Becky Kay Psychic Medium to be Featured on Close Up Radio

MURIETTA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2020 / — When someone is grieving, they don't want to hear that it's going to be okay, or that their loved one is in a better place. They just want you to hold their hand and be there, holding that space for healing to begin.

Becky Kay is a spiritual psychic medium who empowers and guides others through profound grief. For 15 years, Becky has drawn on her unique ability to communicate with the spirit world to help guide her clients toward healing.

“I've come across so many people who are grieving their loved ones,” says Becky. “They didn't get a chance to say ‘I love you’ or ‘I'm sorry.’ Using my intuition, communicating with my guides as well their own guides, I can help them move forward through their grief.”

Though she was born with this gift, Becky says her abilities were first activated by a near-death experience from a car accident at the age of eight.

“When I came out of a coma, I told my parents that I could see shadows and hear messages from family members who had crossed over,” recalls Becky. “That’s when my spiritual journey began.”

As a psychic medium, Becky is “just the messenger,” a third party. She receives the messages her clients need to hear.

“I use all of my senses and let the spirit come in as how they were in the world. Sometimes I go into a trance and the spirit is using my body,” explains Becky. “The evidence that I get is often something in their past when they were young, that no one else could know. I always go back to their childhood to validate the information or that the person I'm speaking with is connected to them.”

Becky says on the other side, there is no drama. Everyone has free will to come and go wherever they want to. Our loved ones get to live the same lifestyle, but without stress.

“It's more like dancing, music. They see grief in this world and they wait for us to give them permission to assist us. says Becky. “You just have to be open and not afraid. There's a lot of fear in this world. That's where I come in. I always tell my clients, have no expectations, just be open to the process. That's all I ask. Let's see where it goes.

“What fulfills my heart is knowing that when the message came through, even if I may not understand what they meant, my client did,” says Becky. “What fulfills my heart is that they got something out of it for their healing process. There are always going to be bumps on the road, but they can always come back to the message.”

Close Up Radio will feature Becky Kay in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on October 2nd at 2pm EDT

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Catherine Hartloper of Channelled Messages From Above to be Featured on Close Up Radio

WESTMINSTER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2020 / — Whether you are curious about your future, or you wish to communicate with a loved one who has passed, or you just need someone to listen, a psychic cannot read a person unless their heart is open. But all it takes is one little crack and a psychic can get do all they have to do.

Catherine Hartloper is the founder of Channelled Messages From Above. Catherine is a highly-intuitive psychic and medium with 30 years of experience connecting to Divine Source as a vessel for information and guidance tailored to the needs and circumstances of each individual. Her readings empower her clients and to see the positive aspects of your life’s lessons while receiving divine guidance, predictions and healing energies of spirit.

Catherine has been using her gifts to help people her whole life. She says it’s because she has seen that one person can make a difference.

“It was never a burden because I always accepted it as a gift,” says Catherine. “I know in my soul that I am blessed and protected by God. I know it's all about love. It's all about helping people. I trust the gift. God brings everybody to me. Whoever I'm supposed to help it comes through.”

Catherine says her clients are looking for a way to help themselves. As a psychic, Catherine is a professional problem solver. She is what is known as “clairsentient:” she knows things ahead of time. Still, she says, even though every reading is different, it's always about helping people resolve issues and move forwards.

“I always tell people, ‘The future is not written in stone,’” says Catherine. “It's always about the choices that you make. What you do today, affects your tomorrow, and that’s empowering. I empower and give people tools to go forward.”

Sometimes, however, the souls of deceased loved one’s desire to relay messages. This is when Catherine becomes more than a psychic, but also a medium. All mediums are psychics, but a medium communicates with souls that have crossed over.

“On the other side it is all about love,” says Catherine. “I'm the vehicle through which the information comes across. Sometimes it's an impression, a feeling. I can't give you lottery numbers, but spirit has come through to give whatever message needs to be delivered to help empower the person to go forward. The information comes in the blink of an eye. And it doesn't belong to me, so I can't twist it.”

