Queens of Rum in the Anglo-Saxon Caribbean Island

Female Master Blenders that are changing the rum industry

MIAMI, FL, USA, January 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Caribbean is synonymous with beauty and sensuality but also with strong, enterprising women. These master blenders are redefining the rum industry with their vision, taste, and smell. We have a selection of three women who are transforming the market, imposing a new leadership, and betting on innovation. They are creating new flavors and blends to conquer consumers.

The master blenders are responsible for creating the finishing touches of the ideal spirit, a quality rum that has the appropriate body. A product that is a reference in the industry. These women make sure that the quality of the rum is maintained in the different barrels. As master blenders, they are responsible for the maceration and distillation of the spirits. In addition to the marketing of the rum brands.

TheRumLab.com published its latest infographics entitled "7 Women Leading Rum" to highlight some of the leading master blenders in the Caribbean.

Joy Spence

Joy is the queen of the Appleton Estate, responsible for the new rum blends. Joy has created some of the world's finest, award-winning rums, including 30 unique rum blends, wines, and spirits.

She graduated in science from Loughborough University with a Masters in Analytical Chemistry in 1978. Although her passion is chemistry, she broke the barrier for women in the rum industry by becoming the first woman to become a Master Blender.

She graduated from Loughborough University with a Master of Science in Analytical Chemistry in 1978.

Her passion has always been chemistry, and she has a great organoleptic ability that allows her to detect different aromas, which was undoubtedly a key factor in achieving this appointment.

In 2005, the Government of Jamaica awarded Joy the Order of Distinction in the Rank of Officer (OD) for her service to the industry.

If you want to know more about Joy Spence, read the Rumlab interview.

Carol Homer-Caesar

Carol is the other queen of the Caribbean, the only female mixing master in Trinidad and Tobago. She is the manager of blending and quality control for Angostura Ltd. She has been in the rum blending business for over two decades.

Her academic background includes studies at the School of Alcohol Technology in the United States and the Scotch Whisky Research Institute (SWRI) in Scotland.

His experience is notable for his research into the sensory aspect of the rum-mixing process, performing sensory evaluations and chemical tests on aged rums.
As a master blender, she monitors the quality process, from yeast to fermentation and distillation to the aging of the rum.

Her business vision includes the creation of the Angostura Rum Flavour Wheel for Angostura Rums.

Carol Homer-Caesar believes that the market for premium rum will continue to grow globally and emerging markets that have been dominated by younger rums will see the premium category continue to grow. Visit the interview with this master blender at therumlab.com.

Trudiann Branker

It is the third queen of the rum palate in the Caribbean. A professional who graduated from the Siebel Institute and the Brewery and Distillery Institute.

Trudiann Branker joined Mount Gay in 2014 as Quality Control Manager. In April 2019 Trudiann was appointed to the prestigious role of Master Blender; she is the first female Master Blender in the distillery and Barbados.

Trudiann's goal at Mount Gay is to venture into a non-traditional aged rum that highlights molasses.

For her, Mount Gay is a blend of grass that must be brought closer to the younger generation.

These females are changing the rules in the Anglo-Saxon Caribbean rum industry. So we wish her much success and hope that she will surprise us with new blends and new experiences on the palate.

Francisco Martinez

Source: EIN Presswire