Live Stream Directly from your Website with our Flexible Live Player Paired with Moderated Chat

Live Evia Player® Paired with Moderated Chat

Live Evia Player® Paired with Moderated Chat

Use Emojis to Express Yourself

Use Emojis to Express Yourself

Secured Live Stream. Engage in a Group Chat. Use Emojis to React to the Video – All this from a Location of Your Choice.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA, September 29, 2020 / — The upgraded Live Evia Player® and the Moderated Chat is now available as a combo in a single iframe option. This iframe can be embedded on a platform of your choice – company website, preferred virtual event platform, etc. Using security tokens to authorize secure access to the video content and chat, Evia provides a highly secured virtual event experience for organizers and attendees. Clients who already possess a virtual event platform or want to stream their video content on a preferred website can now take advantage of this release. The new Live Evia Player® now has the following benefits:

 Reaction Emojis beyond just a thumbs-up

A line-up of five animated emotion emojis or reaction icons will be added to the live player. These icons are completely customizable to show different messages and images. They can be enabled or disabled based on requirement. Much more than just being attractive, reaction icons give users the ability to express themselves beyond a simple thumbs up. We are aware that some events in life aren’t befitting of a ‘Like’, for example disappointments, laughter, worry, etc. This is our attempt to give our users a more nuanced way of expressing their sentiments to video content.

 Superior User-Experience on Moderated Chat:

We are continuously improving our moderated chat to provide the best user experience to attendees and moderators alike. The new upgrades allow you to host a more engaging and efficient moderated chat by providing your moderators better means to moderate, more tools to field relevant questions efficiently, and greater control over the administration of the chat:

 Maintain a Decorum in your Chat Rooms

Moderators can choose to approve all messages before they are displayed on the chat window for the attendees to view. They can click on the ‘check-mark’ icon to approve a message, or they can uncheck the icon to disapprove or reject an off-topic message or a question which violates the code of conduct of that chat room.

 Better Collaboration with Profile Pictures

Profile pictures help others identify you and facilitate better and more satisfying communications. We now offer the option for participants in the moderated chat to upload a profile picture. Choosing a profile picture can make chat collaboration with others easier. There is usually a high need of profile pictures due to attendees being geographically dispersed.

 More Messages Displayed on the Chat Window

For attendees who prefer to have access to more chat messages in their chat windows, we have created extra space for more messages to appear. This provides a better user experience for attendees who can now access, refer to, and respond to more messages.

 Ask Questions based on Attendee Upvotes or ‘Likes’

Now with the new option to ‘like’ a message, attendees can upvote questions they want answers to. Moderators can be cognizant of the popularity of a question or comment amongst participants. This can help to drive conversations and prioritize questions based on the reactions or the number of ‘likes’ they receive.

 Reply to Messages at Ease

With this new feature, attendees can respond to others’ messages without being distracted or displaced by the incoming flood of newer messages. While responding to a fellow attendee’s comments, no new messages will be downloaded in the chat window for that user. Once the user has replied to a certain message and clicks on the ‘Resume Loading Messages’ option, up to fifty (maximum) new messages will reappear in the window.

 Analytics at your finger-tips
Several innovative metrics are being tracked for the moderated chat and the live player on our platform. Apart from the existing ability to download the entire chat file, organizers will be able to have access to essential metrics around viewership, geographic location, reaction icons, etc. Organizers can access these reports through the Evia® Platform.

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React with Emojis and Not Just A Thumbs-Up

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