“I’m most proud of helping people,” says Catherine. “I've done readings and people come back and tell me I saved their life. It's all about helping people, whatever it is that is needed to help raise their vibration. That's what my purpose is.”

Close Up Radio will feature Catherine Hartloper in an interview with Jim Masters on October 2nd at 3pm EDT

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Abyde Chosen to Enhance Darkhorse Tech Dental Practice Users HIPAA Compliance Programs

Abyde HIPAA Compliance Software

Abyde offers a stress-free HIPAA Compliance Software

We are excited to work together on getting our customers up to HIPAA compliance standards, including protecting their practice and their patients in the best way possible.”

— Reuben Kamp, CEO of Darkhorse Tech

TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2020 / — Today Abyde announced its partnership with Darkhorse Tech as their preferred choice to deliver comprehensive HIPAA compliance to Darkhorse's dental practice clients.

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, it’s important for dental practice’s to understand how HIPAA impacts practice operations, technical safeguards and all that’s involved in implementing a complete HIPAA compliance program. Through this partnership, Darkhorse Tech clients are provided with industry-leading software and support to manage a compliance program that not only meets government requirements but alleviates HIPAA stress.

Abyde’s software solution is the easiest way for any sized dental practice to implement and sustain comprehensive HIPAA compliance programs. Abyde’s revolutionary approach guides providers through mandatory HIPAA requirements such as the Security Risk Analysis, HIPAA training for doctors and staff, managing Business Associate Agreements, customized policies and more.

“Partnering with Darkhorse Tech will help more practices realize HIPAA compliance and provide users with a complete, and successful operations and technology program,” said Matt DiBlasi, President of Abyde. “We are excited to be a part of Darkhorse Tech’s select solutions and to continue providing education and support to dental practices across the nation.”

“Darkhorse Tech chose Abyde for its user-friendly software, educational resources, and perfect fit within our existing solutions. We couldn’t be happier to have Abyde as a partner,” said Reuben Kamp, CEO of Darkhorse Tech, “We are excited to work together on getting our customers up to HIPAA compliance standards, including protecting their practice and their patients in the best way possible.”

About Abyde
Abyde (Tampa, FL) is a technology company dedicated to revolutionizing HIPAA compliance for medical professionals. Launched in January 2017, Abyde was formed with the idea that there could exist an easier, more cost-effective way for healthcare providers to comply with government-mandated HIPAA regulations. For more information on Abyde visit

About Darkhorse Tech
Darkhorse Tech (New York) is a technology and Managed Services Provider specialized in serving dentists and dental specialties. We provide HIPAA Compliant Services to support practices such as Anti-Ransomware Technology, Managed Firewalls, Encrypted Email and Backup/Disaster Recovery Systems. On the hardware side, we can resell computer hardware and do full dental startup buildouts. We have been around since 2012 serving the dental community and for more info, visit

For more information, press only: Abyde Marketing,

Abyde Marketing
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Krishna Consultants announces a Mega Event-KC’s Virtual Edu Expo’20

Are you interested in higher studies abroad? If yes, participate in the Biggest Virtual Overseas Education Fair conducted by KC Overseas Education.

NAGPUR, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, September 30, 2020 / — Taking the right study abroad decision at the right time is quite essential for students aiming to embark on a journey of international education as it is a life-changing decision for the best academic and career prospects.

For this, an education fair can be one of the best opportunities to check out suitable study options, discover their dream program, finalize the right university and the study destination. Study abroad aspirants can also meet university representatives from various study destinations, resolve all their queries, and get the essential guidelines from the KC Admission Experts thus making it worthwhile.

But due to the unprecedented challenges owing to the present pandemic situation, students are facing great difficulty in the decision-making process as such KC Overseas Education | Krishna Consultants is organizing a Mega Virtual Education Fair on a virtual platform to facilitate a virtual meet of the study abroad, aspirants, with the universities of their choice.

