Wayne Shulick's Tips for Successfully Shifting Company Culture

Wayne Shulick's Tips for Successfully Shifting Company Culture

PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA, October 21, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Wayne Shulick has invaluable advice for any manager or business operator who wants to dramatically shift their workplace culture. It’s often cited as a great way to improve employee satisfaction, but how do you really go about it? How do you convince a veteran staff that their new purpose in work is different from what drove them for the years leading up to this point? The secret is to craft a holistic approach to a culture shift and implement it in ways that are inclusive, accessible, motivating and manageable.

Wayne Shulick Says to Involve Everyone

A culture shift does not happen top-down. Instead, it happens bottom-up, much like grassroots movements. It happens when the core group of workers believes in the shift. In order to get that belief and dedication, Wayne Shulick has discovered that it requires involvement from the people who will be making the changes. Management has to include everyone in the conversation and see what the company itself values. Management and staff should bounce ideas off of each other and address pushback. Change needs to start in the very place where it will be driven.

Building on Wins Like Wayne Shulick

The Wayne Shulick method focuses on small wins. It derives from the same philosophy that builds good habits. You don’t run a marathon your first day. Instead, any amount of running is a victory. Over time, you expect more of yourself, and your wins scale up until you can tackle the bid distance.

Wayne Shulick remarks on how this holds true for companies. The culture will not shift overnight. Instead, it will be a journey of a thousand small steps. When the small wins are established, concise and clearly communicated to everyone, the company can celebrate each achievement (granted, this does not require a cake and office parties at every turn). Build on wins, and people will more readily and easily embrace the culture shift.

Wayne Shulick Discusses Culture and Hiring

The easiest and most reliable way to make a permanent culture shift, according to Wayne Shulick, is through hiring. This is not to suggest that one should fire their entire staff and start over. Instead, acknowledge the inevitability of turnover and build the culture shift into the hiring process. This generates momentum, and screening new hires makes sure that they are on board with the cultural direction.

Wayne Shulick Emphasizes Patience

Often, the most challenging aspect of shifting culture is curtailing the desire to see rapid change. The culture cannot and will not shift quickly. Small wins will feel good, but there will be backward steps too. Bake patience into the plan. Expect resistance and a nonlinear journey. It will help the company stay the course and see the desired change. Emphasize patience, and Wayne Shulick guarantees that your culture can transform.

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