Nathan Heddleston Teacher and Award-Winning Coach Discusses the History of Track and Field

Nathan Heddleston Teacher

Nathan Heddleston Teacher

ALLIANCE, OH, USA, August 6, 2020 / — Nathan Heddleston teacher and coach of 18 years, loves track and field. “It’s one of the oldest sports in the world for a reason,” he enthuses. “This sport is a combination of endurance, speed, coordination, flexibility, and strategy.”

Track and field – called simply “athletics” in many countries – is the term applied to contests for men and women that involve jumping for distance and height, throwing objects for distance, and, of course, running.

Nathan Heddleston “Teacher” Discusses Track and Field’s Beginnings

Track and field is one of the oldest recorded sports in history. “It makes sense, really,” explains Nathan Heddleston teacher and coach. “All other sports involve running. Running had to come first.”

Athletic competitions of running, disk tossing, and jumping hurdles were often held at the same time as religious festivals in ancient Greece. “That’s how the Olympics started!” enthuses Nathan Heddleston teacher and coach. The games started in 776 B.C. and lasted for almost 11 centuries. The Romans continued the Olympic games until 394 A.D. when they were banned by Emperor Theodosius I, who believed they promoted paganism and worship of the Greek pantheon.

During the Middle Ages, organized track and field disappeared almost completely.

Track and Field Makes a Comeback – Nathan Heddleston “Teacher” Explains

“People didn’t stop running of course, or even having athletic competitions,” says Nathan Heddleston “teacher”. “But the true rise of track and field as a sport for modern times began in England in the 1800s.”

The English public school system and universities gave the sport legitimacy and much-needed participants. They held interclass meets until 1849, when the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst held the very first modern organized track and field meet.

“It didn’t really take off until the 1860s though,” says Nathan Heddleston “teacher” and track and field coach. In 1866 the first track and field English championships were held by the Amateur Athletic Club. The AAC opened the competition to any “gentlemen amateurs” who wished to compete. “This opened the field to non-professional athletes. It was part of their ‘code’ and it’s the basis of the rules that govern the sport today. Anyone who wants to run is welcome,” says Nathan Heddleston “teacher”.

Eventually, in 1880, the Amateur Athletic Club became the Amateur Athletic Association. “The organization that conducts the annual national championships in England still today,” explains Nathan Heddleston “teacher”.

“In America, meets were held as early as 1839, but the formation of the New York Athletic Club in 1868 is when track and field really gained popularity in the States,” continues Nathan Heddleston “teacher”. “Then the Amateur Athletic Union of the United States – the AAU – was formed in 1887. It started as an association of track and field clubs and it has governed the sport here in America ever since.”

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Nathan Heddleston Teacher

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