Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL Discusses ODA Athletics and the Importance of Youth Sports

Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota, FL

Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota, FL

Elizabeth Giuliani FL

Elizabeth Giuliani FL

Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL recently discussed Out-of-Door Academy athletics as well as the overall importance of youth sports.

SARASOTA, FL, USA, September 16, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Out-of-Door Academy has been the leading school community in Sarasota for nearly a century. Founded in 1924, the academy is an education system geared toward excellence in academics as well as character. The school has long been praised for its unique and beneficial balance of the arts, academics, and athletics. Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL is a proud supporter of the Out-of-Door Academy and its esteemed sports program. Her son Giovanni currently attends the school, playing basketball and baseball for the Out-of-Door Academy Thunder. 

The athletics program at the Out-of-Door Academy has always been a major focus of the school. Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL explained that the school values participation in sports alongside traditional academics and the arts. Being on an Out-of-Door Academy sports team means showing discipline, commitment, respect, and a serious drive for excellence. Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL stated that the school currently has multiple sports teams.

"Being a student-athlete offers far more benefits than simply physical fitness," Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL said. "It teaches leadership, teamwork skills, respect, and integrity. It gives our youth an understanding of what it takes to create a goal and strive for success."

Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL added that many of the skills students learn while participating in athletics help them succeed later in life. She explained that in addition to learning how to strive for goals and achieve them, kids learn how to handle loss or failure. Participation in youth athletics also requires excellent time management skills, especially when taking part in rigorous academic programs like those at the Out-of-Door Academy.

Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL cited studies showing that kids who participate in youth sports are more likely to perform well in school, score higher on national tests, and even become business and political leaders. Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL praised the Out-of-Door Academy athletics program for encouraging kids to progress their skills, promoting camaraderie among players, and developing a passion for athletics among students. 

"There is always an exciting athletic season taking place at the Out-of-Door Academy," Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL said. "The fans are just as excited about the sporting events as the players, and that's what makes this athletic program so special. The success of each team is a community effort."

Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL stated that the Out-of-Door Academy offers athletics for kids of all interests. The school offers everything from basketball, baseball, and football to lacrosse, track, tennis, and golf. A variety of team levels are offered to give as many kids as possible a chance to play and enjoy the many benefits of participation in middle and high school sports. 

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