Mango Animate Rolls Out a Whiteboard Video Maker for Customer Education

whiteboard video maker

whiteboard video maker

whiteboard video maker

whiteboard video maker

whiteboard video maker

whiteboard video maker

The whiteboard video maker helps enterprises and marketers educate their customers about their products, processes, and services.

Our whiteboard video maker comes with everything clients need to communicate professionally with their audiences.”

— Selena Lee, Chief Designer of Mango Animate

HONG KONG, CHINA, November 25, 2020 / — Mango Animate has released a whiteboard video maker that helps businesses educate their customers about their products and processes. Whiteboard videos are excellent for providing detailed information about brands or products as they can synthesize and condense facts with utmost effectiveness. When presenting content, whiteboards allow users to unfold ideas before viewers smoothly without any distractions. This captures their interest as well because of the dynamism of the content and its entertaining nature. With Mango Animate, users have access to tools to help them style whiteboard videos that will captivate audiences.

The whiteboard video maker from Mango Animate is the ideal tool to use when explaining intricate or technical products and services. Viewers will better understand messages that unravel before them and follow the ideas highlighted in whiteboard videos than when plainly expressed. With the various hand types provided, it is easy to give videos a personalized touch that will boost memory retention. Through whiteboard videos, users can convey concepts and ideas to people in enjoyable, entertaining, and engaging ways. Mango Animate allows them to design videos characterized by humor, style, and pleasing aesthetics.

“Our whiteboard video maker comes with everything clients need to communicate professionally with their audiences,” said Selena Lee, Chief Designer of Mango Animate. “They can easily switch the viewer’s mind into a learning mode in a very entertaining and engaging way. Whiteboard videos have the power to simplify complex concepts and make people understand them effectively. They can be used to introduce brands and explain how products or services work to make audiences change their perceptions or decisions.”

Creating whiteboard videos using the whiteboard video maker is easy. All users need is to register and start designing the videos using the pre-designed templates. They can embellish their creations with characters, icons, SVG images, and shapes and add intriguing animation effects with voiceovers to get the videos talking. The full multi-track timeline is available to help them customize all the functionalities from animations, characters, transition effects, and much more. With the animated hand drawing, writing, and a mix of art and entertainment, users can enhance their storytelling to capture the imagination of those watching their videos.

Mango Animate enables users to create whiteboard videos that help viewers absorb information while watching. The whiteboard video maker has easy to use features that make it flexible to play and pause videos at one’s convenience. Users connect each frame in their whiteboard storyboards to make the videos more intriguing. They can illustrate their ideas with art and character animations to entice viewers to keep watching. With Mango Animate, it is easy to design quality and personalized whiteboard videos.

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Mango Animate has unleashed the power of whiteboard animation by introducing its whiteboard video maker. The software makes the whiteboard video creation task easy and fun for both creators and consumers.

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