KC’s Virtual Edu Expo 2020 where Top International University Delegates from 100+ Prestigious Universities across 11 countries would Stream Live into the personal computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones of the study abroad aspirants on 11th October 2020 from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm.

The Virtual Interface will allow students and parents to have a Live Virtual Web Call with the participating universities. Students can seamlessly navigate with instructions given at the help desk and the strong support from the KC team to resolve the technical difficulties if any on the day of the event.

This is not all, they will also be able to download brochures, forms, and other collaterals for future reference and sharing with others.

They can get all the details about the right country, university, and program for a master’s or a bachelor’s degree abroad based on their priorities and eligibility. They can also check out for the scholarships, internships, part-time work options, post-study visa extension, standardized test preparations, and overseas education loan possibilities.

In short, this is a chance to go global staying at home and utilize KC’s Virtual Platform to the fullest to attend the Global Education Fair.

Whether students want to study in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, Ireland, Dubai, any other European or Asian country, KC Overseas Education can give complete assistance for 29 study destinations in the world.

With 41 offices across India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh we are well within the reach of students from South Asia. So, aspirants from all these countries can connect to us for this event.

Lock the date: 11th October 2020 from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm to attend KC’s Virtual Edu Expo and grab the opportunity to apply for 2021 Intakes.

For further details students can check our website and register online for this free virtual event on

KC is all set to assist you virtually & fulfill your Study Abroad dreams. Make the most of it.

Hansie Luke
KC Overseas Education | Krishna Consultants
+91 86699 61037
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iWave Again Receives Highest Award As A “Leader” And Rated #1 In G2’s Fall 2020 Grid Report for Donor Prospect Research

iWave #1 Fundraising Solution For Nonprofits

iWave Fundraising Solutions For Nonprofits

G2 Leader and #1 Donor Prospect Research

G2 Leader and #1 Fall 2020 Donor Prospect Research

Peer-to-peer review website, G2, confirmed for the fourth time in 2020 that iWave is the #1 top-rated provider of fundraising intelligence solutions

CHARLOTTETOWN, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, CANADA, September 30, 2020 / — iWave, the industry’s leading fundraising intelligence platform, today announced it’s position as the #1 highest rated solution in the Leader quadrant in G2’s Fall 2020 Grid® Report for Donor Prospect Research. Leaders are determined by their high levels of customer satisfaction and likeliness to recommend ratings from real users on G2, the world’s leading business solutions review website.

iWave’s commitment to customer satisfaction and success is reflected by the nonprofit industry and its members. Based on real-time user reviews by nonprofit professionals who work in fundraising and prospect development, iWave received the highest Satisfaction Score among solutions in Donor Prospect Research. This is the 38th award that iWave has received from G2.

With nearly 200 reviews, iWave out-performed all other fundraising intelligence and prospect research solutions in overall satisfaction by a wide margin and clearly ranking it the best and easiest to use fundraising solution available to nonprofit organizations.

“It is a great honor and achievement to have received this positive feedback and recognition from the nonprofit community once again,” said iWave President and CEO Ross Beattie. “ The results from this report are a testament to iWave’s dedication to delivering solutions that go above and beyond our client's needs and expectations. We intend to continue to invest in innovation to help our clients succeed – like improvements for efficiency and productivity, analytics, and data security and privacy – as demonstrated in our most recent platform enhancement announcement.”

What Real Users Say About iWave

“I’ve used many research and prospecting tools over the years. I found iWave to be both efficient and cost-effective. The accuracy of the data returned helps me create informative profiles that help us raise more money.”

“iWave is straightforward and pulls information from many different sources, and I've used it to find information when WealthEngine sometimes can't. I've even logged into it from a different organization I worked at because they only use WealthEngine and WhitePages, but both would often have gaps in information. iWave lays out more information in front of you for you to piece together.”

