Transformational Leader Deirdre Hade Presents Receiving Bliss

Transformational Leader Deirdre Hade Presents Receiving Bliss

Receiving Bliss Series includes Super Manifestation of Abundance, Happiness and Peace

Series includes Super Manifestation of Abundance, Happiness and Peace

The newest Receiving Bliss course with Deirdre Hade sends you deep diving into ancient mystical wisdom traditions.”

— Deidre Hade

UNITED STATES, February 19, 2021 / —

WHEN: March 8 – 11, 2021 at 1p.m. CST (90 minutes per day)

WHERE: Virtually! Learn more and register for the virtual four-day course here.

WHO: Deirdre Hade is a modern-day mystic, poet, author, artist, visionary leader, and globally recognized spiritual teacher in the ancient art of wisdom healing traditions. Deirdre understands the rapid changes in our world can feel like the ground is shaking beneath your feet and it is easy to feel anxiety, depression, anger, and fear. She also knows, as does everyone who has been on the past Receiving Bliss programs, it is easy to feel abundance, happiness, and peace.

WHAT: The newest Receiving Bliss course with Deirdre Hade sends you deep diving into ancient mystical wisdom traditions.

Day 1. The Keys; Happiness & Inner Peace

Today we introduce the foundational concepts of recovering the keys to your self empowerment. You are taken through a step-by-step initiation into the inner sanctuary of your soul. Here you are met by an Ascended Master specifically assigned to watch over you and guide you in your healing process. Your Silent Watcher is activated. The keys to self-discovery are attained. Karma is cleared in the frequency of our newly birthed Aquarian Age. Afterwards you will feel as though a weight has been lifted and the doors to possibility have been swung wide open.

Day 2. Your Secret Vault of Abundance

Now you are open. The mystery revealed we now embark on the Radiance Journey of bliss. The secret vault. This temple within the inner chambers of the divine holds the knowledge of manifestation. This is a kind of love. This is a place you know but have forgotten. Remembering this place of consciousness opens the gates to your crown, the three sapphires of awareness in the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life. Once you have ascended into this crown, enormous healing potential is released, clearing away the obstacles and hindrances to your receiving the abundance of the universe.

Day 3. ‘Just Do It’ The Mystical Skills of Creation

Action is the fourth world of heaven. We live in the world of action. The laws of intention proceed any manifestation. Today we enlighten our potential of intention. This creates an activation of quantum possibility. Here you acquire the mystical wisdom of your life purpose and passion giving you the energy to, Just Do It, in confidence that your intuition and guidance are leading you on your life’s purpose. The Elohim, the architects of time and space, arrive to initiate you into their ability to be the architect of your life.

Day 4. The Manifestation Incubator Solution

With the tools and experiential steps of initiation into the higher dimensions of reality you are now ready to receive your Manifestation Incubator. Learn how to access this incubation of super manifestation at any time to clear away toxic energy and to cast your intention into the template of creation. These mystical steps rooted in the ancient ways harness the practical and modern. The application brings you across the bridge from the life of the sages and saints to the life of your highest calling grounded in the earthbound reality. Love is the secret sauce. Once you know this love, the bliss of truth, anything is possible. It is here where miracles occur.

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