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Seeing Beyond the Shattered Glass the fiction by Dr. Ketra L. Davenport-King is her first book and will launch on Tuesday, July 4, 2020.

The Struggle Has no Hold on the Outcome”

— Dr. Ketra L. Davenport-King

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, July 8, 2020 / — Kassidie Noel Winters is tired of living behind shattered glass! Kassidie was a child full of joy, laughter, and pure innocence. At the age of six, her life drastically changed forever by the one person she trusted. The dark hole left by being robbed of her innocence became filled with low self-esteem, anger, and poor decisions that would follow her into adulthood. Through professional counseling, Kassidie unlocks the buried parts of her past to face her childhood struggles, forgive her abuser, and put the shattered pieces in her life back together. From the first page of the book to the explosive ending, the reader will experience Kassidie's pain, recovery, and ultimately her triumph.

What others are saying?

Seeing Beyond the Shattered Glass grips the heart of the reader and strikes it with the emotions, fears, and pain experienced by the main character.” Alexis Roberson

"When reading, Seeing Beyond the Shattered Glass, I was at the tip of my seat in suspense. Then my emotions were grabbed by the vivid details of it all, and I connected to the pain and the next journey of Kassidie's life.” Dr. Mark Davis

“Dr. Ketra has written an astounding memoir based on real-life events. "Seeing Beyond the Shattered Glass" is a must-read! This book captures the attention of the reader from the onset.” Pastor Phyllis Johnson


Charismatic, Energetic, and Captivating are words that describe the personality of Dr. Ketra. Armed with over 20 years of serving the community, Dr. Ketra L. Davenport-King is an advocate, speaker, mentor, coach, and philanthropist who has radically impacted the lives of believers under the flagship of her ministry. Her latest accomplishment is her new book, Seeing Beyond the Shattered Glass, which is a fiction based on her true-life events. Dr. Ketra is confident that her book will inspire victims of sexual abuse who have suffered in silence to speak their truth.

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