About G2
Headquartered in Chicago, G2 is revolutionizing the way businesses discover, buy and manage software and services. More than three million users per month rely on G2 to help them find and buy the best software for their businesses. The platform has more than a million verified reviews and $100M in total funding invested by IVP, Accel Partners, LinkedIn, Emergence Capital, Pritzker Group, Chicago Ventures, Hyde Park Ventures, industry leaders and founders. G2’s customers include Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM and Zoom and Its most recent funding, a $55M Series C, was announced in October, closely followed by the company’s acquisitions of Siftery and Advocately.

About iWave:
iWave, the industry’s top-rated fundraising intelligence platform, enables nonprofit organizations to fundraise with confidence. In a new era of nonprofit fundraising, iWave solves critical challenges facing fundraising professionals today: how to identify, qualify and retain donors to raise more major gifts. iWave’s intuitive and easy-to-use solutions give access to the industry’s highest quality wealth and philanthropic information so you can determine who to ask, how much to ask for, and when to ask. Since 1991, over 6000 clients, including many of the largest education, healthcare and nonprofit organizations in the World, have relied on iWave to power their fundraising efforts.
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Dana Prestigiacomo
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Dana Prestigiacomo
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Asclepius TBK 65 – 4K resolution

TBK 65 – 4K installed in Europe

Paper publication from the Czech Republic regarding the installation of table at their laboratory.


TAICHUNG, TAIWAN, September 30, 2020 / — Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology Co. Ltd, a Taiwan based manufacturer of the Virtual Dissection Table for the Medical Educational purposes, is making its way up in the European market. Recently, Asclepius was installed in the TECHNICKA UNIVERZITA V LIBERCI in the INTERAKTIVNI LABORATOR (FZS14). The main goal of the laboratory is TO provide an interactive education place for students in various interaction groups using a new highly sophisticated virtual 3D teaching portal of imaging methods. The laboratory is used to teach students with the possibility of creating specific teaching conditions, for example in subjects such as communication, psychology, transcultural nursing and more. At the same time, it offers the use of a virtual representation of real body parts down to the smallest detail. Its use is essential for real anatomy and clinical cases leading to the development of thinking in situations during clinical training. The laboratory also serves to solve qualification work.

Asclepius manufacturers take it as a very promising step forward entering the European market with one motive to provide the Virtual Dissection Table to every medical college to enhance the traditional medical education to a more technological and user-friendly interface. Discussing the abilities of the Asclepius, Virtual Dissection Table consists of virtual human cadavers (both male and female). The fully annotated content of the Virtual Anatomy enables the students to have a better understanding of the human anatomy in an interactive way. The possibility to go layer by layer in depth of the human anatomy provides the students an in-depth knowledge of the human anatomy. Familiarizing with the in-depth knowledge, Asclepius provides the Virtual Dissection feature which lets the students and professors to perform the dissection any number of times for the complete anatomy of the human. Ability to connect to the PACS makes it more user friendly as the professors can import all the necessary DICOM images from the system and explain it to the students. 3D reconstruction of the data from the 2D DICOM images in less than 30 seconds makes it the fastest conversion software as well. A collection of the pre-loaded cases for the Radiology and Histopathology makes Asclepius one of the most desired medical educational product in the market.

Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology Co. Ltd. Taiwan
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Ante el reto y la adversidad de la pandemia de COVID-19, hemos decidido retomar la campaña de manera virtual, con 16 colectivos de mujeres que destacan por ser activas en redes sociales”

— Dra. Rina Gitler, Fundadora y Presidente de Fundación Alma.

MEXICO, September 29, 2020 / — Ciudad de México 30 de septiembre 2020. Fundación Alma lanza nueva campaña de responsabilidad social, con el firme propósito de reafirma su compromiso al motivar, generar y reforzar conciencia sobre la seria problemática del cáncer de mama, del cuidado de nuestro cuerpo y de la importancia de la reconstrucción mamaria en México.

