AZOVA Launches Algorithm-Based COVID Credentials™ Testing and Management Program, Facilitates Back to Work and School

For employers, employees, payers, schools and universities who are trying to figure out how to put America back to work and back to school safely

It is important to safely and confidently reopen during this pandemic. Organizations are signing up with our COVID Credentials program, because it's turnkey, protects people and does all the work.”

— Dr. Cheryl Lee Eberting, CEO and Founder

ALPINE, UT, USA, July 8, 2020 / — AZOVA Inc. (, the creator of the world’s most comprehensive digital health benefits system, announces the launch of its algorithm-based COVID Credentials™ – a COVID-19 testing, management and immunization program that facilitates safe and effective back-to-work and back-to-school programs.

The COVID Credentials program offers a simple-to-use population management dashboard for employers and schools to invite and manage thousands of students and employees from a single dashboard. The system combines daily digital check ins, access to at-home and in-pharmacy COVID saliva PCR testing and telemedicine services into a single algorithm-driven application. When available, the system also houses a completely paperless immunization management system with shareable vaccination records. The end result is that the organization and their enrollees know their "COVID status" at all times.

“When considering how an organization will manage the challenges in safely returning to work or school, it is important to find a trusted solution to safely and confidently reopen during this pandemic,” said Cheryl Lee Eberting, MD, AZOVA’s CEO and founder. “Organizations are signing up with our COVID program, because we provide a turnkey solution that helps to protect their people, saves money and essentially does all the work.”

COVID Credentials Key Differentiators:

Customized Eligibility Dashboard. An organization can manage their entire population from a single dashboard. AZOVA coordinates all the details from mobile onboarding automation through ongoing management of infected and non-infected enrollees.

Daily Digital Check-in. Remotely monitor the health status of a population in real time with a comprehensive, automated daily health assessment that is based upon CDC guidelines. When an employee or student may be infected, may have been exposed, or is concerned about being infected, AZOVA automatically coordinates testing and results reporting. Once someone has recovered, they can share their COVID Credentials to verify their negative test status to others and return to work or school.

COVID-19 Testing. AZOVA provides exclusive access to its FDA-authorized at-home, on-site, or in-pharmacy COVID saliva PCR test with an EUA.

COVID-19 Telehealth Services. Longitudinal COVID-19 management with access to the AZOVA national COVID-19 Telemedicine Provider Services Network.

COVID CREDENTIALS™. Patent-pending confidential and shareable COVID testing, immunity and immunization status tracking. If proof of test status or immunity is needed, then the student or employee can share their COVID CREDENTIALS with others. Similar to a digital airline boarding pass, one simply presents a status screen along with a useful QR code from their mobile phone.

Prepared for COVID Immunizations: When a COVID vaccine is made available, AZOVA’s digital vaccination management system (Vaxigo™) supports paperless, mass immunizations of a population.

“I have found a great solution to confidentially monitor and test my employees so we can safely keep our pharmacies open to serve our communities,” said Loren Pierce, CEO of PierceRx Pharmacy management.

The AZOVA COVID Credentials™ program is now released.

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