The Ins and Outs of Social Media

A new guide released by Legacy Health Endowment aims to help families ensure their Internet-savvy kids are safe while using social media

TURLOCK, CA, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2020 / — Guide Teaches Ins and Outs of Social Media
Contact: Jeffrey Lewis

It can be challenging for parents to keep up with their children’s social lives in the real world, let alone their countless accounts on the Internet. A new guide released by Legacy Health Endowment aims to help families ensure their Internet-savvy kids are safe while using popular cellphone applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, arming parents with tools to protect their children’s mental health when it comes to social media.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, mental health disorders are far more prevalent during adolescence. With 85 percent of teens using YouTube and 72 percent using Instagram, LHE President and CEO Jeffrey Lewis knew that the healthcare foundation had an opportunity to discuss mental health and social media. Thus, LHE created an educational tool called PARENTS – What You Wish You Knew: A Quick Guide to the Basics of Social Media (and the Potential Risks for Children and Teens).

“When talking to parents, there was a consistent concern about how much time their children, young and old, were spending on social media. Sometimes writing, other times with headphones on — and often for hours,” Lewis said.

“Parents with busy lives simply trying to survive and keep a family intact were worried, but did not know what to do,” Lewis said. “Social media for them was like Mars.”

Through LHE’s social media guide, parents can now educate themselves in the comfort of their own home. The guide is easy to download and provides general information on each app, tips, and clear instructions that parents can use to enhance their children and teens' security. Families can also gain a better understanding of social media’s effect on their children’s minds.

“Here, we are deeply concerned about how social media impacts someone’s mental health and, in my case, particularly pre-teens, and teenagers,” Lewis said. “How does social media impact girls starting in the fourth grade and beyond? How does it impact their vulnerabilities?

“We have created a multi-faceted distribution system where we will reach people across America — from politicians to pastors to parents and more,” he said.

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