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Video series sheds positive light on work to strengthen families and importance of family resource centers everywhere. Found on CP website, Vimeo and YouTube

It's been so uplifting to see how these videos celebrated our staff, hard work and accomplishments and our family’s perseverance not just during COVID-19, but throughout their individual journeys.”

— CP’s Executive Director, Jodi Mijares

DIVIDE, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2020 / — Community Partnership Family Resource Center (CP) in Divide, CO has announced the release of a series of seven informational videos, which covers topics ranging from family success stories to sharing the agency’s COVID-19 response actions to explaining the agency’s mission in general.

CP, located at 11115 US Highway 24, Divide, CO 80814, has been strengthening Teller County, CO families for over 25 years. The agency offers a wide variety of services including family development, healthy living, playgroups, parent enrichment and adult education/GED program. The last two services being the original assistance provided in 1992 when CP was established by community leaders.

According to CP’s Executive Director, Jodi Mijares, the agency plays a very important role in the community as an advocate for families and providing family voice with their partners when crucial decisions are being made by community leaders. “For example, we have a parent advisory committee that provides feedback about the programs we offer here at CP,” said Mijares. “And then the CP leaders carry their voices forward to larger community groups so we can determine if our family’s needs are being met or if we need to expand or adjust our offerings.”

“All of our programs offered at CP are strength-based and family driven,” shared Jamie Krall, CP’s Parents as Teachers (PAT) Family Advocate. “My personal love is for PAT. Parents are their children’s first and most influential teachers. The PAT program allows parents a chance to take a step out of their busy lives to interact and really learn about their children, how best to communicate and support thriving children who are healthy, safe and ready to learn.”

In one of the videos, Mijares talks about how COVID-19 has affected the agency and the hard work that CP has done in the past nine months to assist families in need in the community. CP is part of the Teller Combined Agency Emergency Response Team. “Because of strong, established relationships with our partner agencies, we were able to come together quickly and work efficiently to address the increased need caused by COVID in our community,” Mijares explained.

The current food pantry is a prime example of the community collaboration CP developed with other Teller County agencies. When COVID hit and the churches, senior centers and schools were required to close, CP was able to pick up the operation of a community food bank and provide crucial nutrition to families and individuals in need throughout the community.

The new CP video series was created at a unique time in history. “However, I really feel that there was no better time to tell this agency’s story than during the pandemic because of the way we were able to rally for families and meet their needs,” said Mijares. “After nine months of emergency response, everyone here at CP has been feeling tired. It has been so uplifting to see how these videos have celebrated our staff, our hard work and accomplishments and our family’s perseverance not just during COVID-19, but throughout their individual journeys. The entire process has recharged us and made us feel such gratitude during this trying time.”

“I really have to say how thankful I am to the video project’s sponsors Park State Bank and Trust and the Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation” said Mijares. “We couldn't have justified the added expense to our budget during COVID-19 and the project wouldn’t have happened without the monetary assistance they provided.”

CP also has sincere gratitude for Perini & Associates (P&A) a community-minded, locally based public relations and marketing firm for all of their hard work and dedication to the video production. P&A is a trusted partner of our agency and has a complete understanding of our agency and our importance in our community, both of which shined through in the finished videos.

P&A President Michael Perini said “that (our) firm is honored and grateful that CP placed their trust in our video services. Our agency is very aware of the incredible work the agency has accomplished since 1992. The area’s citizens are better today because of the dedicated team at CP. There clearly is a bond of friendship and family with everyone who is touched by CP."

“It is my hope that the new video series will shed positive light the genuine work that we do here to strengthen our community and help people realize, on a national level, the importance of family resource centers everywhere,” said Krall. “Almost every community has a family resource center or agency and I sincerely hope that families will take advantage of the assistance that is available to them in the communities where they live.”

“One of my favorite things about the CP video series is that several of the videos highlight how our agency provides assistance to families who are living in a very rural community with limited resources,” said Krall. “We have an amazing team here at CP and we are truly able to make a difference in the lives of our family partners.”

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About Community Partnership
In 1992 CP was established and dedicated to providing needed programs for families and children, strong leadership, collaboration among similar agencies, and information sharing within Teller County.
During a ‘regular’ year CP serves approximately 1,000 residents and provides an average of $40,000 in emergency assistance. To date in 2020, CP has provided $135,000 in emergency assistance including food, household and school supplies, baby formula, diapers and wipes, and cash assistance. In the first 6 weeks of COVID, CP provided a regular years’ worth of emergency assistance to Teller County families and will easily distribute enough additional support by the end of 2020 to say that in 2020, the emergency assistance that CP passed through to families quadrupled (from $40K to $160K).

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