Fundación Alma está conformada por un grupo de médicos cirujanos plásticos, con subespecialidad en reconstrucción mamaria. Cuentan con el apoyo de múltiples empresas y personas; en conjunto han logrado reconstruir a más de 500 mujeres alrededor de la República Mexicana. Su objetivo principal es ayudar a reconstruir vidas de sobrevivientes de cáncer de mama.

La obra literaria y trilogía infantil “El brasier de mamá” de la autora Edmmé Pardo, es el eje central de la campaña; desde la primera temporada lanzada de en el año 2014, han participado múltiples celebridades, en diferentes estrategias y acciones creativas; tal fue el caso de la exposición fotográfica exhibida en diferentes puntos de la Ciudad de México: Alameda Central y Metro Tacubaya. En la segunda temporada de la campaña, colaboraron 40 hombres representativos de la sociedad civil; entre ellos el prestigiado Dr. David Kershenobich, actual director del Instituto Nacional de Nutrición, el Dr. Abelardo Meneses director del Instituto Nacional de Cancerología; personalidades como El Santo, Iñaki Manero, Luis Álvarez, Héctor Ponce de León entre otros. Cada uno de ellos diseñó una obra original de un brassier; la muestra fotográfica se presentó gratuitamente al público en el Parque Lincoln, en el Antiguo Colegio de Medicina, en el INCAN entre otros espacios.

“Este año, ante el reto y la adversidad que nos presenta la pandemia de COVID-19, hemos decidido retomar la campaña de manera virtual, con 16 colectivos de mujeres que destacan por ser activas en redes sociales” aseveró la Dra. Rina Gitler, Fundadora y Presidente de Fundación Alma.

Como parte de la campaña digital diseñada por la agencia PLOT , se invitará al público de manera abierta, plural e incluyente a ser parte de esta actividad de gran impacto; podrán compartir mensajes, comentarios, dudas, anécdotas, testimonios , adicionalmente, podrán descargar sin costo el PDF que se hospeda en y crear una obra artística de la silueta de su propio brasier para que el día 21 de octubre todas las redes sociales se pinten de brasieres coloridos con historias que contar.

Para fundación ALMA IAP es un año importante ya que a nivel mundial el 19 de octubre es el día internacional de la lucha contra el cáncer de mama pero por primera vez por decreto ya tendremos al igual que en muchos otro países el “BRAD” por sus siglas en ingeles el Breast Reconstruction Awarness day: DÍA DE LA RECONSTRUCCIÓN MAMARIA.

Este día por decreto a partir del 2020 se conmemorará cada tercer miércoles de octubre, esto significa un logro importante para la institución después de muchos años de trabajo en el tema de incidencia en política pública se ha logrado legislar la reconstrucción mamaria como parte integral del tratamiento de cáncer de mama.
La campaña esta dirigida a toda persona sin importar edad o sexo que se quiera sumara a la conmemoración de este día siendo el colectivo de Lady Multitask, Mujeres Maravilla y Mamy Bloggers el paraguas para que los demás colectivos se sumen.

La campaña dará comienzo el primero de octubre con una serie de posteos y videos que circularán principalmente por WhatApp pidiéndole a las mujeres que lo reciban que lo suban a IG y FB con el #AtodosNosPuedePasar IG@almafundacion. FB:ALMA fundación.

Esta será una muestra de como más de 150 mil mujeres en todo el país pueden sumarse por una causa sin salir de casa….

