Spiritual Healer and Psychic Medium Debbie Squizzero to be Featured on Close Up Radio

NORTH PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND, UNITED STATES, September 2, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Our deceased loved ones are always with us trying to speak to us and get our attention to let us know they are OK and at peace. Most of all they want to demonstrate to us that love never dies and that life is eternal. When we lose a loved one, we must learn to speak the language of spirit, a language of energy, vibration and frequency. Spirit will bring us the people we need to help us rediscover our soul's purpose.

Debbie Squizzero is a spiritual healer and psychic medium with strong, intuitive gifts. Debbie is dedicated to “healing people one soul at a time” by reconnecting them with their deceased loved ones to provide guidance, clarity or insight for past, present or future issues.

Debbie encourages her clients to live successful, fulfilling lives by delivering accurate, healing and loving information during their session. Her goal is for each client to experience a positive session that will leave them with a sense of ease, peace, closure or healing.

“You're so much more than what you think you are,” says Squizzero. “The obstacles and challenges in our lives are not there to make you miserable, they're here to teach you. Your soul is here to learn, to love, to grow, and to teach. That's why your soul chooses to come here to the physical world, or as I like to call it Earth School. Earth School is the hardest school your soul will ever attend. You will be given pop quizzes you had no idea were coming your way and tests you did not know you had to study for.”

Originally an early childhood special education teacher, personal difficulties in her early thirties drew her to a reading with a local Spiritual Healer, where she discovered the spiritual gifts that would eventually change her life.

“My desire to help people comes from my own struggles in life,” recalls Squizzero. “I have experienced a wide range of emotional situations throughout the course of my life which in hindsight has helped me to grow and develop into an excellent Psychic Medium. These significant emotional events occurred so that I could deliver messages to my clients while feeling a deep sense of compassion and understanding for them.”

According to Squizzero, “the other side” is only universal, eternal love. It is nothing more than another realm of consciousness. There is no judgement, bitterness, resentment, jealously envy, etc. Those are feelings that our soul comes to the physical world to experience.

Our deceased loved ones communicate through their energy, through pictures or feelings, so Squizzero must raise her vibration to meet them in this place of immense love.

“I love that I can connect with these beautiful energies and souls from the other side and bring comfort to those in grief.” says Squizzero. “I love that I can give my clients the tools to empower themselves and to heal themselves. I’m helping them to understand their life and understand their purpose here in the physical world in order to help move them forward. To ultimately help them grow and expand in their thinking and perspective attending Earth School.”

Close Up Radio will feature Debbie Squizzero in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on September 4th at 2pm EDT

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