Bryan Paarmann Discusses Team Building During a Pandemic

Bryan Paarmann FBI

Team Building Can Be Done in a Pandemic with Social Distancing, According to a retired FBI Agent

NANUET, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2020 / — As the country scrambles to find normalcy in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies struggle with being a cohesive team. Bryan Paarmann, a former FBI special agent, explains that as we face and deal with this crisis, businesses should strive to find a new normal. Team building is possible, even with remote operations and social distancing in place.

Although many companies are using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other online tools for holding conference meetings and collaborating on important topics, there is still a great potential for disconnect. Bryan Paarmann FBI (retired) explains that many companies have put team building on hold because they’re not familiar with the various digital tools that are being used or how to effectively implement dual uses for them. The tools used for communication can also be used for team building.

Bryan Paarmann explains that maintaining unit cohesion, sustaining collective effort and collaborative teamwork is critical throughout these troubled times. It ensures that the individuals within a team understand not only their individual part and value as a member of the whole but also develop vision and situational awareness regarding the issues going on with everyone else. It ensures that there’s a more cohesive understanding of the problems so that people can move forward together. It can lead to higher levels of productivity as well as improved communication.

Bryan Paarmann identifies that one of the top reasons for team building during the pandemic is to provide a higher level of collective consciousness. Right now, with so many people working from home, some are suffering from isolation and a feeling of disconnect. Although team building cannot be at a restaurant or any mass gathering venue at the moment, there are still ways to use digital tools as a break from work in order to provide a “get to know you” event. Bryan Paarmann has consulted on team-building exercises for years and continues to do so virtually throughout the pandemic.

Companies can maintain an innovative edge with team building, according to Bryan Paarmann. He has identified that the most successful teams make it easier for people to collaborate and share their ideas without being shunned. It fosters an environment where people can come forth with ideas and be nurtured instead of teased. It leads to creativity so that companies can thrive, even in a downturned economy.

More About Bryan Paarmann
Bryan Paarmann served the United States for over 30 years as a public servant, first as an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army and, then, with the FBI. Since honorably retiring from the FBI, he has transitioned to the private sector in order to work with businesses of all sizes.
With so many benefits offered by team building, Bryan Paarmann suggests that companies focus on ways to work with their team, even through the pandemic. Communication of all kinds cannot be stressed enough. Although it may not be a top priority, it is a critical component as employees crave as much normalcy as possible throughout these difficult and unprecedented times.

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