Contacto de prensa

Lizette Weber
Lizette Weber PR Agency
+52 5566285614
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Live Stream Directly from your Website with our Flexible Live Player Paired with Moderated Chat

Live Evia Player® Paired with Moderated Chat

Live Evia Player® Paired with Moderated Chat

Use Emojis to Express Yourself

Use Emojis to Express Yourself

Secured Live Stream. Engage in a Group Chat. Use Emojis to React to the Video – All this from a Location of Your Choice.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA, September 29, 2020 / — The upgraded Live Evia Player® and the Moderated Chat is now available as a combo in a single iframe option. This iframe can be embedded on a platform of your choice – company website, preferred virtual event platform, etc. Using security tokens to authorize secure access to the video content and chat, Evia provides a highly secured virtual event experience for organizers and attendees. Clients who already possess a virtual event platform or want to stream their video content on a preferred website can now take advantage of this release. The new Live Evia Player® now has the following benefits:

 Reaction Emojis beyond just a thumbs-up

A line-up of five animated emotion emojis or reaction icons will be added to the live player. These icons are completely customizable to show different messages and images. They can be enabled or disabled based on requirement. Much more than just being attractive, reaction icons give users the ability to express themselves beyond a simple thumbs up. We are aware that some events in life aren’t befitting of a ‘Like’, for example disappointments, laughter, worry, etc. This is our attempt to give our users a more nuanced way of expressing their sentiments to video content.

 Superior User-Experience on Moderated Chat:

We are continuously improving our moderated chat to provide the best user experience to attendees and moderators alike. The new upgrades allow you to host a more engaging and efficient moderated chat by providing your moderators better means to moderate, more tools to field relevant questions efficiently, and greater control over the administration of the chat:

 Maintain a Decorum in your Chat Rooms

Moderators can choose to approve all messages before they are displayed on the chat window for the attendees to view. They can click on the ‘check-mark’ icon to approve a message, or they can uncheck the icon to disapprove or reject an off-topic message or a question which violates the code of conduct of that chat room.

 Better Collaboration with Profile Pictures

Profile pictures help others identify you and facilitate better and more satisfying communications. We now offer the option for participants in the moderated chat to upload a profile picture. Choosing a profile picture can make chat collaboration with others easier. There is usually a high need of profile pictures due to attendees being geographically dispersed.

 More Messages Displayed on the Chat Window

For attendees who prefer to have access to more chat messages in their chat windows, we have created extra space for more messages to appear. This provides a better user experience for attendees who can now access, refer to, and respond to more messages.

 Ask Questions based on Attendee Upvotes or ‘Likes’

Now with the new option to ‘like’ a message, attendees can upvote questions they want answers to. Moderators can be cognizant of the popularity of a question or comment amongst participants. This can help to drive conversations and prioritize questions based on the reactions or the number of ‘likes’ they receive.

 Reply to Messages at Ease

With this new feature, attendees can respond to others’ messages without being distracted or displaced by the incoming flood of newer messages. While responding to a fellow attendee’s comments, no new messages will be downloaded in the chat window for that user. Once the user has replied to a certain message and clicks on the ‘Resume Loading Messages’ option, up to fifty (maximum) new messages will reappear in the window.

 Analytics at your finger-tips
Several innovative metrics are being tracked for the moderated chat and the live player on our platform. Apart from the existing ability to download the entire chat file, organizers will be able to have access to essential metrics around viewership, geographic location, reaction icons, etc. Organizers can access these reports through the Evia® Platform.

Team Evia
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React with Emojis and Not Just A Thumbs-Up

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Artur Hiaeve Offers Insurance Consulting Services in Miami Beach

Tailored Insurance Coverage for Individuals and Businesses

MIAMI, FL, USA, September 29, 2020 / — Artur Hiaeve is leveraging dynamic insurance coverage to help individuals and businesses in the Miami Beach community mitigate risk and ensure financial stability. This includes a spectrum of insurance products that shield against legal liability and recoup lost cash flows.

For individuals, Artur Hiaeve offers advice on homeowner’s policies, auto policies, boat policies and life insurance among other coverage options. This includes an analysis of different types of life insurance, such as term, universal and whole-life. Knowing the benefits of each type of policy is key for protecting assets and beneficiaries effectively. Artur Hiaeve works diligently to optimize coverage based on clients’ specific needs and financial situations.

