for advice, encouragement, and someone to tell them they could do it.” The interactions through eBay messages led not only to the publication of the most popular homeschooling magazine worldwide, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, but the educational platform that is used by thousands of member families. Now, more than ever, the platform is being used by veteran homeschooling families and temporary homeschooling families with children of all ages. Families with a variety of needs and educational styles are flocking to the platform in search of help and assistance.

In addition to traditional learning methods, here are several other techniques that homeschooling families have used for years that you might want to experiment with in your temporary homeschool.

Charlotte Mason Method
The Charlotte Mason method teaches, “Education Is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life.” This schooling technique relies heavily on exploring nature, developing good habits, and learning through thoughts and ideas, not just dry facts.

Classical Education
A Classical Education focuses on words rather than high-tech video games or imagery to convey concepts. It uses the Classical Trivium—grammar, logic, and rhetoric—while focusing heavily on knowing basic Latin to understand the workings of languages.

Literature-Based Education
Literature-Based Education is more than simply reading. It moves beyond the book and explores the context in which it was written, expounds on the intent of the author who wrote the piece, and allows for activities that children may use to retain what they have learned.

Multi-Level Teaching
Multi-Level Teaching allows the parent to kill several birds with one stone. Instead of teaching each subject to each child every single day, certain subjects are combined with advanced material required of older students and simplified materials used for younger students.

Unit Studies
The Unit Study approach in homeschooling allows the student to focus on one subject of interest at a time. The child will master one topic, such as plants, medieval times, or invertebrates through in-depth study including activities, reading, and projects. Once they have mastered the subject, they will move on to the next.

Kinesthetic Learning
The Kinesthetic Learning method is often used for special needs students or those with developmental or language delays. This method teaches students virtually any subject from math to geography with a hands-on approach.

Use this time at home to experiment with different learning techniques, and who knows? You might fall in love with one and want to continue home education for years to come. Temporary homeschooling families interested in a complementary Homeschool Starter Pack can pick one up at

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