Hyper-realistic Medical Training Simulator Mimics Real Human Body

LAS VEGAS, NV, USA, November 20, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Synvizion is a collaboration of two individuals, one from medical industry, the other from the special effects movie industry, to create hyper-realistic medical training simulations that mimics a real human body.

Timothy Pinkerton, a cirtified surgical first assistant with 3 decades of experience performing over 5,000 EVH/ERAH procedures, was unhappy with what is currently on the market for training new surgeons. As a trainer himself he has worked with many crude training models that are currently used and they lack realism. He decided to fix this issue and approached a Las Vegas based special effects and fabrication company, Break All Productions.

Break All Productions owner, Joshua Brokaw, took a look at the project and tried out the current medical trainers used today to get a feel for it. Knowing right away that he and his team could do much better. Brokaw has 2 decades of experience in the special effects industry, has designed and consulted for scenes in film, music videos, and events worldwide. Seeing promise in what could be done, yet hasn't been done he agreed to team up with Pinkerton and SynviZion was formed.

Prototyping began in March 2020 for the ERAH medical trainer, or Z-Rad, a simulation that mocks a real human arm and teaches students how to properly remove the radial artery for heart surgery. A similar prototype has been designed for the EVH system using the legs vein for open heart surgery. These simulators mock the look and feel of a human body part both inside and out.

SynviZion plans to take these and other designs further into incorperating an augmented reality supported prop simulation. They are also in talks with sergeons to create simulations of other medical procedures and plan to eventually have a full multifunctional body far superior to the current plastic fisher-price looking autopsy dolls that are currently being used.

Up to this point, SynviZion has been self-funded. With the unfortunate shut down of entertainment industry due to pandemic, Brokaw has used his summer and production studio to prototype the Z-Rad simulator and is extremely close to having a finished functional product, well, the product is already functional, it just needs some minor changes before it can be taken to market. SynviZion plans to take on investors for future products but hopes to first have a well finished showcase piece to prove their worth. This is why they have turned to crowdfunding to raise just enough to finish off the existing model. Marketers and distributors are already looking at this product and waiting for its release, but it needs one more final push.

SynviZion has put together a Kickstarter campaign and are looking for any size donation to help them reach their goal. More details concerning what they are currently working on, its economic impact, and its benefits to the industry can be seen there.

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Working prototype in action

Source: EIN Presswire