Regarding business coverage, Artur Hiaeve advises clients on general liability and property protection, as well as auto policies and other business-related insurance. Given that businesses face more legal liability and governmental requirements than ever before, it is critical to have the right coverage in place to ensure that business operations can continue, even when faced with daunting risks and natural catastrophes.

Umbrella coverage can be beneficial for individuals and businesses alike. This is true regardless whether there are hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars at risk. Artur Hiaeve works with clients to assess overall coverage and identify gaps in policies that can be filled by umbrella coverage. This added general liability coverage becomes applicable when other policy coverage thresholds are exhausted. This added layer of protection is often-times very affordably priced and can provide peace-of-mind to clients.

There are a myriad of insurance policies and coverage thresholds available to businesses and consumers. All of these options can make it difficult to select the right policy. Having a trusted advisor in place to help navigate the insurance market and select coverage is critical. Artur Hiaeve has built a reputation for excellence, helping clients optimize policies while removing excess coverage.

Artur Hiaeve also advises clients on the risks of going uninsured. To forgo coverage can expose clients to various risks that can have lasting adverse impacts on livelihoods and families. It is better to get the right coverage now with the help of a skilled professional.

Artur Hiaeve has over 20-years-experience in the insurance industry tailoring coverage options to individuals and businesses. He and his family are proud supporters of the local community and work to ensure the continued vibrance of Miami Beach.

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
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Libro ilustrado celebrando los logros de las mujeres en la biología se publicará en tapa blanda ediciones

Tapa de Las mujeres en la biología

Las mujeres en la biología se lanzará en octubre 7, 2020

Tapa de Women in Biology

Women in Biology se lanzará en octubre 7, 2020

Página  17 de Las mujeres en la biología

Las mujeres en la biología muestra a los niños los logros de mujeres científicas, como Jane Cooke Wright (en la foto).

Editorial CTIM busca hacer que la educación científica esté accesible para los aprendices jóvenes

Escrito excepcionalmente, ilustrado vistosamente y narrado con claridad. Este libro seguramente cautivará a las mentes jóvenes y las inspirará a soñar en grande.”

— Prof. Eva Woods Peiró, PhD, Estudios de la Mujer e Hispanos, Vassar College

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2020 / — Science Naturally ha asumido la misión de hacer que los temas CTIM sean entretenidos y estén accesibles para los jóvenes lectores con la publicación en tapa blanda de uno de sus libros más vendidos, Las mujeres en la biología, en ediciones tanto en inglés como en español. Women in Biology y Las mujeres en la biología son los primeros libros en la serie Science Wide Open, una colección de libros para niños con precisión científica que presenta conceptos de química, biología y física, dándoles a conocer a los niños de primaria las científicas que han hecho innovaciones de vanguardia en estos campos.

Por medio de una conversación entre una joven y valiente protagonista que hace preguntas sobre el mundo a su alrededor y un narrador científicamente astuto cuyas respuestas son fáciles de entender para las mentes jóvenes, la serie Science Wide Open hace que aprender los elementos básicos de la ciencia sea un resultado natural al disfrutar la historia. Las mujeres en la biología, diseñado para niños de 7 a 10 años, es un lugar perfecto para que los científicos jóvenes entiendan el poder de la curiosidad y la resiliencia, descubriendo al mismo tiempo las maravillas del mundo de la biología.

Las mujeres en la biología es una forma fácil y divertida de familiarizar a los niños con los conceptos CTIM antes de que empiecen a sentirse presionados por la escuela. La Dra. Eva Woods Peiró, PhD, profesora de Estudios de la Mujer e Hispanos en la universidad de Vassar College dice que este título está “escrito excepcionalmente, ilustrado vistosamente y narrado con claridad. Este libro seguramente cautivará a las mentes jóvenes y las inspirará a soñar en grande”.

