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Private lessons are an opportunity not to miss the school year and all the effort of the students of the 3rd grade High School to be able to pass the exams.

Online private lessons eliminate distances. You can learn anything you want and with any private teacher you wish, wherever you are, from the safety of your home. Visit our platform!”

— Panagiotis Tzevelekidis

ATHENS, ATTIKI, GREECE, August 7, 2020 / — Private lessons are an opportunity not to miss the school year and all the effort of the students of the 3rd grade High School to be able to pass the entrance exams. The interruption of the lessons provoked a multitude of emotions and reactions, both in the student community and in the teachers and parents who suddenly saw their children's future being condemned.

Online private lessons through the use of video calls on FaceTime or Skype for example are a way not to miss their year and forget what the students of the 3rd grade High School learned.

Reliability is important, so remember to test the connection before you start teaching this way to make sure it is strong enough for your needs.

We have produced the following instructions for online private lessons:

• Take online private lessons
• Distance learning – software basics
• Security for teachers who teach online private lessons

What should you do if a student gets sick?

If the student is ill, check the terms of the contract around missed lessons. If you use the standard contract for private high school lessons, you have the right to charge for the course if you are given less than 48 hours notice.

However, there is a provision in the contract to exercise discretion in exceptional circumstances. These are not defined, which leaves you open to judge the most appropriate way of action. The same 48-hour notice (and discretion) applies if students wish to cancel online private lessons for any reason.

Private lessons due to coronavirus

As the coronavirus pandemic appears to be stabilizing, the increased demand is not extra hours in the daily work of teachers, but on their side.

Some students do not have the opportunity to read on their own, so in order to succeed in the entrance exams at school they will have to hire teachers for online private lessons.

The school semester has not started yet, but due to the closure during quarantine, parents will ask for extra help so that their children can cover their entrance exams to the universities and colleges they want.

What is the best solution for private lessons?

According to UNESCO, 29 countries closed schools nationwide in the academic year 2020, affecting nearly 391.5 million children and young people. A further 20 countries have implemented locally closed schools and, if these closures will continue nationally the next academic year 2020-2021, hundreds of millions of additional students will experience dropouts.

In place of classroom-based courses, online teachers and e-learning companies will fill the educational hole. Those who usually provide in-person teaching hope to fill in the gaps when the isolation period is over.

The government has asked parents to keep their children at home, where possible, and for schools to remain open only to those children who are in dire need of school.

How to complete online private lessons?

Offering an alternative to face-to-face lessons at school shows that you are making every effort to meet your contractual obligations. If your proposal is rejected, there may be a breach of contract, so you may be able to claim your fees.

Contact the school and parents as soon as possible to agree on which approach to take.

If the school or parent paying you under the contract closed or interrupted classes before government advice, either force majeure or frustration is unlikely, as both parties could, in theory, have a contractual obligation. is able to support members in this case to arrange the continuation of your payment.

Whatever your case may be, we urge you to clarify your position as soon as possible in order to minimize the risk to your profits.

It is highly recommended that you take online private lessons, not at home… due to coronavirus.

Online private lessons for elementary school students

Elementary students can take online private lessons with a private teacher to cover the school curriculum. This is because their parents believe that their primary school teachers do not adequately supplement the school curriculum through distance education twice a week as it happened in the last two months of quarantine. On the other hand, there are models of teachers who have started early and continue distance learning without interruption.

After the schools were closed, parents ordered e-books for their children to continue working. After a month, they found out teachers uploaded exercises to the school platform twice a week, which was a repetition of the material they already had learned at school. Children quickly lost interest in school and came out of the frame of their daily life. So parents decided to hire a private teacher, who taught the child new school material. Other parents of primary school children did the same, as they found shortcomings in the distance education organized by the class teacher.

Of course, there is always the other side. Other school teachers sent material and communicated with students via e-mail and Skype from the very beginning of quarantine.

Problems you might face with online private lessons

Elementary school students do not have the necessary familiarity with computers to organize lessons, so the presence of a parent is required. On the other hand, many teachers also needed technical support in the early days.

There is a growing number of students taking private school lessons in most countries around the world.

Whether it is to enhance basic skills, or just to keep up with the highest level schoolmates, private lessons are purely a choice of the parent and their financial condition.

In any case, private lessons, especially for primary school children, provide a good basis for their subsequent education. Whether it is to enhance their knowledge in the form of creative lessons, or to study daily tasks and lessons, the child gains an educational level.

Follow the instructions of the experts

Follow the instructions of the experts and use the online platforms so that the lesson can be done remotely, seamlessly and with absolute safety for society as a whole.

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