Jadesan Capital Investments Announces Partnership with FX1 International and Colossus Securities

Jadesan Capital Investments

Jadesan Capital Investments

Mario Singh

Mario Singh

Colossus Securities

Colossus Securities

Jadesan Capital Investments has announced two partnerships, with FX1 International and Colossus Securities today.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 6, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Jadesan Capital Investments has announced two partnerships today, as they seek continued growth in the Asia Pacific region.

The first of the partnerships is with FX1 International. FX1 International is one of the leading authorities on global financial education, and together with Jadesan Capital Investments, they will provide deeper insights and analysis on the ever-changing landscape of the global financial markets for Venture Participants through financial education.

Founder of FX1 international and global financial expert, Mario Singh, has 15 years of experience in the trading industry and has been brought in by some of the biggest banks in the world to speak to their traders and clients. Some of his clientele includes ICBC – China's biggest bank, Julius Baer – The third-largest Swiss bank and OCBC. Mario Singh has been featured more than 40 times on various international media like Bloomberg and CNBC, each showing garners views to an estimated 350 million viewers worldwide. This partnership will be beneficial to both the public and Jadesans’ Clients as through Mario's vast knowledge pool of the financial industry, they aim to provide affordable and accessible forex classes to the masses.

The second partnership to be announced is the long-anticipated partnership with Colossus Securities to inaugurate an established trading platform, as well as offer custodian services to ensure fund security to all clients under their ranks. Colossus Securities although being a new platform, sets the benchmark of bringing an unparalleled trading environment with cutting edge trading tools. The trading platform comprises functions that will serve and suit for traders of all skill levels. Venture Participants can now apply their comprehensive knowledge of the financial markets and get hands-on experience through the trading platform.

Colossus Securities will provide custodian services to ensure fund security with three levels of protection, provided by Fullerton Custodian. This Custodian Account is governed by the laws of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Three levels of protection:

Segregated Bank Accounts
Client funds are held in Fullerton Custodian, which acts as a separate custodian account. Fullerton Custodian is operated under a Custodian Agreement and has regular accounting and legal overview. Fullerton Custodian ensures client funds are separated from Colossus Securities' company profits & loss accounts. The role of Fullerton Custodian establishes distinct segregation of funds, which in turn provides fund safety to all Venture Participants.

Independent Custodian Protection
Once funds are segregated, a third-party custodian will administer withdrawals and deposits of the Jadesan Capital Investments' client funds.

Professional Indemnity and Crime Insurance
Professional Indemnity and Crime Insurance are underwritten by a renowned insurance company to protect funds in the event that employees or directors of the custodian were to engage in wrongful or criminal acts or in the event a cyber-crime has occurred.

With these partnerships in place, Jadesan Capital Investments continues to bring great opportunities and value to their Venture Participants.

"I am proud to be in partnership with Mario Singh and Colossus Securities. Do stay tuned in the coming weeks for the official launch dates of the trading platform. We cannot wait to commence our forex courses and Venture Participants to start trading!" – Adam Slipstone

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Source: EIN Presswire