Esta serie fue publicada originalmente en tapa dura por Genius Games, LLC en el año 2016 por medio de una campaña exitosa en Kickstarter. La campaña fue financiada completamente tan solo ocho horas después de su lanzamiento y recaudó un total de $136,520 de parte de 3,103 patrocinadores. Este entusiasmo de parte de los padres, maestros, bibliotecarios y científicos demuestra la alta demanda que existe sobre libros CTIM para estudiantes de primaria, y especialmente aquellos libros que homenajean a las mujeres científicas. Un patrocinador dijo: “¡Ahora mis hijos saben que sí existen las heroínas!”

Science Naturally está entusiasmado de haber asumido la publicación de estos títulos tan queridos, con la esperanza de hacer que la educación científica esté accesible para una amplia gama de lectores. Science Naturally trabaja de cerca con organizaciones de lectoescritura como First Book, Kids Read Now y Reach

Out and Read, quienes ayudan a los niños necesitados. Estos grupos compran los libros con un descuento significativo para poder llevarlos a las manos de los niños marginados.

A través de esta última publicación, Science Naturally también espera llevar los primeros conceptos matemáticos a los hogares de quienes no hablan inglés. De acuerdo con el Centro Nacional para Estadísticas sobre la Educación, el 7.7% de todos los estudiantes de escuelas públicas de kínder a 12vo grado hablan español en su hogar y, en el año 2015, el Departamento de Educación de los Estados Unidos descubrió que aproximadamente tres cuartos de los estudiantes con un dominio limitado del inglés dijeron que el idioma principal en su hogar es el español. La bibliotecaria Amy Koester escribió: “Cuando las clases y las actividades son ofrecidas exclusivamente en inglés oral o escrito, los hablantes no nativos están en riesgo de perder la motivación en las áreas CTIM”. Producir libros científicos que inspiran a los niños — como Las mujeres en la biología — es una forma en la que Science Naturally contribuye a cerrar la brecha en los recursos.

La autora Mary Wissinger pasó la mayor parte de su niñez en Wisconsin, cantando, leyendo y soñando despierta. Es una exprofesora y disfruta escribiendo historias que inspiran la curiosidad sobre el mundo y la conexión con otras personas. Ahora que vive en St. Louis, MO, es autora de la serie completa de Science Wide Open: Las mujeres en la biología, Las mujeres en la química y Las mujeres en la física. Puede encontrar más información sobre Mary en

Danielle Pioli es una artista e ilustradora cuya misión es inspirar a otros a crear. La idea de crear todo un universo y transferirlo de su mente al papel es lo que hizo que se enamorara del arte y de la narración. Cuando era niña, estaba atraída a la magia, algo que ella ahora conoce como Física Cuántica. Ella es la ilustradora de la serie completa de Science Wide Open. Para obtener más información sobre el trabajo de Danielle, puede visitar su sitio web en

Science Naturally es una imprenta independiente en Washington, D.C. Nuestros libros son distribuidos al comercio por la Red Nacional de Libros [ (local) y (internacional)]. Para obtener más información sobre nuestras publicaciones, compras directas o a granel, o para solicitar un ejemplar para preparar una reseña, por favor comuníquese con nosotros. Las imágenes de la portada y una muestra del contenido están disponibles en

Las mujeres en la biología
Escrito por Mary Wissinger • Ilustrado por Danielle Pioli
Español • 7–10 años • 8.25 x 8.25” • 40 páginas
Tapa blanda ($12.95) ISBN: 978-1-938492-07-5 • Octubre de 2020
eBook ($11.99) ISBN: 978-1-938492-29-7 • Octubre de 2020

Women in Biology
Escrito por Mary Wissinger • Ilustrado por Danielle Pioli
Inglés • 7–10 años • 8.25 x 8.25” • 40 páginas
Tapa dura ($14.99) ISBN: 978-1-945779-09-1 • 2016
Tapa blanda ($12.95) ISBN: 978-1-938492-30-3 • Octubre de 2020
eBook ($11.99) ISBN: 978-1-945779-12-1 • Octubre de 2020

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